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Appeasing the Dictator: France and Cuba

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As part of its celebrations on Bastille Day, the French government invited representatives from Cuba. This undermines the EU’s position on diplomatic links with the benighted country, still suffering the military tyranny of Fidel Castro.

The EU froze links with the murderous dictator in 2003, after the arrest and persecution of some 78 dissidents there. There was a “thaw” in the EU’s position in February this year, when the EU embassies shamefully undertook to bar anyone opposed to Castro from their wretched cocktail parties.

I protested on my blog, alongside many others, and Vaclav Havel said, “It is hard to imagine a more shameful deal.” As always, appeasement did not pay off, and Cuba has continued its persecutions. Now France, in keeping with its amoral maverick stance on such matters, is the first country to extend an open hand of friendship to the Communist regime, which has been as undiluted a disaster for Cuba — in the half century it has oppressed and terrified the lovely archipelago — as the French Revolution was for the French.


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  • The Duke

    They’re French! They always have and always will do what they want. What’s the big secret? Why is everyone upset… they’ve always been like that.

    Was it, is it…. unexpected behavior.

    I like the French, they’re individuals, they are their own people. Someday the EU will realize it too.

    Someday the parasitic scum who are eroding the French womb to tomb benefit packages are going to realize it too and get the nationalistic boot from the French… because the French care about the French and all things French.

    They eat well, drink good wine, and have incredibly beautiful hairy women…

    For gawds sake…. gitoverit, They’re French! (repeat all the above paragraphs, and commit them to memory)

  • RJ

    Cuba has instigated a new crackdown on dissidents

    Apparently, Hurricane Dennis has created a rather bad situation in Cuba, vis-a-vis infrastructure, and so Castro, always fearful of a revolt from freedom-loving people, has jailed many of his more vocal opponents.

  • RJ

    Hmm. That link didn’t seem to work.

    Try this one instead…

  • Claude de Bigny

    Duke – I must object to your stance that we French, along with our fine wines and foods, and our beautiful, hairy women, are doomed to be immoral, purely self-seeking exponents of policies which support evil governments, such as Cuba’s, and undermine democratic ones, such as America’s. Duke, your cynicism is incroyable!