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App Store Now Available for Mac

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Apple announced to its Mac customers this morning via email of a neat new feature available when you run an update on your OS X Snow Leopard operating system. If you are familiar with the App Store for iPhone and/or iPad, you will be pleased to know there is now an App Store for your Mac!

As a relatively new Mac person, I’ve found it frustrating at times to find great software for the Mac. Now, easily accessible icon access will open the door to thousands of apps for your Mac. And if you thought installing software on the Mac was simple compared to a PC before, the Mac App Store takes software installation to a new level. It works the same way as installing new software on an iPhone or iPad: click “buy” (or “free”) button beneath the app icon) and it’s done—just like on your mobile Apple device. Browse Mac apps by category, search  if you’re looking for something more specific. Sign into the store the same you do on your phone or iTouch or iPad—with your Apple ID. Cool, huh?

Many of the apps available for iPad/iPhone are also available for iPad, and some, while making great sense for the mobile platform, are unnecessary for your laptop, but there are others (Angry Birds for Mac!) finally available. The prices are more in the mobile app range than in the price range you might normally expect for you laptop or desktop software, and many are free.

I’ve downloaded an inexpensive little sticky pad called Todolicious, which, in my humble opinion, might be the easiest and most useful sticky note pad I’ve ever used for any platform. (And trust me, I’ve used just about every one of them—for PC and Mac—in my thus-far futile effort to stay organized.)

You can keep the App Store in your dock for easy access. The Mac App Store is available by initiating a software update on your Snow Leopard (OS 10.6x) computer.

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