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App Review: Seesmic – Segmented Social Media Fixed

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How many social bookmarks or apps do you have on your phone. Facebook, Twitter, Buzz and I am sure you may have more but what Seesmic tries to do is bring these social media’s together in one distinct package without the need for a half a dozen apps clogging up your home screen.

Adding an account is easy. Simply select the “+” sign at the top of the accounts screen – make your choice and away you go at the moment there are just the usual big three, Facebook, Twitter and Buzz which are of any importance and it does a good job of bringing these three networks together.

Don’t get me wrong or misunderstand what this software is. Seesmic is a portal to each of your social networks – it does not amalgamate, mix up or confuse exactly which network you are on. You are either using Facebook, Twitter or Buzz or a couple of others. Nothing more and nothing less. It bring all of your social media’s into one piece of software and what it does it does very well.

It does have a shortcoming and I will explain. I have two Twitter accounts and I can view both – excellent.

I have one Facebook account but when I go away and my wife accompanies me she would like to use my phone and browse her Facebook account – but she can’t (Unless she goes for the mobile site).

These types of apps are great for socialising and Seesmic brings the most important of them together elegantly. Another important factor I believe should be taken into account – I may want to monitor my children’s Facebook accounts also (yes they are all under 16) that would mean I would need a further six accounts. Developers get in touch – I can further this idea to make Facebook a safer place for kids.

It is very intuitive to use with everything on each network being only a couple of screen presses away. It is very responsive in use. I find I manage to use Buzz much more intuitively with this app more-so than on my laptop so that has to be a good thing – right?

The settings present you with enough to make the app a visual delight allowing you to alter the look and feel and backgrounds etc. and an option to open each of your accounts at different points. For example, you can open your Facebook page at your profile or it will take you directly to your wall. The same can be said for Twitter with options such as Geotagging and more.

I always judge my apps based on whether I can manage without them or whether it stays on my phone. I can manage without it for sure but I would rather lose the Facebook & Twitter App instead and this is what I have done. Now I demand LinkIn, Tumblr and MySpace.  Maybe they’ll be included in the next update?

Welcome to my world Seesmic.

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