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App Review: Kenny Chesney Concert App

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I never heard of Kenny Chesney until I had tickets to see him in concert at the Jones Beach Theater. When I saw him, I liked what I saw. He is one of the most animated and high-energy artists out there. When I listen to him, his music reminds me of the southern rock I used to listen to as a teen.

At each of his concerts, he wears a cowboy hat and you can barely see his face. He also wears jeans and a no sleeve tee shirt, showing off his muscles. He runs around the stage and gets the entire audience into his performance. They sing with him and at times, they sing without him.

Recently, he partnered with Qello, a new digital syndication service, to make an app for iPhones and Droids that would enable fans to experience the 2009 Sun City Carnival Tour. And what a tour it was!

You can watch the concert in full length, which runs for one hour and two minutes, or you can watch various songs and interviews of Chesney’s experiences.

There are more than 20 songs and nine interviews with Kenny Chesney. The app is a 2D HD version. However, it feels very much like 3D without the glasses. When you watch each episode, you can see movement, up close footage and depth of field. According to their press materials, this is a prelude to the 3D theatrical version, which will be released shortly.

If you can’t experience Kenny Chesney in concert, this app is the next best thing. I really felt like I was there. The concerts were filmed in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Seattle, Foxboro, and Indianapolis and shot over six nights in these five locations.

This is the first concert app for a hand held device. It offers easy navigation from song to song, and what I love most is that you can share it on Facebook or Twitter.

The other thing that I love about this app is that Kenny Chesney has many inspirational messages to share with his fans. He is an intelligent, sensitive man and, as you hear his voice, you see various images. I felt as if he was talking to me.

In a press release, Kenny Chesney is quoted as saying: “It was an amazing — and at times scary – experience to have cameras that close, in the air, in a blimp… cause they’re everywhere. But when you see what this film captures… well, even for me, who’s in the eye of the storm, I was taken aback! It has all the energy, all the thrills, and even better focus on some of the most rocking nights I can imagine. If you see this, you’ve seen me in a way I’ve never been seen…”

When I saw this particular Kenny Chesney concert at Jones Beach, I was with my parents and my husband. We sat in the front row. Even though I didn’t know any of the songs, being there was so exciting. The crowd knew every word. Chesney has such high energy and movement that you can’t help yourself from getting into the music, even if you’re not a country music lover.

With this new app, Qello is revolutionizing the way music is viewed. I really enjoyed having this app. I felt like it was the next best thing to being in the front row. You get up close and personal views of Chesney that will be remembered for a lifetime.


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