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App Review: Infostripe

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In this day and age, information flies from every corner of the Internet. Users are literally bombarded with content at any moment of the day. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other major networking sites, this social media maze can be very challenging to navigate.


The challenge is even greater for entrepreneurs and brands, who always have to find novel ways to reach customers where they are the most likely to respond. These days, it would be computers and mobile devices.

Are you familiar with About.me and Google Profiles — now part of Google+? If so, you will certainly enjoy using Infostripe.

What is Infostripe?

Canadian startup Infostripe’s motto says it all: “Build it, share it, connect it all.” The company offers a free service that allows users to easily create customizable profile pages. These splash pages can then be utilized to share and display any type of content, such as contact information, photos, videos, articles, podcasts, and apps.

In other words, an infostripe is a digital business card.

Infostripe: Features

Infostripe boasts an impressive array of features. Check out the list below:

  • All-in-one app specifically formatted for browsers and mobile devices
  • No coding skill required
  • Customizable design: header, theme, colors, icons, image, and video
  • Optional QR code
  • An infostripe can be used to display a user’s latest Twitter updates, blog articles (up to three RSS feeds), photos and videos
  • Visitors can subscribe to the RSS feed of any infostripe and promote the infostripe by sharing it on major social networks and bookmarking sites
  • Social media addicts can include icons linking to as many as 200 networks, stores and communities. These sites include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Flickr, Amazon Profile, Audioboo, Google+, Quora, ReverbNation, Scoop.it, and Instagram
  • The Infostripe Network features newly created and recently updated infostripes that users can choose to display on their own pages.

Why you should use Infostripe

First, Infostripe is probably one of the easiest and most user-friendly services out there. Since no coding skill is required, beginners and seasoned social media users alike can create and build their splash pages within minutes. The result is a rich-in-content and concise profile that draws on your own contributions throughout the digital realm.

While a service like About.me is all about creativity, Infostripe offers a much more basic design. However, the latter goes a step further. Information is presented in a narrow stripe that runs vertically down the page. This novel way of displaying content is very convenient and does not distract visitor’s attention as a full-screen page might.

Further, as mentioned earlier, Infostripe is completely mobile-friendly. This makes the browsing experience even more enjoyable.

Infostripe is certainly an app worth checking out because it allows you to reach people where they are the most comfortable: on their computers and/or phones. 

Ready to try Infostripe? Visit http://infostripe.com/.

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  • Great indepth article. You can find my Infostripe here. The Network is pretty cool too.