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Apocalypse Now? Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s Letter to President Bush

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If you haven’t read Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s letter to President Bush you should do so. It is one of the most important political/religious documents of this century.

It is not important because it is coherent or profound but because it is, perhaps, the most revealing document to date of the symbiotic mix of religion and politics that undergirds Iran as an Islamic State.

Over the years we have become familiar with state documents written by atheistic states where the moral foundation is one that is shaped by the state alone and subject to change. In an atheistic society human rights and, in fact, all rights, are the creation of the state and applied is whatever way the state chooses at any given moment.

In the United States we have a theistic state where our fundamental moral foundation and declaration of human rights are grounded in our particular understanding of “Nature’s God.” This view, where such rights are declared to be “unalienable” and unchangeable by the state, while reflecting a biblical understanding of the Judeo-Christian faith, is nonetheless affirmed to be universal in its application.

With this Ahmadinejad letter we now can clearly see how a particular interpretation of the Muslim faith shapes an attempt to create an Iranian theocracy of Allah.

In Iran there is no distinction made between faith and politics. They are one and the same. Religious law is civil law. Governmental leaders are, if not spiritual leaders themselves, subject to the guidance and control of the established spiritual leadership of the country (in Iran’s case being the Shi’ite Ayatollahs and Mullahs).

The soon-to-be infamous letter reflects a thinking that has more in common with the Old Testament prophets (such as Isaiah or Hosea) than with anything else we have seen emerge from the political world in a very, very long time.

Just like the book of Hosea (for example), the letter presents charges of sin against a nation. In Hosea the charges are made against the northern Kingdom of Israel. In the “Iran letter” the charges are made against the United States. In Hosea the charges are made by God. In the “Iran letter” the charges are made personally by President Arbatjani but supported by the word of Allah in the Qur’an and the “Good Book” or “Injil” (ie the New Testament, especially as regards the teachings of Jesus).

The predictions of doom and destruction in the “Iran letter” also reflect an Old Testament/Qur’anic-style understanding of divine judgment and retribution.

Such Old Testament judgments were frequently carried out by God by means of other nations. Hosea’s prophecies against Israel were eventually fulfilled by the invasion and subsequent destruction of Israel by Assyria.

There is no doubt in my mind that President Ahmadinejad of Iran is sincerely and profoundly convinced that Allah is preparing to pour out his judgment and wrath upon the United States. It is also clear that Ahmadinejad believes that this judgment will be carried out by means of the nation of Iran and those nations and believers who are in sympathy with its religious/political beliefs.

I must strongly agree with Captain Ed when he says,

the arrogance of a Muslim leader posing as a lecturer on Christianity is quite deliberate and intended to humiliate Bush in the eyes of Iranians. Ahmadinejad does not want Iranians to see him as respectful or deferential to the Great Satan, but scolding and condescending.

It establishes him as Bush’s superior and shows Iranians that he does not fear the US, but is contemptuous of it. On the other hand, Ahmandinejad knows that the West will interpret this much differently – as an extension of dialogue, and a potential diplomatic opening. Ahmadinejad wanted Bush to respond to his missive with a plea for more contact, a reaction that would have had a much different impression in Iran and the Middle East than it would in the West.

And I must also strongly agree with Laura Mansfield at New Republic on-line that this letter implicitly carries with it a conditional threat of war, judgment and destruction against the United States.

The condition for averting such judgment is, once again, no different from that so often given in the Old Testament and the Qur’an: National repentance and a return of the rulers and their people to the ways of God/Allah.

In the case of Iran, American repentance would, of necessity, require a submission to Allah and the embrace of the Muslim faith.

When we read the many references to Jesus in the “Iran letter” we must not forget that, from the perspective of Ahmadinejad, Jesus is a Muslim whose teachings were, in their “original form” consistent and supportive of the teachings of the last prophet, Muhammed, who was yet to come.

President Bush and all Christians are, in this view of things, simply misguided Muslims who need to cast off their “polytheistic” ways (Muslims believe that the doctrine of the “Trinity” makes Christians polytheists and, hence, heretics) and return to the true and pure faith in Allah. (Note: This is part of the stinging judgment implied by the frequent and sarcastic references to our common “monotheism.”)

This letter should be clearly read as a threat. It is nothing less than the prelude to a declaration of Holy War against the United States.

Ahmadinejad clearly believes that Allah is the true mover and shaker in this matter and that he (and Iran) are simply tools in Allah’s toolbox, created and shaped to be faithful in carrying out Allah’s will in this matter.

Traditional diplomacy will have no effect on such a religio/political theology.

In a worst-case scenario it is possible that Ahmadinejad has become convinced (or deluded) that he is, in fact, the Mahdi – the return of the “hidden” 12th Imam whose return signals the apocalyptic end of the world as we know it.

If this is true, then we cannot expect to “talk sense” with this man any more that we can talk sense to someone who believes that they are (to use CS Lewis’ analogy) a stuffed cabbage.

Even if Ahmadinejad does not see himself as the Mahdi we are facing an adversary who is convinced that “God is on his side” and that the impending conflict is unavoidable and divinely decreed.

The Question of Nuclear Weapons

The frightful question must be asked.

Would Ahmadinejad make such statements and extend usch judgements and threats iIF HE DID NOT ALREADY POSSESS AT LEAST ONE NUCLEAR WEAPON?

If there is a shred of sanity in his mind I believe that the answer must be “No.” He would only speak as he is speaking if he DID already possess such a weapon.

Where would this weapon (or weapons) be used? Israel comes to mind as being the most vulnerable. The mainland United States less likely. Perhaps the Straights of Hormuz could be effectively destroyed to the point where shipping would be prevented from entering or exiting.

This would effectively cut off the world from the oil that is needed for entire continents to function. Such a blow would be a very effective “hit” on China and Russia as well as the United States. Since the judgment is specifically on the U.S. it is unlikely that Iran would seek to inflict damage to other nations not on Allah’s immediate “hit list.”

I can conceive, however, of the detonation of a nuclear device in, nearby or off-shore from Tel Aviv. This would have the benefit of causing minimal harm to the Holy City of Jerusalem or the Palestinian people while producing the closest thing possible to a total destruction of the nation of Israel.

On a related note, the 6th Shi’a Imam, Jafar al-Sadiq, is reported to have said:

“Before the appearance of the one who will rise (ie. the Mahdi), peace be upon him, the people will be reprimanded for their acts of disobedience by a fire that will appear in the sky and a redness that will cover the sky. It will swallow up Baghdad, and will swallow up Kufa. Their blood will be shed and houses destroyed. Death will occur amid their people and a fear will come over the people of Iraq from which they shall have no rest.” (emphasis mine)

Am I being “whacko” here? I hope so! I would hate to be correct in this assessment. I am only positing that Iran is clearly a very real and present danger to the world and expressing my belief that Iran is not bluffing.

What Do We Do? How Do We Respond?

As Christians, we must respond with repentance, fasting and prayer, calling upon God to not only “deliver us from evil” but to also “lead us not into temptation” … especially the temptation to hate or demonize our Muslim friends and neighbors because of the lunacy of Iran.

As a nation, however, I have no wisdom or advice to offer those who lead the United States at this time. I can only pray that the God of love and mercy will intervene and render this threat impotent.

Personally, I am humbled by these events. For the first time in my entire life I am catching glimpses of what I can only describe as the “end times.” Tel Aviv, by the way, is not too far from the valley of Megiddo, where the apocalyptic battle of Armageddon is prophesied to take place in Revelation 16:16 (see also Revelation 20.7-10).

The good news is that Christ does intervene in that final conflict and, with a mere word, reclaims all power and authority for himself, renders evil impotent, ends the looming battle with a whimper and casts Satan into the Lake of Fire for all eternity.

God will only allow evil to do so much before God will reign it back in. The only question I have concerning Iran is just how far God will allow it to go on its current path to war with America.

In the meantime I will be praying mightily for God’s mercy and for the coming of our Lord in his glory.

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  • BoP,

    How interesting to read! Obviously you have read Ahmadinjad’s leter and quite a bit more. Kol hakavód! All honor to you!

    If you look at Amir Taheri’s analysis of the strategy of Iran, one ridiculed by Akeel Khan and one that I view as confirming my view that we are seeing Messianic politics in action, it might help you a bit.

    I had not seen his letter in light of the book of Hosea, which shows the difference between a trained theologian like you, and an ignorant pisher like me.

    You write,

    Personally, I am humbled by these events. For the first time in my entire life I am catching glimpses of what I can only describe as the “end times.”

    Finally you begin to understand how I view evnts here.

    A scholar on Torah and Talmud who lives in town, a chemist named Ya’acov Tabak, made an anlysis of events occuring here a couple of years ago. He observed that in the book of Isaiah, we are counselled to read prophecies backwards.

    He then took the prophecy of Bil’am and did just that.

    Lets look at it. Backwards. Numbers 24:24-17 (translation from the Stone Edition Humash [Pentateuch]) The part in bold is where I believe we are NOW.

    24 Big ships from the coast of Kittim will afflict Assyria and afflict the other bank — but it, too, will be forever destroyed.”

    23 He declaimed his parable and said: “Oh! Who will survive when He imposes these!

    22 “For if the Kenite [the Hebrew reads Kayín – the same name as the son of Adam who murdered his brother] should be laid waste, till where can Assyria take you captive?”

    21 He saw the Kenite and declaimed his parable and said: “Strong is your dwelling and set in a rock is your nest.

    20 He saw Amalek and declaimed his parable and said: “Amalek is the first among nations, but its end will be eternal destruction.”

    19 “One from Jacob shall rule and destroy the remnant of the city.”

    18 “Edom shall be a conquest and Seir shall be a conquest of his enemies — and Israel will attain success.

    17 “I shall see him, but not now, I shall look at him, but it is not near. A star has issued from Jacob and sceptre-bearer has rise from Israel, and he shall pierce the nobles of Moab and undermine all the children of Seth.

    Looked at his way, you see the Gulf War at the beginning of the prophecy and the victory of the sceptre-bearer of Israel at the end. Verses 21 and 22 are commonly translated as “Kenite” but note that in verse 17, it talks about the children of Seth. I’m now going to offer a controversial opinion not normally found in any analysis of the Hebrew Bible – that the Children of Cain did survive the Flood and are the Chinese and the American Indians. As I mentioned earlier the Hebrew name found in thse verses is Kayín – which is also the name used to describe Cain, the murderer of Abel. It is my opinion that verses 21 and 22 are talking about the children of Cain.

    No, BoP. I have NO biblical scholarship to back me up on this. And I will be attacked for expressing this view. But it is the only thing that makes sense in light of the phrase “Children of Seth” in 24:17.

    This is how I read this. Ships from afar will attack Iraq and Iran (the other shore). Bil’am asks who will survive these because of the severe nature of the attacks – could this mean nuclear weapons?

    I’d rather not go on from there. This is scary enough, don’t you think?

  • Bliffle

    IMO, praying to a god is hopeless: either he doesn’t exist or he is indifferent to mere humans. Either conclusion could be reached from gods failure to straighten out the human mess.

    No, I think the Founders were right when they established Human Rights as a conscious assertion rather than an option reversible by either political or religious functionaries. The Founders knew that religion had failed to assure human freedom, choosing instead to enslave mens minds with chant, ritual and bugaboo, and had they lived to see communisn they would have concluded the same about that delusion.

    Humans will only be free when they are able to cast off the delusions of psychotics, for such are those who believe in things which are not true.

  • Biffle. You are a one-track hater of God, religion and all who have a belief in anything of a spiritual nature. Feel free to express your hate anyway you wish. But please, please try to respond to the central concern of the article rather than simply finding axes to grind.

    PS. Your rights and freedoms under our U.S. Foundational Documents are not given to you by the U.S. Constitution or any other human agency. They have been “endowed” upon you by “our Creator.” If you wish to disown your Creator then, according to US law, you are disowning the one has gifted them to you. So much for religion failiing to ensure human freedom. Religion (at least the Christian sort) provides the source of it! You are an ignorant, hateful and, frankly, you frighten me.

  • Ruvi, Thank you for your comments. Personally, I did not cite Hosea for the content of his prophesies but for their form. Hosea was from the southern kingom of Judah but was sent to prophesy against the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

    As you can imagine, his words of judgment and condemnation were not particularly well-received.

    My historical point is that, as Hosea in Israel and Jonah in Nivevah demonstrate, biblical prophets do not always come from within their own culture or nation.

    I have no doubt that Iran’s Ahmadinejad views himself as a similar sort of “outsider” called by God to render judgment against the United States.

    The format of his letter also follows that of not only the Old Testament prophets but that of Muhammad as well.

    Sins are publicaly presented. Judgment is rendered. Repentence is offered (as a “last chance”) and, if not embraced, then comes “the end.”

    For Muslims such as Ahmadinejad, repentance and forgiveness can only be acceptable to Allah if accompanied by a conversion to Islam.

    Obviously I have no idea what is really rumbling around in his head. But I do know that he is a radical Shi’a Muslim who, based on what I know about him and the current Ayatollah’s running Iran, will take prophesies such as that supposedly by the 6th Imam very seriously.

    My concluding paragraphs were not so much an attempt to relate these matters to the Book of Revelation (I am not so arrogant as to attempt to do that) but to simply emphasize how uncertain this situation is at the present time.

    What should our American government do in response to this letter and the nuclear weapon(s) being forged by Iran? I don’t know.

    A preemptive attack would only give Iran the justification for launching all-out attacks of whatever kind it has prepared against the United States and Israel.

    If there is no preemptive attack then it will a guarantee that Iran will soon possess nuclear weapons (if it does not already).

    Iran’s assurance that Israel will be “wiped off the map” as an independent Jewish state is not mere rhetoric.

    A nuclear-armed Iran would create the world’s greatest nightmare.

    I am simply stating an opinion here (not a “religious” opinion although an opinion informed by religion as it must be in this case) and looking for some thoughtful, well reasoned response from others who may be more knowledgable on this matter than myself.

    Calling me an “idiot” or a “masturbator” (as someone called me on my adjacent post) does not qualify as reasoned debate or comment.

  • Sean Murphy

    Iran is not the threat to world peace. The country that is the threat is George W Bush’s USA. Let’s face it: the USA is lead by a lame-duck pass-degree President who is too thick to think for himself. He relies on fanatics like Rumsfeld who are only waiting for WW3. 9/11 happens and the USA have the chance to “get rid of” old enemies. Iraq, Iran, Cuba, N. Korea, etc. However, it was al Qaeda that did 9/11 and no one has been caught yet (at least, no one that matters like Zawhiri or bin Laden).

  • The real truth

    Ah yeah America and Iran .. They should be the best of friends!!

    America and Iran have a lot in common: the share many common enemies: al Qaeda, Saddam, Taliban. And the Iranian and American PEOPLE also broadly agree on Bush’s regime as well. However, Bush’s regime does not see Iran as a valuable Shiite counterweight to Sunni al Qaeda fanaticism and that is where things are really going wrong.

    Bush and his ilk would love to see a war in Iran. Well, what would that give them exactly? Well, at best (and this is at best!) 3 countries: the Kingdom of Persia (or Iran: not sure what they’ll call it) lead by Reza Pahlavi. No problem. BUT: also you’ll get the 2 byproducts: Arabistan and Baluchistan, 2 fanatical Sunni al-Qaeda dominated breakaways, who are waging war against the current Islamic Republic of Iran. It is the IRI that actually keeps these fanatics down as it is and it is the IRI who actually provides the obstactle between the al Qaeda fanatics in tribal Pakistan and those in the Arab states West of Iran.

    Salman Rushdie: There are a few things most don’t know about this. Ayatollah Khomeini got 100% blame in the West for this thing: the truth is somewhat different. Baluchi and Arab minorities (yes, with American support – they were afterall allies of the anti-Russian Mujahedin in Afghanistan and those who one day would be al Qaeda) wanted Rushdie dead: Persians didn’t care less either way. Khomeini was no Arab, was only 50% Persian and was also Northern Indian (arguably, yes, Persia: he was 100% “Iranian”) and didn’t have the energy, motivation or stimulus for being the “religious fanatic” the West liked to paint him as. His reactions, including those to Salman Rushdie, derived from much the same things as the Spanish government faced in March 2004: stop the bloodshed. If a vague fatwa on Rushdie saved 100 Iranians’ lives, it was worth it. However, it would just be too embarrassing for the US to come clean about their use of true terrorists to blacken other countries or organistations in recent times: afterall, Khomeini sentenced Rushdie to death, Saddam organised 9/11, and my aunt is my uncle! Well, the facts prove this false and propaganda again just shows that history is always a willing bedmate.
    Yours distainfully,
    The Truth.

  • Ahmadinejad is Brave!

    Sean Murphy and The Real Truth are speaking the truth. Propaganda has always been the poison that kills the truth. For example here are 10 hidden facts from history:

    1. Churchill, “hero of the West”, ordered planes to deliberately bomb innocent German civilians so as to lower “war morale”. 250, 000 died, that is nearly 100 times as many as died in 9/11.

    2. Stalin killed as many Jewish Europeans (Jews are not a race but a religion) as Hitler, but the allies ignored this until Stalin replaced Hitler as enemy 1.

    3. Saddam’s worst attrocities happened when he was firmly a US ally.

    4. Salman Rushdie was sentenced to death by al Qaeda when bin Laden was a US ally who was fighting against the Russians in Afghanistan. Iran only later bowed to the pressure after instability caused dozens of deaths in minority Sunni provinces.

    5. Lockerbie was the first major al Qaeda attack on the USA and had nothing at all to do with Gaddafi. The US ignored it because al Qaeda were still useful in Afghanistan.

    6. Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11 and everthing to do with the Bush family. George Jr. needed his revenge.

    7. The Shah of Iran/Persia was originally deposed by Mossadeq in the 1950s and the CIA then ousted Mossadeq and reinstated the Shah. Ahmadinejad is a second Mossadeq.

    8. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not a peasant, fanatic, religious nutcase who believes in the “hidden Imam”. He is the complete opposite: he holds a PhD, has made many progressive gestures such as allowing women to attend soccer, is not a Mullah but is 100% behind a nationalist independent Iran.

    9. Iran has a diverse climate: it ranged from freezing cold in the north to boiling desert sand in the South.

    10. You can do a lot more in Iran than most think: you can vote there, Ahmadinejad or Khatami are not PFL, women can work and drive, alcohol is legal for Christians, and Ayatollah Khomeini decreed that people can do what they like at home! And, yes, sex change is even legal. Saudi Arabia it ain’t!

    These are 10 things most people don’t know but are 100% true.

  • February 14, 1989

    “In the name of God Almighty. There is only one God, to whom we shall all return. I would like to inform all intrepid Muslims in the world that the author of the book entitled The Satanic Verses, which has been compiled, printed, and published in opposition to Islam, the Prophet, and the Qur’an, as well as those publishers who were aware of its contents, have been sentenced to death. I call on all zealous Muslims to execute them quickly, wherever they find them, so that no one will dare insult the Islamic sanctities. Whoever is killed on this path will be regarded as a martyr, God willing. In addition, anyone who has access to the author of the book, but does not possess the power to execute him, should refer him to the people so that he may be punished for his actions. May God’s blessing be on you all. Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini.”

    As a result of this fatwa (accordiing to Wikipedia) “Muslim communities throughout the world held public rallies in which copies of the book were burned. In 1991, Rushdie’s Japanese translator, Hitoshi Igarashi, was stabbed and killed in Tokyo, and his Italian translator was beaten and stabbed in Milan. In 1993, Rushdie’s Norwegian publisher William Nygaard was shot and severely injured in an attack outside his house in Oslo. Thirty-seven guests died when their hotel in Sivas, Turkey was burnt down by locals protesting against Aziz Nesin, Rushdie’s Turkish translator.”

    It has been estimated that as many as 22 people personally associated with the writiing, publication and distribution had been killed by 1999 not including, as the Wikipedia article suggests, innocent people who lost their lives and others who were stabbed or shot but survived.

    Those are the facts.

    If you would like more facts please ask. I will provide them. (and I am not even anti-Iran! Just an observer and commentator). It’s just that I prefer to base my judgments on the “real truth.”

  • BoP,

    It must still be Saturday evening in King Kamehameha’s realm. So I have some thoughts for you for to contemplate Sunday.

    If you feel you have perceived the End of Days, then it is a very good chance that you have. This means forgetting about the liars in Washington who delude themselves with the thought that they run the world, just as I must forget about the thieves and liars in Jerusalem who issue empty proclamations of peace and war.

    Your country is run by a failed businessman who, unlike Lincoln, has not risen to be a statesman and leader in a time of crisis. Our security (defense) minister was never more than a tank mechanic, and our prime minister was never more than a thief. At least he was able to become a lawyer, but apparently he was an incompetent lawyer – except when it came time to stuff his pockets.

    That leaves you and I with the neccesity of relying on a different Leader, One who is Faithful and Honest. Here is where Mr. Ahmadinejad has a lesson to teach us both. He relies on this Leader, not on himself. Neither you nor I like what he proposes, but that is not the point. His essential approach is reliance on G-d, and in this he is right on the money.

    We also must do the same, even though we disagree with him and with each other in the specifics of the approach. That is why I raised the issue of Bil’am’s prophecy and why I suggest you look carefully at the end of the book of Daniel (which may well deal with Ahmadinejad), the prophecies of Zechariah (which can also be read to descibe a nuclear attack) and the prophecies of Ezekiel, which suggest what will be the fate of he who tries to destroy my country.

    OUR leaders will soon be seen as the puppets they really are – as will Ahmadinejad. But our books of wisdom will begin to provide the guidance for the terrible times in which we live, if we but look and are willing to perceive.

    Blessings from Jerusalem

  • Bliffle

    BOP: “Biffle. You are a one-track hater… …express your hate …You are an ignorant, hateful and, frankly, you frighten me.”

    Well! If you’re going to press me into the neocon one-size-fits-all fill-in-the-blanks ad hominem attack screed, at least spell my name right!


  • floje

    It is very clear that this letter is a prelude to a war between Christians and Islam. Iran’s president wants Bush to convert to Islam. This is the usual way of Islam to convince someone to convert to their religion, and if the invited doesnt agree, he’ll be attacked and killed. SO if Bush disagrees, Iran will attack the U. S. with, of course, their completed nuclear weapons.

    If you read the Bible, you can find a verse there that says there will be a “One World Religion” during the end times. A religion wherein everyone will be forced to convert to or otherwise be killed. Clearly, no other religion so far, is practicing this, except Islam. And we know that Iran is an Islamic state that has a president who wants Israel (Land of Jesus Christ) to be wiped-off of the map.

    This is a serious letter, it should be given importance by the White House and i think it’s time for them (people in the White House) to start reading the Bible (especially in Ezekiel) so they chould better understand what the letter is really about.

    P. S.

    Bliffle, i know you dont believe in God, but i assure you, one day, you will be forced to, or not, you’re a dead meat.

  • JR

    Bliffle: IMO, praying to a god is hopeless: either he doesn’t exist or he is indifferent to mere humans.

    Third possibility: God exists and is influenced by prayer. This would imply that God is not omniscient; because if God were omniscient He/She/It would already know our wishes and His/Her/Its mind could never be changed by “new” information. If God is not omniscient, then that implies that He/She/It is not omnipotent; and this raises the intriguing prospect of defeating God.

  • JB

    BoP, it appears that your perception and understanding of Islam vis-a-vi Jesus is a bit skewed.

    The following text provides a bit more information on the subject:

    A Day The Lord Has Made
    by Minister Louis Farrakhan

    We live in a world where there is so much misunderstanding and so much hatred of religions. It bothers me that Christians, Muslims and Jews claim Abraham as a father, but the sons of Abraham can’t live in peace with each other. Today, in America, some great Christian scholars are saying that Islam is a religion of evil and that the God of Islam is a God of hatred, while the God of Christianity is the God of love. And since September 11 [2001], much hatred has grown in the hearts of many Americans for those who say they are Muslim. So this morning it is appropriate at a church service that Muslims and Christians are together; and we didn’t need September 11 to create this kind of dialogue.

    While we were in the back room getting ready to come out, [Dr. Barbara King] began to pray, And she started her prayer with these words: “This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” And that’s my subject.

    “This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” What about those other days? Who made those days that gave us so much sadness, so much grief, so much mourning that one writer said that sorrow may last for a while but joy cometh in the morning. What morning of what day?

    “This is day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” But look at the division. Look at this hatred that permeates the world. How can we rejoice with what we are seeing by so-called people who say they are related to Jesus, related to Muhammad, related to Moses, related to Abraham and related to the One True God? Something is wrong with “this day.” We’d better find the day that the Lord has made and get in it so the tears that we have shed may be wiped away in that great and beautiful day.

    Most Christians do not know that Muslims believe in Jesus. In fact, there are between 1.6 and 1.8 billion Muslims and not one who calls himself a Muslim will deny Jesus. Not one! The Qur’an, which is the book of scripture of the Muslims, refers to Jesus as Esau Ibn Maryam al-Massi, meaning, “Jesus, son of Mary, the Messiah.” And since we believe in Jesus, we make a study of him because he was perfect in his carrying out the Will of Allah (God). He was a worthy example not just to be praised, but to be followed. You can’t get into heaven praising him. You produce heaven by following him.

    When I began to look at the Genesis in the Bible and the Surah (chapter) Al-Bakara, “The Cow,” in the Qur’an, I saw that Allah (God) had to have given Adam a religion. He didn’t wait until Jesus came in the world to give humanity religion; otherwise, how would all the human beings that have lived be saved? How would they be judged if Allah (God) only waited to give true religion when Jesus came into the world?

    The Qur’an calls Adam “Khalifah,” meaning, one who stands in the place of Allah (God). Man and woman in the Bible are called “the Glory of God.” The sun is glorifying Allah (God) as are the moon and the stars, but they are not the glory of Allah (God). The heavens and the earth glorify Allah (God), but man, human being, is the Glory of Allah (God). He (man and woman) is the greatest of Allah’s (God’s) creation. Therefore, the sun, the moon, the stars and everything else serve human beings.

    When Allah (God) gave Adam religion, He didn’t give him a religion called Judaism. It wasn’t in existence. He didn’t give him a religion called Christianity. It wasn’t in existence. He didn’t name the religion Islam. That didn’t come until Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was given that name through the Qur’an. What was the religion in the garden? Allah (God) says to Adam, “I’m going to give you power and dominion to rule over the foul of the air, the fish of the sea and every creeping thing that crawls upon the earth.” Man can’t have dominion without power, and you can’t have power without knowledge. So the Qur’an says that when Allah (God) made Adam, He breathed into him of His inspiration and then He taught him the names of the angels. That means He gave Adam knowledge of the forces of nature; otherwise, he couldn’t bring the forces of nature under his control. That is our dominion.

    Allah (God) said to Adam: “Multiply!” That’s command one. Second, “Replenish the earth.” Three, “Subdue it.” These are commands. But are you willing to obey when Allah (God) commands, or will you allow your desires to cause you to use your artificial intelligence or your deceptive intelligence to wiggle out of obedience to Allah’s (God’s) commands, which we are very artful at doing when Allah (God) commands us to do something that’s against our own personal desires?

    Where did your body come from? From the earth. Then, if the Will of Allah (God) is to be done in earth and you and I submit our will to do Allah’s (God’s) Will, then His Will will be done in earth because this that came from the earth will be put under the control of an obedient mind. Therefore, my hands won’t do the work of a beast, but my hands will do the work of Allah (God). My feet won’t walk in the way of perdition, but my feet will walk in the way of Allah (God).

    Moses told the Children of Israel to observe the Sabbath and to keep it holy. The Sabbath represents the seventh day. “Six days shall thou labor,” the Book says, “and the seventh day you shall rest.” Who rests on the Sabbath? Jesus did not rest on the Sabbath, that’s why they accused him of breaking the law. But Jesus said, “Man was not made for the Sabbath, the Sabbath was made for man.”

    When I was a little boy, there were no bars open on the Sabbath. There were no baseball, basketball or football games on the Sabbath. There were no stores open on the Sabbath. On the Sabbath, everything got quiet because that’s what Moses told Israel: “Keep that day holy.” Why? Because a day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and Satan is going to rule for 6,000 years. But on the night of the sixth day there will be a bright and a morning star. And in that morning star, heralding the day of Allah’s (God’s) coming, you are going to come up out of Satan’s world, out of your rebellious life into a life of obedience to Allah (God). And the more you obey Allah (God), it will be like Jesus meeting the woman who was full of devils and Jesus commanded the devils come out of her. As the devils were coming up out of the woman they were angry with Jesus and they began to talk. They said, why are you persecuting me before time? But Jesus knew he was on time; otherwise he couldn’t have called those devils out of the woman. The devils came out of the woman and ran into pigs and the pigs ran off the cliff. What is your point, Farrakhan? The Kingdom of God is within you, but you’ve got a lot of devils sitting up in you. All of us have them, but we need the Jesus of the hour to command the devils to come out of us. It’s time now.

    Racism is a devil. When one thinks one is better because one’s skin is a different color, or one has a degree and another doesn’t, or one lives on the hill and the other lives in the valley; when one uses these artificial things to give one a badge of superiority and a badge of inferiority to another, these are devils; and these kinds of devils are plaguing America and plaguing the world. What the world needs is the presence of that one that the Book says is Adam. The first Adam was made from the dust, but the second Adam is made of a quickening spirit. What does that mean?

    The second Adam is one who comes at the end of the six-day rule of Satan. When he starts preaching the word of Allah (God) to you, what will come into your ears will be truth and what will be in the truth is divine light. The people who walked in darkness will see a great light. As that light enters the heart; it quickens the spirit and the essence of Allah (God) within the human being. And as Allah’s (God’s) spirit is quickened within you, that light will illuminate your own bad conduct, your own bad ways, and put you in the valley of decision. Now, you have to decide what you are going to leave off and what you are going to hold on to.

    The Seventh Day Adventist is called such because the advent of the Christ is the seven thousandth year from Adam, and it ushers in a millennium where Satan’s rule is broken up and his power destroyed. His grip on the human mind is broken and human beings begin to rise from their grave because Allah (God) has been dead in man. The quickening of the spirit will awaken Allah (God) in you. When you say that you’ve become a Christian and join the church, join the mosque, join the synagogue, there’s supposed to be a change in you. And every day that you live, you’re fighting the evil of yourself and the evil that is in the world.

    So, brothers and sisters, Christ means one anointed with power to crush the wicked. Paul said that he couldn’t leave until Christ was formed in the people. When Christ and Allah (God) are formed again in us, we have the power to crush anything of ourselves that needs crushing. Therefore, anybody that has a bad habit, don’t despair. If it’s crack, if it’s heroin, if it’s liquor, if it’s women, if it’s men, if it’s homosexuality, whatever the problem is, Allah (God) will give you power to come correct with Him.

    This is the day that the Lord has made and I’m rejoicing because I see a wicked world going out and a better one coming in. I see a new day dawning for humanity because the wicked are being exposed–their lies and their deceit. The Bible says, “Though it be done in the dark, God will bring it forth into the light.” And the Holy Qur’an says, “Though it be the weight of an atom hidden in a rock and the rock buried in the earth, yet will Allah bring it forth.” All the secrets are going to be made known, and people will run looking for a rock to hide under. But the rock will cry out, “There is no hiding place here.”

    You’re going to arise, people, because Allah’s (God’s) spirit is moving on the waters now. You’re going to arise and demand that your government is something better. You’re going to arise and say to your entertainers, put on some clothes. You are going to say to your rappers, clean it up. “This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

    Thank you.

    Minister Louis Farrakhan

    [Editor’s note: The following text is taken from a speech by Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered at Hillside Chapel & Truth Center, in Atlanta, Ga., on August 18, 2002. The church is pastored by Rev. Dr. Barbara King.]

    finalcall .com

  • Bird, I started to make a criticism of your religious belief as a basis for making these judgements of politics, on the basis that your beliefs aren’t true any more than those of the crazy Iranians. Our Christian delusions are not quite as ugly and militant as some of the stuff in the Koran, but they’re still not true.

    In short, the outcome of the Iranian situation does not depend on how far Yahweh or Huck Finn or any other fictional literary character lets it go. Rather, it depends on how far American and Israeli political leadership lets it go before the very real IDF and/or US Marines squash them- and a bunch of unfortunate innocent bystanders besides.

    But your religious beliefs are no more delusional – and far less dangerous in practice – than the ideological delusions of leftist types such as some who are commenting on this column of yours.

    Take this Sean Murphy, who writes, “Iran is not the threat to world peace. The country that is the threat is George W Bush’s USA.” Where do you even START trying to talk sensible to such people? Iran could get Hamas to nuke Atlanta, and Sean would be explaining how it’s W’s fault.

  • Evangilist

    “in this view of things, simply misguided Muslims who need to cast off their “polytheistic” ways (Muslims believe that the doctrine of the ‘Trinity’ makes Christians polytheists and, hence, heretics) and return to the true and pure faith in Allah. (Note: This is part of the stinging judgment implied by the frequent and sarcastic references to our common “monotheism.’)”

    Oddly enought Ahmadinejad has just defined a thread between Islam and Judeaism, in that Jesus is not the true way to God. Jesus aside, I have always found it profound that there is so much argument between groups of believers of the SAME GOD (Allah, YW_H, EL… there are many nuances to the name).

    Yet it took a catostrophic event to bring the people to Medina as pointed out by author David Keys in is privitol book “Catastrophe.” I wonder if the Almighty moved events in this direction, or, as I was taught, Satan did? I think the Sawtawn had a hand in creating all this strife, from the earliest period that was needed to culminate into the scenario we have today. It’s the job of Satan to cause discord, especially among those who cannot fathom the authority given them through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

  • JB,

    A while ago, BoP posted an article on Michael Jackson converting to Islam and calling Jews leeches. It has gathered several hundred comments so far, many from Moslems about Islam, and many clarifying the Moslem view about Jesus – who is known as el MaseeH in Arabic, the anointed one.

    If the Moslem view on Jesus was unclear before now, it is crystal clear now, especially to BoP, who gets to read all the comments on his article. I’m afraid that BoP has it on the money.


    I think you may have missed the point of BoP’s article, which is that Ahmadinejad views his acts in light of what Islam calls upon him to do. It is irrelevant whether his religious beliefs or BoP’s (or mine) are delusional. The weapons and dangers that Ahmadinejad presents are real, as are the dangers of American action against Iran.

    Whatever you think of religion, you need to take Ahmadinejad at face value, as a man acting to follow his faith, rather than dismissing him as delusional. Dismissing him and his ideas as delusional is far more dangerous as a strategy and can cost America far more lives. It is the strategy followed by the secular elite here and will cost many lives. One casualty will probably be my ability to contact you at Blog Critics. My IP operates out of Haifa, a likely target of the thousands of missiles aimed at northern and central Israel from southern Lebanon.

  • Oh yes, Brother Ruvy- I take the Iranian government totally seriously. What I’m saying is that we can’t rely on any flavor of God to bail us out, as I feared BoP was implying. We humans, and particularly American humans, are going to have to step up and take responsibility for this. It’s going to be US troops that end up having to settle this, in all likelihood. It’s not like you’re going to reason with these nutjobs.

  • Al, I appreciate your comment. My hope in God is a personal matter of personal and not a socio-political one in the sense that I expect anyone else to agree with me. It was not presented as a point of debate as was the rest of the ideas in my post. The only reason I included it was that I see our nation (and the Bush administration in particular) as being in an unavoidable “lose-lose” situation as regards Iran and have no clear opinion as to what course they should take either politically or militarily.

    PS. From a personal faith perspective I wholeheartedly believe that true peace can never be acheived through strenght of might alone. Peace is ultimately not a political concept (except as in the sense of the “absence of war”) but a spiritual one, dependent upon the inner workings of the human heart in relationship with others.

    This, for me, is neatly summed up in Psalm 20:7 which reads, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.” Ultimately even our own nation affirms this by means of our national motto, “In God we trust.” This, to me, is a clear admission that we, as a nation will often make mistakes in all areas of our national life. The righteousness of God, however, is unchanging and sure. In this sense, given a choice between God and country I will choose God every time. In a curious twist of fact, this attitude makes me more of a main-stream American, grounded in our national ideals, than if I reversed those priorities.

  • Ruvy, Thank you for your kind defense of my understanding of the Muslim view that Jesus, as believed by Christians to be the second person of the Trinity is blasphemous and ultimately a form of polytheism (as it is also blasphemous from a Jewish standpoint . . . which is why Jesus was “rightly” sentenced to death by the Sanhedrin in the first place! He was only falsly charged and innocent of blasphemy IF HE WAS the divine Son of Man/Son of God, the Christ/Messiah, the Lord and Creator and I AM incarnate in human flesh. At the time of his arrest and crucifixion even Jesus’ followers were not completely able to confess such a radical thing. It was only after his resurrection that they could no longer deny who he was and who he claimed to be . . . and even then they could not explain it or even understand it. Yet it is what the post-Easter Christian faith has proclaimed ever since. Some Jews have believed, most haven’t. Many non-Jews/gentiles have believed and continue to believe (currently 2 billion world-wide). The sheer numbers of Christian believers does not prove anything but it is evidence that the Christian understanding of God as Trinity is both reasonable and compelling to a large number of otherwise ordinary human beings. The fact that Muhammad dismissed the concept of the Trinity as blasphemy against Allah also does not prove anything one way or the other but nonetheless must not be watered-down or denied.

    In any case, Ruvy, you, your family, all who live in the State of Israel and all who live in the country of Iran are in my prayers today. Jesus commanded me to pray for my enemies as well as my friends. Given that it is almost impossible to separate my friends from my enemies these days (and those of my country’s) I find Jesus’ command to be very helpful insofar as I can (and ought to) pray for everyone! Which I do! Ruvy, while we may disagree on many things, I do, however, count you as a friend. Shalom.

  • dave ny

    for all the talk on this was being about religion it seems everybody is missing the real point: THIS WAS IS NOT ABOUT RELIGION ITS ABOUT OIL OIL OIL OIL AND MONEY MONEY MONEY. fact is that we do great commercial bussines with islamic countries such as dubai saudi arabia,kuwait etc. and beleive it or not these countries are much more right wing than iran. If iran would cooperate with the u.s. and not turn to the euro as the main oil exchange currency we would be sending maddona and britney spears on a goodwill tour. Oil drives the economy of the entire world especially us gas-guzzling suv driving americans. Are we evil? not at all, although not perfect, fact is we are just looking after our investments here and abroad just like every other country. Hopefully something can be worked out without resorting to war , we all know nobody wins there.

  • Dave in NY.

    Understand the difference between the hammer and the hand holding the hammer. Oil is a mere hammer. Money is a mere hammer. Even people can be mere hammers in the hand of others. And other people can be mere hammers in the Hand of Another.

    This is what you and I are seeing…

  • Abdullah

    One of the main principles of Islamic teaching is that one should learn more in which more thinking would follow and think more so you becomme deeper in your thoghts.(Imam Ali said that one hour thinking is more valuable and rewarding than seventy years of praying).
    This trend of thinking when joined with “time” can not be hindered by any means or disruption.

  • Abdullah, I couldn’t agree with you more . . . although there is much that is important about prayer as well. I would also add that “doing” is just as important as “thinking” and “praying.”

    In the Gospel of John the word “faith” as a noun (something we possess) does not even occur. Instead, the word “believe” is used as a verb (something we do).

    Blogcritics is a good place to do some of our “thinking” and growing. It is not much of a place for “praying” or “doing,” however!

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    It’s nice to know that me and my family are in your prayers – for a whole slew of reasons that go beyond mere security…


  • Mary

    Please read the Book of Revelation. Especially the 17th and 18th Chapters.