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Ape Entertainment to Create Cut the Rope Comic Series for iOS

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Ape Entertainment announced today at Comic-Con International 2011 in San Diego that it has signed an agreement with Zeptolabs, developer of Cut the Rope, to develop a digital comic series for the very popular iOS app. Ape Entertainment is no newbie to the digital comic genre, most recently launching a very successful series for another mobile app, Pocket God.

Up until now, Om Nom, the very cute, cuddly and main character for Cut the Rope, has just been that – a character. Now, Om Nom is getting a story. I’ve always wondered how he ended up on the doorsteps of the house demanding candy. Now, well, late-August, we’ll all be treated to the backstory of the Om Nom phenomenon.

The digital comic series will be available on all iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and most likely on Android devices. As we all now, Cut the Rope is an award-winning game from Zeptolabs and is one of the most downloaded games, next to Angry Birds. Zeptolabs recently announced a toy partnership for plushies as well.

Today at Comic-Con, Ape Entertainment released a statement:

“Its an amazing opportunity to work with ZeptoLab on one of the app world’s most addictive and successful games,” said David Hedgecock, CEO of Ape Entertainment. “The comic book series is shaping up beautifully and we are making something that we know fans of Cut The Rope and fans of good entertainment everywhere are going to absolutely love!”

I’m very much looking forward to seeing what the entire backstory consists of and am thinking it will be an epic journey for Om Nom. Come on, an alien looking blob that has an enormous appetite for candy. How did that happen? Was he forced to eat fruits and veggies for his childhood and now is going candy wild on the streets of suburbia? How did he get on earth? Did he get shunned from his former veggie loving parents?

These are all questions I hope Ape Entertainment answers and with lead artist Antonio Alfaro, I’m sure we’ll all be thrilled to read and partake in getting to know what really happened.

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