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AOL, Yahoo! Offer New Biz Email Service and The Daily Music and Tech News

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AOL, Yahoo! to Offer Fee-Based Email Service for Businesses

Email providers America Online and Yahoo! have announced that each will roll out a new program in the next couple of months: For a fee, large-volume emailers will be able to have their emails sent directly to recipients’ inboxes. Banks, online retailers and other high-volume emailers are the targeted audience for the service. Under the plan, AOL and Yahoo! will guarantee that a business or group’s email will bypass spam filters and reach intended recipients – and the recipient will know that the email is legitimate. Officials of both firms say the new fee-based email service is an attempt to better filter unsolicited mail and to cut down on spam and “phishing” incidents.

Rolling Stones Censored

Two of the three songs performed by the Rolling Stones during their Super Bowl halftime set were censored. Lyrics from “Start Me Up” and “Rough Justice” were cut from the telecast. Working with a five-second delay (a Super Bowl first), editors cut portions of the lyrics because they were deemed too sexually explicit. The changes were made by the NFL and its producers, according to ABC.

Senator to Support Take Action

The Take Action Tour, which annually raises money and awareness for suicide prevention, is getting some support this year from Capitol Hill. The tour will hold a press conference to kick it off on March 1 at the Capitol Building with Senator Patrick Kennedy joining tour founder and Hopeless/Sub City Records president Louis Posen. Matchbook Romance, who are headlining the tour this year, are scheduled to play an acoustic set at the conference.

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  • RogerMDillon

    You need more info in your first headline because if you read the linked article it says “the plan, while it is optional…will apply to only a fraction of e-mail senders” as it “will target banks, online retailers and other groups that send large amounts of e-mail.”

    The way you have it now sounds like everyone will be affected.

  • fixed