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AOL Blackvoices Isn’t Working

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The age of black-owned anything is in danger. The fault lies not within the lack of ownership, but the increase of complacency. Blackvoices.com, one of the largest African-American web portals, is no different.

When America Online purchased the Tribune-owned website, a lot of the freedom of expression (both literally and physically) was taken out of the site’s popular message boards. Threads started disappearing, signatures at the end of messages were deleted, language control was induced. Since the change, some members have already left, while some managed to weather the storm.

Tensions came to a head when a female member of the board was outed by her friends as a porn star. Most didn’t believe it, and thought it was rumor until a video clip was posted with her in it. It was later confirmed by her friends.

Now several threads exist on the subject of her career choice, and the fact that she lied to a lot of the people close to her. The moderators of AOL are viewing this as an invasion of her privacy and therefore see fit to cap all the threads about her career, and her in general for that matter. People have been so frustrated by this they’ve begun to make blogs just to voice their opinions.

My beef with the users of Blackvoices.com is simply one thing: money. If we take our dollars and pool our resources together, we can create a site just like Blackvoices.com before the AOL days. Considering most of us feel better just to complain, we shouldn’t feel surprised we are getting the short end of the stick.

Yes, there are message boards with the same amount of members and the same amount of topics. Those places however lack the character and the name that defines such a site, a place for a black voice to be heard. Now that voice has been silenced by the takeover. Shouldn’t we just up and leave?

It’s time to leave Blackvoices.com and make a new home for ourselves by our own means. No company has the right to censor a people no matter how sensitive the topic. That’s how Freedom works.

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  • mystical2you

    my name exists and doesn’t with blackvoices…Just in case you try to e-mail me back and i like poking fun at monitors..lol If your critism is just about censorship you are not a problem or offering a legitimate solution although well-intentioned…The problem with black voices like black planet is simply ownership and numbers…you are just one and you may be able to reach a few..but gettin any conscious owner or politically correct (from a black standpoint) is not gonna happen any more than our people owning a grocery store chain; its simply not your country bro. Even if you a cop or military. Now if you wanna say stupid things and act a fool…you can do that all your heart desires..oh yeah and singing and dancing is cool

  • It might not be my country, but it’s certainly not the white people’s either. It’s the indians.

  • Judah Israel

    It is becoming a fasce in this nation for Black People to continue to be knocked off line for reasons unacceptable. I am not owned by any slavemaster at this time and I would appreciate it that If I am a AOL member and Black, then my access to Black Voices should be without question.

  • charles johnson

    It is my opinion that if black people are going to matter in this coutry. We as a people should relize that our actions will matter in big scheme of things,so we be cool and wait for the change to come, agreed?

  • aol,should never have let the other companies do oanything or else happen to any other entity. But so did happen,so what do you do? Un subscribe to aol.Or any other enity that let’s any other gov or other enty, run the op.

  • JC

    AOL having a black voices forum and not an equal forum for whites is RACIST!!!!


  • eric

    Well, in all truth I think Black Voices could be a viable site for Black people to effectively communicate and exchange pertient information, but honestly I’m happy that it’s going away! It’s only became a haven for those black people that are not progressive in their thinking, and want to remain in the state of denial. Most are people that only come there to continually promote hatred, bigotry, and racism, that’s no better than FOX NEWS! I can’t believe the way that our people tear each other down day after day! Men and women both desrespecting each other, fights over light skin vs dark skin, hating bi-racial people, and those that don’t embrace all that ghetto mind set, attitudes, and sadly much more! I thought at one time that we were a better people than this, but now I’m just not sure anymore! We have shown to the world and ourselves that we are not for the most part “progressive”!We have become, and continue to be our own worse enemy. Just visiting that site that clear for all to witness that fact first hand. We just only complain about everything but never want to engage collectivitely to change anything…hell we aren’t even willing to change ourselves! Far too many of us act as though life is nothing more than another party! It’s simply just disgusting, and shamful! BUT, WE SAY, “IT’S ALL GOOD”! That’s why the black family is dying literally and many of our communities are in shambles, and today these young black people have no respect but how can they the parents are the same! It’s as though we only have partying, entertainment, and sex on our minds 24/7! As, a people we don’t focus on anything of substance, and attack those that do!This is why today we have two black americas with an ever widening black underclass of uneducated, unskilled, unmoviated, and a dismal future for most. That’s clearly why we as a people are being left behind even further…again! Everybody’s kicking our butts…now even the hispanics are! But, we’re just still laughing, hanging out, talking smack, having OOW babies, going to jail, consuming drugs, and killing each other, and steady rocking to the beat! We have a black president, but more than a few always complain that he isn’t doing enough for black people, but what are we doing for themselves, OTHER THAN STILL COMPLAINING! We embrace the boffonery of Madea, but need to embrace the grace, power and image of Michelle…go figure that one out!

  • Sweetdelit

    I simply ask. Wheres the next site because the forums used to help me out with a lot of college info.