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Worry, Anxiety or Nervousness, Fear, Panic, and Terror are increasingly severe stages of the uncomfortable emotional state caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous or a threat. Anxiety is always triggered by the possibility of a future event, rather than by an event which has already occurred. For example, after a stock market crash, one fears that the market will go down further or never recover.

Bloggers write about public anxiety such as fear of war, terrorist attack, epidemic, economic uncertainty, and political unrest. Bloggers also note that the mainstream media promotes a culture of fear. They blog about personal anxieties such as fear of death and the unknown, job loss, bankruptcy, relationship problems, and self esteem. And they blog about how to overcome anxiety.

Anxiety can also refer to the psychiatric condition anxiety disorder, performance anxiety, or separation anxiety.

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Katy Raymond observes some surprising info on her cool blog,

    Yesterday, I saw Julianne Moore, Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman interviewed about their upcoming move, Hours. I was fascinated to learn that both Streep and Kidman routinely phone their directors one week before filming of a new movie is to begin, and do their level best to back out.

    They cite personal catastrophe, emotional upheaval, physical ailment, anything to get out of what they’re facing. They even have other actesses hand-picked to suggest as their replacements. “She was made for this role!” they say. “She’d be so much better at it than I!”

    Streep and Kidman were shocked that they both pull the same stunt regularly, that they both panic on the edge of performance, and are positive they cannot pull it off.

No such problem for Moore.

I am fascinated by the psychology of performance and what performers go through – or don’t go through – to get themselves into performance mode. For me the key is to turn the fear into excitement: “this isn’t scary, this is exciting and what I’ve wanted to do my entire life.” I actually used to get the jitters much worse before I was to pitch a baseball game than before any other kind of performance. Since I love to blab, anything that involves blabbing has generally been no problem. I literally puked before an allstar game once.

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  • Susan

    That’s a very interesting observation about Streep and Kidman. I’ll always think of this when I see them again from now on.