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Anti-wars find no solace at the DNC

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This particular piece of anti-war left-wing satire is actually pretty funny and clever. At least it demonstrates one healthy aspect about this year’s DNC convention – the “peace” protestors are being held at bay.

Not only were they were caged off, and rightly so, given their great potential for causing mayhem, but a peace protestor with the women’s protest group Code Pink, Medea Benjamin, was shown the doors to the FleetCenter after unfurling a banner exclaiming “End the Occupation of Iraq!” during Theresa Heinz’ speech.

Interestingly enough, Benjamin snubbed Nader, choosing to support Kerry instead, arguing that change could come within the ranks of the Democratic Party if only the anti-war voices of protest were loud enough.

The Democrats, however, know that loud enough is too loud, and they have learned their lesson. Kerry is the modern day Hubert Humphrey; it is 1968 all over again; and Boston needs to be safeguarded against the pot boiling over like it did in Chicago 36 years ago.

The Democrats know the nature of the anti-war beast and they have seen fit to rein it in. Preventative actions on the streets of Boston and the none-too-sympathetic reaction to Ms. Benjamin’s banner seem to prove the case.

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  • My only question is this; is it a sincere effort to reign in the radical left of their party, or are they just trying to mute that voice long enough to get swing voters to consider Kerry? Personally, I don’t have a problem with anti-war/peace protesters on the whole, but a lot of the Iraq and Afghanistan-centered protests have been pushed by some pretty radical organizations like International ANSWER.

    If the effort to reign that in is sincere, then more power to Democrats. If it’s just about muting their voice long enough to get a crack at the Presidency, then it’s just another level of deception.