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Anti-war Coldplay to tour US


During ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’ he changed the lyrics to “Buy a gun and start a meaningless war” in a subtle anti-war protest.

… the Coldplay boys have announced that Canadian MOR artist Ron
Sexsmith and Dallas-based pop group Eisley will support them when they tour
the US later this year.

Marty: Yes that is really clever, you are about to tour the US, so you slag off the US President, its policies and its military. Hrm, not the brightest career move eh, Martin?

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  • Jim Carruthers

    Marty, if that is your real name, why is it seen as big or clever to attack British pop groups?

    First, the just-barely there PM Blair is the only participant in this illegal war (well, okay the Aussies, but who really cares about them). Second, careers and the music business are mutually antagonistic.

  • Andrew Duncalfe

    When Coldplay played in Dallas at the end of January, “Rush of Blood” wasn’t included in the setlist. As I remember, the war wasn’t even brought up. The only political comment was a plug for some Fair Trade organization.

    See my review of the Dallas show here.

  • san

    Plug for Moss Eisley — okay, Eisley; I’ll have to get used to the new name:

    And, Marty, you’ve flogged that horse so much you can’t even tell it’s a horse anymore. Get a new horse to kill.