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Anti-Semitism: So the Jews are to blame for EVERYTHING??

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THE JEWS ARE TO BLAME FOR EVERYTHING?? At least that’s the view according to an article in the Egyptian government daily Al-Gumhouriyya. It blames the Jews for the Madrid bombings, 911, and a slew of things.

If the author had time he probably would have blamed the Jews for William Shatner’s bad hairpiece.

Among other things, this article says “the real perpetrator of every disaster or every act of terrorism, look for the Zionist Jews….What is even more dangerous is that after every terror operation they perpetrate, they leave a sign, clue, or traces meant to show that the perpetrators are Arab Muslims.”

AHAH! NOW I get it!

So when Osma bin Laden issues videos or taped threats it is NOT Osama — it’s really Irving Schmidlap of Hamden, Connecticut doing the tapes while he puts the finishing touches on his daughter Gloria’s bat mitzvah.

The videos we’ve seen of him walking through the rocks in the mountains were actually taken during a break during his infant son Irving’s bris.

And the scraggly pajamas he wears are actually the best sheets from Loehmann’s.

So maybe Jews do cause disasters (I’m a fulltime ventriloquist and I do write my own show) and spread terror (I do perform all over the United States) and are shameless (these plugs for my show and especially this).

But the real (sad and scarey) hilarious part of it is: there are many young people in the Middle East who believe this version of events. Beliefs are programmed in minds, evidence to be damned. U.S. policy makers’ underlying dilemma: how to unprogram young minds and put better stuff into new young minds to bypass the visionless, hate-filled adults messing with young brains.

But what do I know? I’m too busy right now controlling all the banks, newspapers, film studios and ordering Congress how to vote. Or so they say…….

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  • Doc

    Just like that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry and George take someone else’s limo from the airport and get mistaken for a white supremecist giving a hate talk in NYC. “You know who’s to blame for Astroturf?? The Jews!”. They are so ridicuolous in their acusations that they parady themselves.

    People want to believe the worst about those they don’t like (whether it’s a different religion, country, politicial party, sexual orientation, etc.) and you’d think that education would overcome it but alas…