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Anti-Semite opposes war for wrong reasons

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As some of my readers know, I do some monitoring of hate groups. Most often I tell you what the neo-Confederates are up to or what Newamul Khan (Razib) and Paul Wickre (Godless), the leaders of Gene Expression, are cavailing about now. However, today, I would like to introduce you to someone I’ve actually met and check in on from time to time — when my stomach can bear his bile.

Edgar J. Steele is a lawyer out here in the Pacific Northwest who has represented white supremacists and anti-Semites whenever he could force his way into a case. His most notorious loss was the suit by a Native American mother and son against the Aryan Nations. Steele also tried to insinuate himself into the Idaho case in which children set dogs on authorities who had come to arrest their mother for neglect. The couple who kidnapped their children from Oregon foster care personnel at gunpoint also engaged Steele and paid the price for it — lengthy prison sentences. The vein running through the notorious cases Steele takes are hatred of the government and contempt for Jews, people of color and homosexuals.

You can read Steele’s take on his cases and other bilious matters at his site, conspiracypenpal.com.

If you were to ask Steele publicly what his beliefs are, he would go to great lengths to distance himself from his clients, such as Richard Butler, leader of the Aryan Nations hate group. But, Steele would be lying. Like fellow traveler Kirk Lyons, he is a white supremacist, himself.

Recently, Steele ended an eight-part series titled “In Defense of Racism” at his website and penned a column about the group he seems to detest most of all, probably because he credits them with having brains, something he doesn’t suspect ‘mud people’ of.

George II is in trouble.  Yes, in Iraq, but
that isn’t his real problem.  Yes, domestically, but that isn’t his real
problem, either.  Little George is in trouble with the Chosen.  You
know…them.  The people that really run things hereabout.

You can tell because George II has begun to get
some bad press (and we all know who owns the press, don’t we?), just like
Clinton before he was impeached.  Yes, Clinton was impeached.  That’s
what happens in the House of Representatives.  Removal from office then
follows if the Senate convicts the one impeached.  Of course, the
fix was in, as preannounced by Trent "I
wish I was black"
Lott, and Clinton walked.  Why? 
Because, finally, Clinton gave in and bombed an aspirin factory, among other
strategic targets dictated by them.

George II, it turns out, does have a mind of his
own, though it appears to be warped.  George thinks he’s on a Mission From
God.  Somehow, that line played better coming from the mouth of Dan Ackroyd
in The Blues Brothers.  George believes, along with a great many
other American religious fundamentalists, that Israel’s Chosen people are
entitled to all of Palestine, just like it says in the Bible.  Besides,
George doesn’t get raptured along with the rest of the righteous, until Biblical
prophecy is fulfilled.  George seems torn between getting reelected, so he
can do more of God’s work, and doing God’s work right now, as enunciated by
Ariel Sharon, Israel’s Prime Minister.

According to The Plan, America was to have invaded
both Iran and Syria by now.  George II agrees with The Plan, basically, but
wants to wait until after the election next year.  Little George is not so
stupid as to miss the fact that Afghanistan and Iraq were his first two strikes
at bat, you see.  Israel finally went on a bombing mission of its own, in
Syria the other day, and thereafter received George’s blessing (picture a dog
wagging his tail).

This past week, George II also was quick to add
his voice to the Chosen chorus that the Malaysian Prime Minister is an
antisemite for stating the obvious:  jews rule the world.  Little
George isn’t as stupid as he looks (more tail wagging)./p>

In a
remarkable moment of candidness, Ariel Sharon said it best:  "Every
time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I

want to tell you something very clear:  Don’t worry about American pressure
on Israel.  We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know
   (To his cabinet, on October 3, 2001).

Problem is, we Americans don’t know it, by
and large.  Blame MTV.  Otherwise, we would rise up, march on
Washington and hang all the politicians from lamp posts.

The Plan, in case you haven’t figured it out, is
to vanquish Israel’s enemies and establish it as the undisputed ruler of the
Middle East.  Well, the World, actually, but everybody agrees that can wait
until after the next American election.

. . .George II now finds himself between Iraq and a
hard place (ahem).  Does he invade Iran and/or Syria and risk not being
reelected because of an instant replay of (take your pick) Afghanistan or
Iraq?  Or does he wait and risk not being reelected because the Chosen
intensify the media campaign now under way against him?  

. . .George I got the same treatment, you may recall,
when he declined to enter Baghdad and root out Saddam during Gulf War I. 
He reasoned that evicting Iraq from Kuwait accomplished his objective, which was
clearly stated at the outset of that little dustup ("This invasion will not
stand," is what he said, if memory serves).  

However, Israel didn’t care a fig for Kuwait, per
, and saw emasculation of its main military rival in the Middle East
(Iraq) as being the true objective (just like now).   George I saw
things differently, thinking he couldn’t possibly squander the lead he then
possessed over a broad field of Democrat contenders for the Presidency (just
like George II now).  

So, George I saw his poll numbers plummet (just
like George II now) and faced mounting criticism in the controlled press (just
like George II now).  

And the economy took a sudden turn for the worse
(just like now).  

And, of course, George I lost to Clinton, the man
who now makes me yearn for the days when I merely was ashamed of America’s

Just like George II will lose when the time comes,
if he doesn’t invade Syria and/or Iran soon.  And the Chosen couldn’t care
less, since nobody is allowed to run for President without first plighting his
troth to Israel.

Part of covering civil rights issues is being continually subjected to skepticism. I can count on doubting Thomases telling me that there are not really problems of race, gender and class in the oh-so-perfect United States. Alternatively, such folks contend that the real racists are the blacks and Hispanics, or, the real sexists are feminists, as if turning the truth upside down is convincing. Doubters will wonder why I am saying a person who shares my disapproval of the invasion of Iraq and sneers at the current occupant of the White House is one of the most repulsive white supremacists and anti-Semites in the country. I am saying it because it is true. Opposition to the war has resulted in some strange bedfellows. I believe it is important that we not be so forgiving that we accept these people, who are opposed to our dearest values, as fine folks because we have something in common with them. Steele doesn’t oppose the war because he loves Muslims or out of a sense of fair play. He opposes it because he hates Jews and considers anyone who might be their enemy his friend.

Why is Edgar Steele the way he is, you may wonder. Despite having read his tirades for years and observed him in person, I can’t offer a definitive answer. Steele is a short, stocky fellow with an oversized head (literally). He has a modest personal injury and business law practice, mainly in Idaho. Married and a father, he says he had prostate cancer a few years ago. Nothing in his biography suggests any particular reason why Steele should be obsessed with conspiracies and consumed by hate. But, he is.

I encourage you to get to know him better because only by knowing our enemies, especially those who sport the guise of respectability, can we effectively oppose them.

Note: This entry originally appeared at Silver Rights.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Excellent MD, and thanks. I very much appreciate your intellectual consistency and your pursuit of irrational hate wherever it may lead. Hate is hate.

  • Oh, Edgar is quite an, um, being. He made the SPLC’s list of most dangerous extremists this year. Here is his call to arms.

    And, note that he is not some marginalized working-class guy. That is what makes this sort of bigot particularly noteworthy. They are the persuaders. You may recall Matthew Hale was refused a license to practice law because of his white supremacist views. However, there is a disproportionate share of lawyers in the movement. I am kind of ambivalent about that. An argument could be made that people who knowingly violate public policy have a defect that makes them unfit to be officers of the court. On the other hand, we are talking about some heavy-handed interference by the government. A bloggable topic for sure.

  • This guy sounds like the proverbial piece of nasty work.

  • debbie

    Kind of sounds like he forgot to take his medication…..

  • mac diva’s problem is that she lumps true neo-nazis like steele with normal people who disagree with her.

    it’s like me calling her a stalinist because she supports affirmative action.

    if you want to know what we at gnxp have said that makes mac diva so hot under the collar, try reading the latest issue of scientific american, on the reality of nontrivial genetic differences between population groups. link

    Better yet, visit our site. Mac Diva has never actually had a *discussion* with us…she’s just called us names, spread innuendo, and yelled at us. Razib, I, Jason Soon, and the rest of the gang are ready and willing to talk – calmly – at any time. Though it should be unnecessary to say it, as a highly multiracial gang, we’re hardly neo-nazis intent on white supremacy. At last count, we have 2 south asians, 2 east asians, 1 jew, 2 europeans, and one .25 African-American. (Ex) Hindus, Ex-Muslims, Ex-Christians, Ex-Jews, and practicing Buddhists are all represented. Commenters from all sides of the political spectrum are treated civilly. Etcetera.

    …including mac diva, or anyone here, should they care to join us. should go without saying, but i would appreciate a (factual) rebuttal to any of our points, one that doesn’t involve name-calling…if i’m wrong on the facts, I expect to be corrected.

  • I’ll pass, thanks. Just reading the article gave me a stomachache. “Race” is about “relationships”? Not in my life. Come to one of mym family reunions and join me in a guffaw at that concept. IMO, people are people and there is one race, period.