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Anthrax-We’ve Come For You All

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Ok, so this is better late than later i suppose. In late 2003 Anthrax released the album, We’ve Come For You All, and barely anyone noticed. Tis sad i say. Even i didn’t hear of it really and i have been listening to Anthrax since Spreading the Disease. The old days of big hair, thrash riffs and Joey Belladonna are long gone, and many thought that Anthrax was also.

Going back a few years to the whole 9/11 ordeal. it wasn’t know at the time whether or not Anthrax was going to stay a band. Even if they were, would it be the right thing to change the name due to all the terrorist going ons? Suffice to say they did keep the name(there’s a good pic on the inside cover teasing the situation) and never did change it to Basket Full of Puppies like they had joked they would.

So here i am in August 2004 reviewing a cd that came out in 2003. Why you ask? Because i picked up my copy 2 weeks ago and i simply cannot stop listening to it. There is simply not one bad song on this album.

This has to be one of, if not thee heaviest Anthrax albums ever. Not only is it heavy, but it is very diverse. Songs like Cadillac Rock Box or Safe Home really make you see what great musicians they are. Plus with the addition of new guitarist Rob Caggiano, it lets Scott Ian do what he does best and that is rhythm guitar. John Bush’s vocals are as tight as ever. Accompanied by the rest of the rhytm section of Charlie Benante and Frank Bello, sonic bliss if i do say so myself. Actually Charlie’s drumming on this album is off the charts.

I am so glad that Anthrax never split up, they’ve done so much for metal music over their 20 year career it would be a shame to see them go. Think about where rap metal/nu-metal would be if it wasn’t for Anthrax-Public Enemy back in the early 90’s. Anthrax was never afraid to be different no matter what the popular opinion was at the time.

If you were an old Anthrax fan from way back, or maybe you’ve heard of them but thought they were too old and washed up. . .go get this album. It will rock your socks off, and probably your neighbors too if you crank it loud enough.

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  • Why aren’t the Amazon products showing up ? grrrr

  • Eric Olsen

    you left blank spaces after the final ASIN, thanks, EO

  • Gary, be sure and pick up the CD/DVD combo Music Of Mass Destruction, a live show recorded on the tour for this WCFYA. The fury and passion you hear on the album is more than present in this concert. And yes, it’s much, MUCH better than the unfortunately flat Live: The Island Years, which I hear the band actually had no part of and was released by a very sore Island records when the band left them.

  • I reviewed MMOD here for BlogCritics. I never got around to the excellent We’ve Come For You All, even though I meant to. Best Anthrax album since Among The Living in my humble opinion. Check out the live DVD/CD.. you won’t be disappointed.

  • I’m usually not a fan of live cd/dvd’s but i will definently pick this up on your guys recommendations, thanks! I actually thought Persistence of Time was a great album, although i can’t find many who agree.