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Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner is the U.S Representative from New York’s 9th Congressional District, and has been serving in the House since 1999. Weiner is known to be one of the most intense and demanding members of Congress. He often works long hours with his staff fact-checking documents, resulting in one of the highest staff turn-over rates of any member of Congress, including, at one point, three chiefs of staff in eighteen months. Weiner admitted, “I push people pretty hard… I have nothing but love for people who endured it, even if they endured it for a short period of time.”

Weiner was caught up in a Twitter scandal, where an inappropriate picture was tweeter from his Twitter account to a female college student in May 2011. Weiner claimed that he did not send the picture, but couldn’t say for sure whether or not the picture is of him. Media sources and political commentators dubbed the controversy Weinergate.

Although Weiner is one of the most outspoken members of Congress, and despite the most recent controversy, there are few blogs that cover Anthony Weiner specifically. There is the Weiner Blog, which appears to be maintained by Weiner or his personal associates (based on the fact that there aren’t any posts since, or regarding, Weinergate).

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