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Answer: The Big Tool on Jeopardy

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Question: Who is David Madden?

Look, maybe it’s great for Jeopardy that the champions can stay until somebody beats them, but I really hate this new rule. Mostly I hate it because of the current champion, David Madden.

I’m sure he’s a very nice boy (not man, because have you seen him? He is, like, seventeen), but he grates on my nerves. I don’t even think Alex likes him. I certainly don’t see the level of respect from Alex that he had for Ken Jennings. Probably Alex thinks Madden is a tool, too.

Although he’s never actually come out and said it, Madden gives out this vibe of smug superiority, and it makes me want to punch him in the face.

Okay, who’s this?

“Ooh, I live in Berlin. I’m soooo international.”

“Ooh, I want to go in the Peace Corps. I’m soooo considerate and compassionate.”
“Ooh, I know EVERY fact about EVERY subject in THE WHOLE WORLD.”
“Ooh, I’m a giant ponce and I have a jillion dollars that I won on Jeopardy.”

Yeah, so maybe I’m reading him wrong here, but the sooner his jimungous head is off my tv screen the better.

I’d totally date him, of course.
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  • Oh Oh I so agree with this post. I have my own I HATE MADDEN posts. I just want the suffering to end. My favorite has been hijacked by a mama’s boy bird watchin cooky baking freak who plays to make other players lose.

  • And I wish I could edit my comment… so many spelling mistakes in my haste…

  • Nic

    I stayed up way too late to get caught up on my recorded jeopardy shows last night just to see if the jerk had lost yet. I wasn’t even listening to the questions anymore, I just want him gone.

  • MaddenLoses

    I’m pretty sure that Madden loses on one of the first shows of Season 21 (airing around September 6 or 7).

  • Don

    I totally agree. Ken Jennings was nice. I think this round is fixed. No one is as smart as this guy is appearing. He’s a student? Why does he always get the daily doubles? Why does he usually cross out his first couple of answers in final jeopardy? Why does he only get questions wrong that are worth only a couple of hundred dollars?Has anyone checked his ears for ear pieces that send him answers? No one, NO ONE can be as knowledgeable as he is in every subject. This is a set up for a “BIG” match between him, the guy who won the Tournament of Champions and Ken Jennings. And you’re right – the guy is so arrogant.

  • Chuck

    Dave Madden is the man. He’s obviously a reserved person who’s young and unaccustomed to the glare of the TV spotlight but who keeps getting the job done fair and square. His victory last Thursday was a total comeback, just a true instance of an indomintable spirit. Imagine how excited you would be if you were poor student about to join the Peace Corps (the Peace Corps!) and you won over 300k. It’d be all I could do to keep from dancing in the street, but Dave always remembers to smile and be gracious, always applauding the other contestants too. And when he wins, he’s more relieved than anything else. Relief, that’s the opposite of arrogance. He may never be a politician or actor, but he’s doing the best with what he’s got, and for that I salute him.

  • rusty

    I loathe this guy. His pouty lower lip and goofball smirk. He fishes for those Double Jeopardies, then he wastes them with $200 bets. And he wastes time deciding on his whimpy bets in order to run out the clock. And to hear everyone comparing him to KJ is just appalling. KJ was a great player and a good sport. This guy..watch him when someone else gets a Double Jeopardy. He gets angry. HE IS AN A$$H0LE!!!!!!

  • I think everyone knew some guy like this in University or College. There are really smart guys who are reserved about their intelligence…. then there are guys like this.I want to knock him out everytime I see him on the TV. He is just so damn smug.

  • Emily

    I went to high school with Dave Madden. He’s not 17, he’s 23 or 24. And yeah, he was kind of a bird-watching mamma’s boy who did write a song about weather, but he was also a nice guy. And a hell of a lot smarter than anyone else I graduated with.

  • TigerNat

    I went to college with David Madden. He is, in fact, a nice guy and he, too, is smarter than most of the people with whom I graduated. And I’m having dinner with him next week.

  • Dave Madden’s Anticipatory Defeat Club, President

    Has anyone here been in the audience for the recent tapings of the show? I know they began taping on July 18 for the September 12 week. I was hoping that somebody could leak the day, hour or minute of our lil’ hubristic twerp’s demise! Ha Ha Ha!!! That shall be a sweet victory for us all!!!!!

  • liz

    I was in Berlin not so long ago and he was my tour guide for a bike tour of the city. He’s a nice guy. Quiet, unassuming, friendly. A lot of y’all seem pretty bitter, is it that important?

  • Ed Kuczma

    First off, I think all of the people who responded ahead of me are lame losers – who has the time to watch and comment on this kid. Get a life… Second, now I will grace everyone with my response. I was one of Dave’s best friends in High School. He can be a little strange at times, but inside he is just like a marsh-mellow; so soft and sweet. He knows almost everything, and at the risk of sounding queer, that is pretty cool and sexy if you ask me. Dont hate the player…

  • The real E. Kuczma

    The previous post was actually posted by Doug Carr Office:[deleted] cell:[deleted]

    Good Luck Dave…

  • Andrew

    Dearest Mei Flower,

    I think you may have deep anger problems and need to seek therapy. Or maybe it’s just as simple matter of defrosting that old ice box down there and getting laid. Cause it sounds like even the guys that you think are like Dave are turning you down. And by the way, who in there right mind wants to hear your opinion on anything. Whether it’s Jess Simpson’s boobs in a cops face or my man Dave winning more money than you would working the street in a career of hookin.
    In conclusion, the question is hon…”Who is Dave Madden?”, well i’ll tell you…He’s someone that is(pardon the cliche)a better person than, probably luckier, better looking than, and how could i forget, DEFINATELY RICHER than, Mei Flower.

  • You are entitled to your opinion.

    Thanks for giving me an idea for my next post.

  • Andrew

    Hon, i would suggest finding something a little more productive than writting nonsense on the internet.

  • Chuck

    I too went to school with Dave and yes he’s a bit of a weirdo as are many very bright young folks. I wouldn’t call him a kid he’s 22 or 23 years old and he’s damn smart when it comes to trivia across a broad spectrum. The dude once memorized all the zipcodes in the postal directory b/c he was bored. I thought I was god’s gift to jeopardy I would play at home and routinely get 50 to 60% of the questions right and normally would run a couple of categories per night. I schooled my family and friends until I made David. He was easily my peer and we had some good matches. While I don’t agree with his strategy of betting low on daily doubles and trying to ensure that he gets enough of a lead to prevent his opponents from overtaking him with the questions remaining rather than winning as much money as possible, its a sounds strategy that has served him well and in fact KJ used a very similar strategy. Sure no one likes a card counter but guess what it works.

  • TowerToolsRule

    Hiya, ChuckChuck. How’s that California weather? Jersey sucks.

    Madden is definitely a tool but get a few drinks in him and I bet he tries to dance with Trebek. Seriously though, ya’ll need to run off a few dozen wins at Jeopardy or let Dave have his moment. He’s a good guy. Some people as smart as him have serious personality issues (i.e., *insufferable*). He’s not at all. And if you want to beat him at something, convince him to play Beerut.

  • rio

    he is a tool to the nth degree he fishes for the dd and the bets small amounts then takes alot of time so the the clock runs out. He is a super sized tool and I hope the peace corps has him maimed

  • I’ve never seen him, but funny post, Mei Flower, especially the closer.

    That’s some good writing.

    That is all.

  • i’m laughing so hard right now. yes, he’s such a pain, with his little smirk and his ubeatable buzzer clicking. dangit, makes me wanna smack him! but, alas, i have to love this man as a fellow human being, a child of God. my wife jumps off the couch in frustration when he smirks! but i’m trying to appreciate him for who he is. the guy’s probly kinda lonely, ya know?

  • jujulianne

    I for one think he is adorable…let’s not forget,haters…Nerds rule the world!If I was 10 years younger I’d go after him.He is sweet and shy and seems so corruptable!

  • Andrew

    I can’t wait until he loses!

  • Dave Madden

    As the target of all this praise/criticism, it’s really got my head spinning. So, let me try to clear a few things up. First, I don’t mind if you hate me on the show (there were definitely past contestants who rubbed me the wrong way), but for God’s sakes, don’t you have better things to do with your life than bash me online? Meanwhile, for all those who think I’m some sort of insufferable tool- let me offer the following opposing evidence.
    1. I’m writing this from a Kinko’s in Baton Rouge, on my way back to Houston after helping flying in from Germany to help out with the hurricane relief efforts.
    2. I am 24. I was in bed with a 37 year old woman two nights ago.
    3. I can see how my style of play might not appeal to all viewers, but I stand by my strategy, as well as knowledge.
    4. When I was in high school, I captained my school’s quiz bowl team to 2nd place at the national championship. The Monday afterwards, they announced our success over the PA in school. I didn’t hear it, though, since I was in detention for having talken back to our school’s famously fascist librarians.
    5. Bird watching rocks. And if you don’t like chocolate chip cookies- you’re the weirdo, not me.
    Enough ranting. Good to hear from you Ed and Doug, what are you guys up to these days? -D.

  • Amazing! I actually was willing to give Mr. Madden the benefit of the doubt, since Mei’s article ws obviously written in tongue-in-cheek style. But now, with Mr. Madden’s comment in evidence, I think I’m going to swing over to Mei’s side of things.

    1. Aren’t you special? Real heros do things quietly.

    2. Is that supposed to be a demonstration of how you take pity on old ladies or something? Based on my own experience, I’m betting that 37-year-old woman probably gave you a better time than any 24-year-old would, and better than you deserve, based on your “kiss and tell” philosophy.

    3. Sure, okay. I never saw you play.

    4. Amazingly, you demonstrance arrogance combined with a misguided “bad boy” appeal, which is really even more arrogance. I can see why people are hesitant about you.

    5. Bird watching does rock, as do chocolate chip cookies.

    But being “right” isn’t the only thing in life. Being nice helps.

    You’re young, and smart. So long as you don’t depend *too* heavily on the “smart” part, you can do very well. Enjoy the money!



  • I like chocolate chip cookies, but the only birds I watch are targeted in my bird-gun sights. Mostly woodpeckers.

    Can I be a Jeopardy geek champion too?

  • Dave Madden

    There are a few things I need to correct in my last message. First of all, I can’t believe I actually typed “talken back”; am I a moron, or what? And I am sorry about all the BS about going to Baton Rouge. I really don’t have enough common sense to do something like that. Seriously, what could I possibly do there to help? I suppose I could transport a family or two on my giant head. Anyway, I better get back to being a smug prick with no personality, and be sure to watch Jeopardy! on Monday!

  • I don’t know who the hell you are, dude, but you have a good sense of humor about yourself. Maybe I’ll check it out to see why Mei Flower reacted to you so strongly.

    And be honest, is Alex Trebeck the most pompous, semi-educated prick or what? Level with us, because he’ll never read this.

    That is all.

  • Dave Madden

    Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention by “thirty-seven year old woman,” I meant fifty-seven year old man. He and I met when I was interning at an aviary. But he got fired for feeding the birds chocolate chip cookies.

  • I take back what I said about your sense of humor, Dave.

    That joke wasn’t very good.

    That is all.


    I randomly searched Madden’s name to see if any people were talking crap about him. I figured he might come off a little arrogant on TV based on the small amount of time you’ve seen him. While Dave can be incredibly confident, he is a good natured and selfless person. When he doesn’t know something about another culture, race or person he is always genuinely interested in learning more about them.

    It’s really funny that you all can say these things based on how a TV show portrays Dave. Obviously the TV show, or any post he makes in an online blog isnt going to show the true person. As a good friend of Dave I can say all of your comments are baseless.

    Someone insulted Dave for being arrogant, if you only knew the amount of money Dave has donated to charity from his winnings and the amount of loyalty and dedication he has shown to numerous friends. Someone put down Dave for talking positively about himself, well here is a friend who knows him talking positively.

    I wanted to refrain from judging anyone, but I’m curious, how many lives have you positively affected? What are your plans for the rest of your life? Do they revolve around improving our world on a small and large scale, creating scholarship funds for innercity students, or rebuilding international ties that have been weakened in recent years? Madden has always shot for the stars, and his goals have always been about positive change in our world. It’s sad that his interests and positive goals offend you, make you insecure or ruin your favorite TV show. His “big head” that bothers you will be off it soon enough.

    So with all this Madden bashing, how would you spend your earnings? Would you create scholarships, consider joining the peace corp? I’m guessing only a very small percentage of people who speak negatively of Dave(once again, based on how he is portrayed on Jeopardy) would make the altruistic decisions Dave has made throughout his life.

    Considering Dave’s intelligence he could have worked a plethora of jobs that paid bundles of money. But he didn’t. Assuming you are the kind of people who hide behind the internet computers to put someone down when you don’t know any facts, I’m guessing you’d be buying a Hummer, or a new house or IPod for yourself with all that money and intelligence. We will obviously never know since you aren’t on Jeopardy and probably aren’t that smart.

    You don’t like Dave, fine. He will be off your precious show soon. But calm down on the insults. It’s sad that when a true good person is successful in this country so many people like to try and tear him apart for peculiarities or meaningless things INSTEAD of celebrating that someone who dedicates himself to helping our world is getting their 15 minutes of fame. O yeah, and calling him a Nazi because he spends time in Germay? You are the immature “Nazi” for throwing around a racial slur because he spends time in a foriegn nation. Pathetic.

  • “Nazi” is a racial slur?!?

    Epithet, yes, but hardly a racial slur…

  • Mista Mista

    In a few hours, a party will be held — hopefully.

  • Dan

    I hope Dave Madden breaks Ken Jennings record or at least comes close but somehow I know its highly doubtful but would be nice to see. He’s a smart guy and I love his stradegy on Jeopardy, going randomly across the board selecting the more expensive answers first and always seeming to find the daily doubles.

  • Anthony

    Hey, Dunbar, don’t even begin to judge anyone who puts a comment on this blog. Who the heck are you? Big deal if you know Mr. Madden. Don’t even question what I would do if I had a disposable income. In fact, I enied acceptance to law school in order to join the Peace Corps. However, not more than a month later, I was diagnosed with cancer. I hope Mr. Madden does a lot of good with his money. I can tell you, Dunbar, that I have positively impacted many people’s lives without a loaded wallet. I’m not saying one way or another how I feel about Mr. Madden, but don’t even think about judging someone who has posted a comment on this site. Certainly you should think about practicing what you preach!

  • julianne

    Okay haters,are you satisfied?I for one was sad to hear about David losing…I was actually excited about watching every day…Well if you read this David,congratulations and have a good time spending your winnings and helping people!
    You rocked! 🙂

  • Dunbar

    Hey Anthony, please find where I said something about having to possess a disposable income to do good in the world? Please also find where I insulted or “judged” “anyone who puts a comment on this blog.” I don’t remember writing anything like that. Also, please note that the people I specifically questioned, that you say i shouldn’t “judge” on “blogcritics”, were calling David a Nazi and elitist with a big head because of how he appeared on a TV show.

    If you noticed I didn’t “judge” anyone who wasn’t already insulting or “judging” my good friend. I think it is pathetic to insult him, and I definitely conveyed that. I’m sorry you feel I’m being arrogant by “judging” innocent people on this site. But isn’t “blogcritics” full of judgemental people? Usually whatever you are judging probably isnt personal for anyone, but I read these comments and since I know David it was personal.

    I’d think as a source I’m much more qualified to make a statement about his character than an observer of Jeopardy. When someone insults a friend of mine, I like to defend my friend, that’s all. If you are goign to be critical of someone, or something, shouldn’t you have a little more information?

    Lastly, notice I didnt say one thing about myself, and it was all about Dave. So, you ask who do I think I am? Someone who is defending a civically engaged loyal friend from people who are putting him down while hidding behind the internet. And this is the internet, so that is all you need to know.

    PS Anthony, it sounds like you’ve faced adversity many times, and in all seriousness I’m glad you are still around. Cancer is horrible. But I am worried for you man. I’m worried that you felt the need to prove to people that you are a talented good man who has overcome problems in an argument in an internet chat room with people you will never meet. Since I never mentioned anything about only being able to do good if you are rich, I dont understand why you came up with that and felt the need to say what you did? If you have done all that you have, you should be confident in your motivations and accomplishments. One more time, this wasn’t about my or your life, it was about David Madden and me defending him. Nevertheless, keep up the good fight.

  • julianne

    Hey,just a little message for Anthony:I too was diagnosed with cancer(it will be 2 years ago this Oct.)and I truly understand how devastating it is.Just wanted to give a little moral support to my fellow survivors…All the more reason not to let
    petty shit get you down!

  • Anthony

    First of all, thanks, Julianne. I wish you the best in your health and my prayers are with you.

    Now as for Dunbar, I am not trying to prove anything to anyone. Like you typed, I will never meet anyone in this room and after today will probably, for no reason at all, never visit it again. How did you get that I am trying to impress people? Maybe you should face that mirror at yourself. Is trying to impress people you will never meet something you do often? You’re the one “defending” you friend who has only become famous through being on a TV show. And you don’t understand how I came up with money issue? You proposed the question to all the bloggers as to what they would do with their Jeopardy earnings. And it looks like you have admitted to judging. (You typed, “I wanted to refrain from judging anyone, but I’m curious, how many lives have you positively affected?”) You made a few judgments (maybe you prefer presumptions) about the people on this blog. Call it whatever you like, but you continued to “judge” me in your response. You are speculating aspects of my personality or behavior. To me, that is judging.

  • JJL

    C’mon … I can’t even read some of this horseradish.

    Dave is a decently good human being. I didn’t see him on jeopardy, but when reading my alumni magazine, I saw that he had done so well on jeopardy! and found this thread.

    A great story to relate that may depict the type of person Dave is: One morning I woke up to find half of my campus plastered with posters, pamplets, cards and various other sorts of paraphanalia touting the campaign of his roomate. Literally, there were thousands upon thousands of hand-made posters! I didn’t even know there was an election … and if I’m correct, there wasn’t … Dave spent dozens of hours planning and plotting just to play a great joke on his roomate and involved everyone. He further orchastrated a “body-guarded” political rally for the pseudo-election of this not-running roomate. I’ll never forget that!

    Great Stuff.

    Great Job Dave.

  • Dunk

    Buh-Bye Dave !!!!….good riddance….”style of play”,”strategy”..you are nothing but a sandbagger fishing for daily doubles…the Jeopardy PTB should have hidden them in the top of the categories…it would have been amusing watching you aimlessly search the board for your security blanket then….you would have never found them…oh yeah…about that 37 yr. old woman…what happened to your girlfriend?… i rememeber one time when you didn’t know the Final Jeopardy answer(ONE TIME….LMAO)..that you answered with “Who is (gf name)”….same girl Davie Boy or a you really a Player? Fishing for those DD’s too? Player my ass! Thank you for getting out of our lives.

  • David Madden

    Hey everybody! I was just looking at my genealogy and I found out that Adolf Hitler is my 7th cousin! Pretty cool, huh! Germany is planning to attack the US and I’m planning to donate all of my winnings to help the German terrorists attack you stupid Americans. I don’t work for the peace corps, I work for the German military. Nobody chacks this website any more, so what the hell.
    Tod zu den Amerikanern! Blut verschüttet den Boden.


    LOL, hey dave. I started talking on this to defend you and I ended up dealing with some prick who felt it was necessary to bring up that he has cancer in an online forum where none of us will ever meet each other. He then felt it necessary to prove that I judge people who diss my friends…..cool guy, must have an amazing social life and self esteem, o wait did I just judge? lol….. so dave, how is your time in the Gestapo going? Ill check back in a month to see if youve been back haha

  • I’m not only a member of Mensa. I’m also a charter member of NAMBLA.

  • David Madden

    Hi everyone. I just returned home to Germany after taping this season’s Tournament of Champions. I can’t say “weather” or not I won (pun intended), but the other contestants hated me — except for the Latin teacher.

  • rbalogun

    David Madden
    I just don’t like you. However I envy you and wish I was just like you. You are good for the game. I don’t like KenJen either.

  • Jp

    Dude, David were you seriuos about everybody hating you at the tourement of champions. The tourement just started this week. I remember Maria Wenglinsky being a teacher, but it did not mention what kind. Is that who you’re talking about?

  • madden2

    This is my Cousin And he is 23 He is really smart and Nice. So dont hate people you dont know

  • madden2, “I’d totally date him, of course” ought to be a clue that this article was written with a bit of hyperbole.

  • booch221

    I can’t stand the guy. I hate that smirk thing he does with his mouth, It reminds me of George W. Bush!

    Anyway they are rebroadcasting the Tournament of Champions this week. I so much wanted to see Madden get beat, but the local TV station started the broadcast late on September 5 and I missed final Jeopardy because my VCR shut off. The category was Scientists. Can anyone tell me how it turned out?

  • Kimberly

    I know I’m a little late to the game, considering these shows were taped in 2005. :-p However, I was watching Jeopardy tonight and the episode where David lost to Victoria was being aired.

    Anyway, I’ve seen him before on the show and always thought he was extremely intelligent and charming for someone so young. I was curious to see how old he was so I googled him. I never expected to find a negative forum…lol…

    David, if you read this, congratulations on your accomplishments and thank you for all your contributions. Btw, love the sarcastic wit, if it’s really you posting these comments. Can’t be too sure nowadays. lol