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Another term for President?

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You’re kidding, right?

Won’t help Bushy anyway.

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  • What the hell could they be thinking of here? What argument would somebody have for even thinking? Does Congressman Serrano envision himself suffering the slings and arrows of being a term limited president needing relief?

  • Perry Perdis

    This is just another in a very long series of proposals going through both houses without being mentioned by ANY media source. I dont know if this is true or if it’s being brought to the table now,but you should tell EVERYONE you know and get the word out any way you can. This in my opinion would be the worst thing our government can do. I for one do NOT want a Bush in the white house for an unforeseeable length of time,because there are MORE waiting to be president including Jeb. And if you havent heard or dont live in Florida, Jeb has an I.Q. possibly 2 points higher than Dubya. Also i dont think this country could handle another 8 years of The Clintons soap opera again. If there was a way to get the general population of this country to actually get out and VOTE maybe there could be some real change.