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Another Reason Bowie is Still Coolest

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Bowie invites mashups:

    If you’ve seen the new Audi commercial, then you’ve already heard a mash-up of the David Bowie classic “Rebel, Rebel” and Bowie’s brand new rocker “Never Grow Old” from his new REALITY album. On April 12th, another mash-up by Mark Vidler will be released as a single. But what about NOW?

    Now it’s your turn to create a great Bowie mash-up and possibly win an Audi TT coupe for your efforts!
    Click here for more Info

    Each week during the contest, DavidBowie.com will choose the top three entries and post them online. Log onto THIS PAGE at noon EST each Friday (April 16 – May 27), listen to the tracks and cast your vote for which mash-up should be crowned the week’s finalist.

    If your mash-up can make it past the DavidBowie.com judges, become a finalist and then make the final cut with Bowie himself you will win an Audi TT coupe!

    The Grand Prize Winner will receive a 2004 Audi TT Coupe with standard equipment or the cash equivalent. The 180 hp TT model sports nimble front-wheel drive and a versatile six-speed tipronic (R ball) transmission. The venerable 1.8 liter engine is turbocharged and intercooled, then turned to produce 180 hp. Power that is both effortless and remarkably efficient.

    A celebration of honesty in design, performance and technology, inside and out, the TT coupe stands as a thorough examination of ideas and ideals in motion. From the gear shift to the air vents to the gas cap, one circle after another. The essence of moving forward with ease is, after all, the wheel. (Approximate Retail Value: $30,000)

    The Second Place Winner will receive the following ACID software:
    ACID PRO 4 (MSRP $499.95)
    Vegas + DVD Production Suite (MSRP $799.95)
    Sound Forge 7 (MSRP $499.95)
    CD Architect 5 (MSRP $299.95)
    Four (4) Vision Series libraries (MSRP $399.80);
    Fifty (50) Loops for ACID loop libraries (MSRP $2997.50)

    The Third Place Winner will receive a Sony Vaio Z1 Series laptop computer with a similar configuration:
    Intel Pentium M Processor 1.7 GHz Centrino mobile technology. Learn more about Intel Centrino mobile technology
    Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
    14.1″ SXGA TFT display (1400×1050)
    Integrated CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive
    Integrated 802.11b/g wireless LAN
    Integrated Bluetooth: Check bluetooth compatibility with other Sony products
    Optional double capacity battery
    512 MB DDR SDRAM
    Huge 60 GB hard drive
    Memory Stick Media slot, for easy integration of countless digital devices
    Stylish design to maximize mobility (weighs just 4.7 lbs.)
    Included software: PictureGear Studio for digital photo management SonicStage for music and entertainment
    (MSRP $2,400)

Mash it up. Cars, beats, bytes and Bowie – pretty cool.

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  • Now it’s your turn to create a great Bowie mash-up and possibly win an Audi TT coupe for your efforts!

    What a load of corporate spam.

  • Sandra Smallson

    DAVID BOWIE’s appearance in advertisements from TOMMY HILFIGER’s H HILFIGER line is motivated by one thing – money.

    The British rocker features in the ads with his supermodel wife IMAN, and he admits it’s one of the few ways he can get exposure to a younger set of fans if he wants them to buy his music.

    He says, “Did my eyes deceive me, or did I see BOB DYLAN on a VICTORIA’S SECRET ad the other day? Go on, Bob!

    “For a lot of guys my generation, (ads are) the only time you’re going to get played on a mass medium. I want what I’ve done to get heard. It’s all wallet-driven, you know.

    “The whole notion of radio is to sell product. Guys who are 50 years old have mortgages on their houses, kids in college – and not the disposable income they once had.

    15/04/2004 21:01 Contactmusic.com

    That’s the coolness of Bowie for me. This above. No pussy footing, talking rubbish to seem deep and arty. He needs the cash. He wants to sell records. He needs the younger audience to hear his records because radio wont play it. If you think he’s sold out..Tough! The man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. I am yet to like any of his more recent stuff though. I’m a fan of the Bowie of old.

  • Eric Olsen

    He does seem to be very curious and avid – good point. I just got Reality, have to check it out.

  • Bowie’s definitely an example of an artist who is still a fan.

    oh, and Reality is a great album.