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Another of Those Infernal Music Lists – But This One Is Special

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In normal times, I tend to snipe at people for oversharing, especially with their many lists of songs. However, this past month has been anything but normal. This week has been bizarre, at best. And so, I just can’t seem to get past this need to give you a list of randomly played music. I know you don’t care, but I insist.

There’s just something about the shuffle feature that makes for truly bizarre combinations that aren’t altogether entirely unpleasant. I have a strict rule when I hit “shuffle”. I’m not allowed to skip any songs. Ever. I don’t care if my son just walked into the room in the middle of Liz Phair’s “HWC” (“Hot White Cum”, for the uninitiated). At best, I will turn something down, but never, ever do I skip it. And, yes, that means I occasionally end up with Lowell Fulson singing “I Want To Spend Christmas With You” (note to self: find Eric Cartman singing “Oh Holy Night”) in the middle of July. Or even Christopher Walken and the SNL gang looking for more cowbell. Maybe even a little “Special Fred” from Stephen Lynch. That’s just how it goes.

Because of my “no skip” rule, the mix is always unique and “different”. On the other hand, there are times when there seems to be a theme running through the list. Look at today’s “First 40” on the old editing “soundtrack”:

  1. “Desperado” – The Eagles
  2. “Key to the Highway” – Carey and Lurie Bell
  3. “Around the World” – Stoney Curtis Band
  4. “Song Inside Me” – Michele Lundeen
  5. “Please Baby” – Nathan James and Ben Hernandez
  6. “Wolf in the Henhouse” – Anthony Gomes
  7. “This Year’s Love” – David Gray
  8. “Your Love Amazes Me” – John Berry
  9. “Blues is a Feeling” – Michele Lundeen
  10. “Mack the Knife” – Bobby Darin
  11. “Needles and Pins” – Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks (“uh”)
  12. “Bad Whiskey and Cocaine” – David Honeyboy Edwards
  13. “Fence Climbin’ Blues” – Scott Henderson
  14. “Freight Train Blues” – Trixie Smith
  15. “The Boys Are Back in Town” – Thin Lizzy
  16. “Shur Fine Woman” – Cash Box Kings
  17. “20 Men Waiting” – Cathy Segal Garcia
  18. “Bourbon” – Rory Gallagher
  19. “Few and Far Between” – Shannon Curfman
  20. “Skank” – Lance Lopez
  21. “You’re So Evil” – Corey Stevens
  22. “Still Wish” – Leif Garrett
  23. “Roll and Tumble Blues” – David Honeyboy Edwards
  24. “Don’t Lie” – Griff Hamlin
  25. “Too Little Too Late” – The Groove Hogs
  26. “Qualify My Love” – Michele Lundeen
  27. “South Forest Boogie” – Little Pink Anderson
  28. “China Grove” – Doobie Brothers
  29. “Boogie Chillun” – John Lee Hooker, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Bobby Bland, Jimmy Reed, James Cotton, and Otis Span
  30. “The Loop” – Rory Gallagher
  31. “Pains My Heart to Love You” – Nathan James and Ben Hernandez
  32. “Rock Me” – Carey and Lurie Bell
  33. “Starting Over” – Michele Lundeen
  34. “World Where You Live” – Crowded House
  35. “Anything But Love” – J.D. Souther (shortest entry)
  36. “Bull Cow Blues/Robert Nighthawk Story” – David Honeyboy Edwards
  37. “Something I Can’t Do” – Corey Stevens
  38. “Waiting on You” – The Groove Hogs
  39. “Use Me” – Jason Whitton
  40. “If Heartaches Were Nickels (Live)” – Joe Bonamassa

Tell me it wasn’t a little like Blues night on American Idol (not that I watch and would know – I just edit the reviews), except with better talent and the oddly placed non-blues song here or there.

That’s the beauty of random play, or shuffle, or whatever you want to call it. I get everything from 1922 to present-day recordings. You never know what you’re going to get. Sort of like Forrest Gump and his box of chocolates, except mine are tastier. Or something like that. Although, come to think of it, chocolate does sound mighty tasty right about now.

I’m sort of wondering if my player isn’t a little possessed. I mean, look at the progression of music there. From mostly mellow to progressively heavier tunes. Could it be that the player is basing this on the time of day? The later in the day it gets, the more driving the music? I’m curious. If my media player is that intuitive, can it sing me songs of heartbreak during those lonely nights? Will it cuddle me when I’m in need of a hug? Can it see what I’m doing when I think I’m all alone? Can it track my Internet usage? Oh, the possibilities are horrifying! Or comforting, depending on the results.

It could well be that I’m over-analyzing this. I was emailing Michele Lundeen late into the night. Maybe that had something to do with my media player’s omniscient selection of two three four of her songs. I’d also emailed Roy Book Binder about Little Pink (who’s sort of disappeared lately). And, I was working on many Blues-related projects. Plus, I had listened to the BCRadio podcast. It just really makes me wonder about how random random play is and how much my computer knows about me.

In the end, I’m not worried as far as song selection. I’m always glad I haven’t skipped a song or stuck with just one artist. What I get from the mix is something entirely unique and helps make the time pass more pleasantly. And I loved this morning’s editing “soundtrack”.

GuantanameraSince you’ve read this far, here’s a challenge for all of you, okay TWO challenges:

  1. “Anything But Love” – J.D. Souther — there used to be a version of this TV show theme song with vocals. I actually had it on my old computer until it crashed. I need helping finding the version with vocals.
  2. “Guantanamera” – the Tinku version with vocals. I want that terribly. This San Diego band performs this song so beautifully. That photo there? That’s one I took one Cinco de Mayo. The couple, well, the beauty of their dance combined with the music was so moving that I simply must have the Tinku version of the song as they were the ones performing at the time.

There, I overshared a bit myself and you have a mission or two. My email address is listed on the Video section page should you happen to find that which I seek.

Go forth and please me, my pretties.

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  • Nice article, Joan! You have amazing self-control, I’m always hitting the next button on iTunes and the iPod, not necessarily because I don’t like the song, but because it clashes with my mood on a given day. Drives everyone around me crazy.

    Very interesting list, lots of great songs and yeah, I wonder about too about an MP3 player that can be that tuned into your moods.

  • i can’t believe she made it 40 tracks in before the Joe Bonamassa showed up! 😉

  • MoodPod is more appropriate when talking about iPods. I don’t have anything so fancy. Nope, I have to rely on the computer or the boombox.

    I don’t even have a car stereo – pathetic, isn’t it? It was stolen in September of 2004 and I’ve been far too broke to replace it.

    Mark, I don’t control the random shuffle. Joe came into play when he came into play. Considering that I have a couple thousand songs on here, it’s amazing that he came up at all, or that Michele Lundeen came up four times, Nathan and Ben came up twice, and Honeyboy came up twice.

    Had I been thinking “Joe” a little harder, I have no doubt that he’d have popped up more.

  • Steve

    I found it curious that I had only heard of about 9 of the 40 artists/songs on your list…until you mentioned Blues music…then I realised…out of 12,000 songs in my collection, only about 50 fit into the Blues category!!!

  • Stick with me, Steve. I’ll get you educated. First, you need to tell me what sort of music gets to you – rock? Smooth, easy-listening tunes? I can steer you in the right direction if give me some idea of what floats your boat.

  • They got to you too, Joan. I have no one left.

    (Puts hands in pockets, walks outside dejectedly into the rain to the sound of one lone harmonica)

  • Matt, sweetie, I’ll still play with you. I just had to post this one…teeny…weeny list. Promise.

  • Steve

    Well, Joanie, here are stats from my music collection – the four most popular genres of mine are –
    1) Pop = 7,000 songs
    2) Rock = 3,000
    3) Soul & R&B = 1750
    4) Dance = 1500.
    I do prefer Jazz over Country music also.

    On closer examination, Blues Rock and Piedmont (East Coast) Blues would be my two favorite kinds of Blues, I think, Joanie.

  • Okay Steve, here is your mission – go forth and discover:

    • Little Pink Anderson (Piedmont)
    • Joe Bonamassa (blues rock)
    • Stoney Curtis Band (blues rock)
    • Albert Cummings (blues rock)
    • Harper (blues rock w/soulful Down Under twist)
    • John Lee Hooker, Jr. (blues with some R&B soul)
    • Anthony Gomes (blues rock w/soul thrown in)
    • Shane Dwight (blues rock)
    • Vdelli (blues rock/soul/funk)
    • Brad Wilson (blues rock)
    • Roy Book Binder (New York, Piedmont, and a little country blues)
    • Louisiana Red (bluesy blues – a little Piedmont, country, swampy Louisiana, Chicago, international, and a little Delta mix)
    • C.C. Adcock (blues rock with swamp funk thrown in)
    • David Honeyboy Edwards (down home Delta and Chicago blues – a LEGEND)
    • Nathan James and Ben Hernandez (country and Delta blues)
    • Michele Lundeen (ballsy blues served steamin’ hot)
    • Shemekia Copeland (blues with serious soul)
    • Robin Henkel (blues, jazz, whatever you want)
    • Jake’s Obsession (blues rock)
    • Eric Lindell (blues rock/soul with a funky twist)

    And that, Steve, is your introduction to just a few of my favorites. 20 artists you can find online one way or another. If you’re stumped on any of them, just let me know and I’ll get the music to you.

  • Steve

    Thanks Joanie, I will look into that tomorrow.

    John Lee Hooker Jr.?? Son of the late same name??

  • Oh, and Steve, for something completely different, you should also check out Billy Watson. I dare you to listen to “Allergy Blues” off his Numero Cinco CD without smiling and/or laughing.

  • is Little Pink Anderson the same Pink Anderson of Pink Anderson & Floyd Council?

  • And, yes, John Lee Hooker, Jr. is the son of THAT John Lee Hooker. I also have a CD from JLH’s daughter Zakiya Hooker. Both of these artists are as talented as their father.

  • Little Pink is the son of Pink Anderson…yes, indeedy. Very nice man and excellent musician.

    I’ve seen him perform a couple times and the last time I saw him, he sang “St. James Infirmary” and dedicated it to his father and Cootie Stark.

    The tears flowed. I’m not ashamed to admit that.

  • Steve

    I actually have a couple of David Gray albums and a best of Crowded House, by the way. No Eagles but some Don Henley albums and a couple of Glenn Frey tunes. Also a couple of albums by Stevie Nicks, and a couple of Tom Petty tunes, and a couple of tunes by the late lead singer of Thin Lizzy, Phil Lynott, as well as a tune by John Lee Hooker (Sr.).

  • Steve

    Re. The Hookers (ouch that doesn’t sound so good out of context lol), thanks for the info, Joanie, will check out some of those artists later today.

  • Scott Butki

    Funny you should mention Liz Phair because I was just yesterday helping a woman i’ve been flirting with choose some songs to download from Ruckus, this free download service we get via the university I attend.

    She asked if Liz Phair had anything good and I steered her toward Phair’s first album and blushed as I told her to download “fuck and run” and other naughty song titles.

  • Phair isn’t bad, nor is she one I tend to listen to a lot. However, I do like the occasional song. I just don’t make it a regular thing.

  • I bought Phair’s first CD and sold it back to the store not long after. I found her voice horribly grating from the start. The CD totally contradicted my longheld belief that if a cute girl has a filthy mouth she’s automatically interesting.

  • Rodney, you’ve just earned yourself the official “First Laugh of the Day” award.

    Thank you!

  • rodney, you talkin’ about Exile in Guyville? dang, i think that’s a great record.

    though if you don’t like a voice, you plain don’t (just and me & dj radiohead).

  • Thanks, Joanie and yes, Mark, I’m afraid so. The voice just set my teeth on edge — and I never thought I was all that into voices, either.

  • Scott Butki

    I can overlook a voice that irks. Otherwise I could never listen to Dylan’s music.

  • Steve

    Re. comment #9, Albert Cummings was ok, the rest of the top 5 on your list were sort of what I call stereotypical kind of blues, which doesn’t really appeal to me. Am going to check the rest of your list in the order you typed them, see what I think of the rest. Doing it gradually in parts so I don’t lose my typing page here lol.

  • Steve

    Re. comment #9 again, I went to a site called http://www.allmusic.com to hear snippets of the artists and here are the results –

    John Lee Hooker Jr. – I liked his voice, just wish he was singing another genre lol.
    Anthony Gomes had a good voice too…almost liked his music. Same with Nathan James.
    Couldn’t find any Shane Dwight, Vdelli, Ben Hernandez, Michelle Lundeen, Robin Henkel, Jake’s Obsession, Eric Lindell.
    Audio I found did not work for Brad Wilson, Ray Book Binder, Louisiana Red, C.C. Adcock, Honeyboy Edwards.
    I liked some of Shemekia Copeland’s jazzier tunes.

    If you could link me to audio of any of the artists I missed, it would be appreciated.

  • Ann

    oh you turning to crime wanting to steal your
    blues collection tho i have a good one myself

    great list!

  • Steve

    No, Ann, just looking for 30 second snippets, not whole songs lol.

  • Ann, what are some of your favorite blues tunes? Always interested in finding out what other blues fans are listening to.

  • Ann

    *smiles* yes Steve i know but if snippets
    three blues artists which I don’t even have one
    of their works… I figure if she has a collection
    of well over 12,000 I do need to steal from her.
    lol Ok, I will remain honest. Darn you ruined my fun. 🙂

  • Ann

    actually i almost ended that “with you made an honest woman of me”….but ..’oh lord please don’t let me be misunderstood’ lol

  • Ann

    Oh, Joanie, that is like asking a mother to
    say which of her children she loves best!
    [Guessing since I am not even drinking age yet!]

    Today I was listening to Clarence Gatemouth Brown’s Born In Louisiana, Buddy Guy’s Red House,
    Blind Willie McTell’s Murder’s Home Blues and Hound Dog Taylor’s Gonna Send You Back To Georgia
    among others.

  • Steve

    I hear ya, Ann lol.