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Another California Earthquake?

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Time: roughly 10 minutes before 2pm PST

As I sat in my office I felt the ground start to shake. Just as soon as I could say earthquake, it was gone.

Reports are coming in now, calling it a 5.3 but they are not sure if it was a quake or an aftershock.

This makes the 3rd earthquake in a WEEK if it IS a earthquake. I’m starting to think my decision to move to Los Angeles was a very bad idea. I know true West Coasters brush this type of thing off their shoulder and continue with their lattes, but for me it is a bit unnerving. Tsunami warnings, earthquakes and tremors are becoming a way of life out here.

I’m sure more accurate reports are coming in now, I’ll keep you posted on anything major. If you are on the West Coast, buckle up!

UPDATE: Earthquake has been downgraded to a 4.9 and called a “garden variety” earthquake. Good to know.

Sounds like it may have actually have been 2 earthquakes with a small one in Newport.

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  • I felt it too, L Cue — was wondering if it was in my head as I didn’t see anything pop up immediately on the news sites.

    I’ve lived in California for about seven years and this was the first one I really felt in a long, long time (actually slept through the decently sized one this past Sunday).

    You’re not alone, though — earthquakes freak me out a good little bit. However, they rank below tornados, which I have a huge (un?)natural fear of.

    That said, I know of people who are retreating from ever moving to Florida after the state was ravaged last year by hurricanes.

    Everyplace has its up and down side, I guess.

    I dig SoCal a whole hell of a lot… I just hope I live to tell the tale…

  • Bennett

    Hey Laron! How’s my old home state treating you? Well I hope.

    I went through the biggie up in the Bay Area back in what ’90 or so? That was messed up. A little 5.whatever? Everyday kinda stuff!

    “they rank below tornados, which I have a huge (un?)natural fear of.”

    I’m with you Eric, must be a latent Wizzard Of Oz thing.

  • Laron

    Yeah, it rattled me a bit.

    I thing I have offically been in every sort of natural disater except a hurricane.This one is pretty damn scary!

    You can out run a tornado, find shelter in the worst blizzards and rain, and pray you dont get hit by lightning, again rare.

    Where do you run in a earhquake? Not my favorite on the list.

    I still love it out here regardless.

  • Searched Google news for earthquakes and found this.

    Wasn’t sure if it was a quake myself either, but around 1:55 the whole house shook for a good 6 or 8 seconds. Felt like being on a boat in choppy water. Rattled the windows and knocked a book off a shelf.

    At Camp Pendleton. As a transplated Midwesterner these quakes are sure unnerving to me!

  • The big one is coming, to quote Maynard James Keenan – “learn to swim”

  • What scares me is the conventional wisdom that a biggie hits every 10 years or so.

    Think we’ve dodged the bullet this time round with the one up in Northern Cali and these two little ones this week?

  • I soothe myself with logic and odds: if SoCal has been around X number of years, the odds of it disappearing into the sea in my lifetime are relatively tiny. This helps chill my nerves in terms of flying, asteroids, getting hit by lightning… all kinds of stuff.

  • I got inspired to expand upon my earthquake thoughts here, if anyone’s interested.

  • Bennett

    Naw, every 50 years is more like it. I grew up out there and until the one that dropped part of the bay bridge, I had only relly felt one or two 5.0 type quakes.

    Funny thing, always had these radio “This Is Just A Test” of the emergency broadcast system whaile growing up, and when the big one hit, ALL the radio stations were off the air for hours…


  • frumple

    y’all check this out: earthquake forecast so you know whether to put on the steel-toe boots or not:

  • Samuel Xing

    yeah, I feel it shaking for several seconds, I know it is earthquake and tell my colleague, but he is not sensitive to this, actually my previous employer is earthquake administration

  • I’m more worried about San Francisco; they’re a ticking time bomb.

  • Corey

    I am going to a hockey tourney in the Orange/Anaheim area this weekend, should I worry?

  • No.

  • Corey

    Where have the earthquakes been hitting near? Sorry, I am a little bit younger (15) and my parents just have been talking to me about it. I am kinda paranoid.Haha. I just want to be able to play hockey.

  • Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.

  • AND

    Hi guys,
    How is the current situation there in CAL?

    I’ve to tell you that on Saturday I’ll come -for the 1st time ever- in the area California and Nevada (LA, SF, LV, and so on..) and, suddenly, all those things happened!!!
    I’m a bit scaredddd!!
    I don’t want to make my 1st and my LAST time there at the same time!!! ;o)

    Please update me and tell me if it’s better for me not to spend those 19hrs on a plane to land on an heartquake!!!!

  • Scott

    Not that I like any of them, but I’ll take a CA quake over a FL hurricane (w/resulting tornados) if given a choice.
    Quake takes you by surprise so not much in the way of anxiety before the event, but lots of sleepless nights after the event. Hurricane comes w/nearly a week of fear as it creeps towards you….after the damage is done you still have the sleepless nights waiting for the next one & wondering if your roof will even hold during a minor thunderstorm. The actual property damage is bad in either situation, but it seems that your chances for survival are better in a quake (and the weather is pretty good in CA, in spite of a quake….FL is pure crap during ‘cane season….no relief after the initial strike).
    I’ve survived the Northridge quake & most recently, Hurricane Charley (dumb luck moving from Northridge to North Fort Myers), losing property & sleep in both.

  • Steel-toe boots are not good earthquake gear. They’re great if you’re working as a carpenter and worry you might drop a little hammer or a two-by-four on your foot. But if anything truly heavy falls on you, they can actually make your injuries worse.

    After it’s been crushed by falling earthquake debris, that steel toe will be just another thing the medical personnel have to pry off of you before they can start to patch you up.

    There’s not much you can do about earthquakes, so there’s no point in worrying about them.