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Another box office failure seals it: Meg Ryan is done

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megryan.jpgOuch! 4 movies premiered this weekend, and not one of them made over $10 million dollars. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen – $9.2 million, Welcome to Mooseport – $7 million, Eurotrip – $6.6 million, and Against the Ropes – $3 million.

The failure of Against the Ropes to make any money while up against weak competition makes a sad reality official: Meg Ryan has fallen out of grace with the North American movie going audience. The once ‘A’ list actress now has her fifth flop in a row on her hands. Her last 4 films; In the Cut (2003), Kate & Leopold (which was actually pretty good – 2001), Proof of Life (2000), and Hanging Up (2000), have all quietly come and gone from the theaters making little to no money. People just don’t want to see her anymore. Want to know why?

I think it all started to fall apart for Ryan when she left actor Dennis Quaid and hooked up with Russell Crowe. Right or wrong, it left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth that they just couldn’t spit out. The good little girl was now the opportunistic hussy dumping her man to get together with the new most popular boy in school. I’m not saying that’s what she did, but it is the perception her fans had … and that’s all that counts.

So what is the answer for Meg Ryan? Well, she needs a hit film almost as bad as Harrison Ford does. If she a) Gets back together with Quaid, re-establishing her wholesome image, or b) Makes 2 more comedies with Tom Hanks – she might be able to get on everyone’s good side again … but I doubt it. Too bad, I really like Ryan.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks John, good to have you back. I like her too – maybe she has to slide into supporting roles for a while.

  • CompassRose

    Honestly, I think it’s time she — and a lot of other 80s A-listers — grew up. She’s too old, people, too old to keep this sweet little ingenue thing up. Either she must mature as an actor, or resign herself to fading into the shadows — cos let’s face it, there is ALWAYS someone younger and cuter coming down the pipe. Young and cute is not a talent.

  • Shark

    John: “…Meg Ryan has fallen out of grace with the North American movie going audience. …Want to know why?”

    ‘Cause her collagen lips look like two smushed raw German sausages??

    “Against the Ropes” suffered from the same problem as “Cold Mountain”

    “It’s a romance! AND, it’s a war movie!”

    “It’s a romance! AND it’s a boxing movie! Men will love it! Women will love it!”


  • Chris Kent

    I actually liked Proof of Life and don’t believe that just because a film does not make $100 mil it should be termed a failure. I doubt her affair with Crowe is the first time in history two film stars have had an affair. But you make a good point. Ryan has starred in too many films in which she is essentially playing the same character in the same film, over and over again.

    I figure as long as she doesn’t play a single mother who attempts to make a living stripteasing, then she’s doing ok…..

  • I have been such a big of Ryan over the years. I am dissappoointed in her last few movies. The last one I liked was City of Angels with Nic Cage and that one wasn’t her best either.

  • Chris:

    I’m not saying her recent films were either good or bad (like Proof of Life), the whole point of this post is my observation that people aren’t flocking to the theater to see her films anymore like they used to.

  • She is definitely not the draw that Julia Roberts is anymore. She used to be a serious A-lister and now only time will tell.

  • The only Meg Ryan films I’ve enjoyed to date are Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail. The Volcano one with Tom Hanks was alright too. I agree with the sentiment that it’s time for her to hook up with Tom Hanks again.

  • i useta love meg ryan…but last week, while i was in the waiting room at a garage (waiting for a car to be inspected), they had regis & kelly on the tube…meg ryan was a guest and holy cow, i just could not believe what she’d done to her lips!!

    it looks like somebody hot-glued pieces of liver on there.

    it looks like the joker from the first (first?) batman movie.

    the horror!!

  • Chris Kent

    I’m curious as to how many true hits Meg Ryan has really starred in that did NOT star Tom Hanks?

    If you say Top Gun, I’ll slap ya in the face with a wet tuna. She only had about three lines in that piece of propaganda crap.

  • Alexis

    I think it’s just because she hasn’t been picking the “right” movies for her fans & viewers eyes, that thier used to seeing her in. I admit the plot to those movies don’t sound very intrested to myself. Yet maybe shes discovering herself as an actor & just exploring her tallent. Who knows, but I don’t think this is the end of her career just because of her personal life or a bump in the road.

  • Shark

    “I think it’s just because she hasn’t been picking the “right” movies…”

    I think it’s because Hollywood producers remember “Sleepless” and think it was yesterday—(it was 11 years ago!) and keep going back to the well—even though it ran dry about the time she decided to jump into a love nest with Crowe.

    PS: She should donate her lips to the Goodyear Blimp Museum. Or Courtney Love.

  • Eric Olsen

    “Oh evertime I lose my head (x3)
    I forget my hips & lips & I give you a kiss instead”

    Perhaps Smeg took this song (can you identify it?) too much to heart.

  • Allen

    Meg is not done, she’s just made some bad choices. Every one of her romantic comedy films, with or without Tom Hanks, have done well. It’s too bad Nora Ephron didn’t make “Bewitched” a Meg-Tom pairing, it would have been wonderful. No one liked seeing her in “In the Cut” and that’s what happens when you try to play against type too much. the 40’s are the new 30’s – she is hot, no matter her age. Meg, go back to romantic comedies, please!

  • Michael

    French Kiss was her best movie, but no one remembers it. She is older but still looks great and is charming as ever. The problem is the roles she has chosen. People like Meg as a spirited cutsie and don’t want to see her boxing.

  • reggie von woic

    She’l lmake a come big come-back yet, just you wait.

    I still love you Meg!!