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Another American Girl Missing with Aruba Connection

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While Aruba does damage control over fears that their tourism industry may suffer, reports have surfaced that Natalee Holloway is not the only young American girl to disappear there.

From The Hawaii Channel:

Another family said they know exactly what the parents of Natalee Holloway, the Alabama teenager who has been missing in Aruba since last week, are going through. They’ve been dealing with the same nightmare for seven years.

The Bradleys, of Virginia, went on a cruise in 1998 and Aruba was one of the stops. That’s where their daughter disappeared.

Iva Bradley said her 23-year-old daughter, Amy, befriended three men who worked on the cruise ship and they wanted to take her to a bar in Aruba.

"They said they wanted to take her to a bar on Aruba that was called Carlos and Charlie’s," said Bradley. "She made a face and said ‘I wouldn’t get off the ship with any of those guys anyway. That’s creepy.’"

Amy Bradley was last seen in her cabin at 5:15 a.m. By 6 a.m., she was nowhere to be found….

Bradley’s case remains open with the FBI. WVTM-TV in Birmingham, Ala., spoke with her case manager in Barbados but there wasn’t much she could say. However, she did confirm reports of a sighting by a Naval officer one year after the woman disappeared.

The officer told the FBI he went to a brothel in Curac’l on Canal. He said an American girl leaned in and said: "My name is Amy Bradley. I need your help."

Unfortunately he didn’t report the sighting for sometime and by then the brothel had burned to the ground. The FBI has released sketches of suspects in her case.

There is a $260,000 reward for information leading to Bradley’s whereabouts. Her family continues to hope that someone, somewhere, has information that could finally reunite the missing daughter with her parents.

Obviously Hawaii would have another motive in making sure this story gets out: if Americans are afraid of foreign tropical vacations, Hawaii is the next best choice. Be that as it may, there is truth in the fact that one shouldn’t expect the same kind of treatment in a foreign nation that you’d get in the US. A co-worker of my wife’s was confused by her decision to visit Nicaragua. “Why would you go on vacation there?” he asked. She had to explain that it wasn’t a vacation, it was a mission trip to provide health care to impoverished people living there. Even then, the group had strict rules about who went where, and with whom. People on vacation rarely think about such things. Obviously they should.

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  • Dawn

    Well, this is a horrible tale and a parents worse nightmare. I am not sure if there are more women being targeted or if we are just hearing about it more because the media latches on to disturbing cases involving pretty young girls – either way it sucks.

    I do not think though, that Aruba isn’t taking this case seriously. The last thing they want is to give their country a bad name in the eyes of tourists. It can be a death sentence for tropical locations.

    Travelers should ALWAYS use caution, no matter where they are. Just because you are on vacation, doesn’t mean crime is.

    I hope they find this poor girl – it’s such a waste and a tragedy. And I also hope if anything positive can come from this, it’s an overall awareness in women to be ever vigilant to their surroundings. Our gender is always in a precarious situation when it comes to crime.

  • Eric Olsen

    this is insane – what the hell is going on down there? There’s goes their economy.

  • Nancy

    Why didn’t that guy report the incident immediately? Why wasn’t he charged for not doing so? Especially if he’s in the US navy, that should be a court-martial offense.

  • windrider

    Didn’t happen on Aruba:

    “The ship was en route to Curacao, Antilles at the time Amy was last seen. The ship docked in Curacao shortly after Amy was discovered missing.”

  • Eric Olsen

    we should make that clear then, thanks

  • My guess is that the Naval Officer was keeping quiet because he visited a Brothel. It is probably (hopefully) against Naval regulations to visit such a place and most likely he did not want to get in trouble for it. It’s a suprise that this information was released in the first place. Either way it makes you wonder if she really is still alive.

  • bhw

    Maybe the story needs to come down until we have more clarification? Because the story from the Hawaii News Channel, on which this post is based, says it’s Aruba.

  • Eric Olsen

    we can leave it up, I changed the title, but it would be great if Danny looked into it a little more to see if the stories can be reconciled

  • windrider

    Found info on a Caribbean missing persons link:

    Amy Lynn Bradley*

    Reward U.S. $260,000.00

    Last Known Location:
    Tuesday March 24, 1998 on board the cruise vessel Rhapsody of the Seas while enroute from Oranjestad, Aruba to Willemstad, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. Amy disappeared during the docking process in Curacao. Suspected Location: Unknown.

    Amy may have been abducted and is possibly being held in South America or the Caribbean. A reward of OVER A QUARTER OF A MILLION US DOLLARS is being offered for Amy’s safe return and a reward of US$50,000 .00 for any information that leads to the apprehension and arrest of those responsible for Amy’s disappearance.

    Name: Amy Lynn Bradley
    White Female
    Race: Caucasian
    Age: 23
    Hair: Short Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Height: 5′ 6″
    Weight: 115 Pounds
    Tattoos on:
    Left Shoulder,
    Right Ankle, Navel (Belly Button),
    Lower Back.

    Hot line: +(804) 276 – 8503
    F.B.I.: +(804) 777 – 3363
    Relatives Main Line: +(804) 276 – 2204
    Fax: +(804) 745 – 6133
    Primary E-mail: Teamamy@hotmail.com
    Suspected Location: South America.
    Website: Wetip
    Website: Tggweb.com
    Website: Etsi.net
    Website: URL @ FBI

  • Joun

    If you read carefully in other articles, the last place she was in terms of solid ground was Aruba. She was discovered missing (after being known to board by her family and brother) early the next morning while the cruise ship was in route to Curacao. When the ship docked an extensive search was done before any passengers were allowed to leave. The media is blowing the whole “Aruba” thing out of proportion while it is just a sad missing person case with some similarities to Natalee Holloway’s incident.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks for all the info

  • Large Juan

    Joun – Do you know where Curac’l on Canal is?

  • It is indeed shocking and disgusting in both cases no matter which port the young women were lost.
    Living in what is becoming more and more tourist-oriented Mexico (Bacalar near the cruise ship port at Mahajual on the Costa Maya); it is amazing how lax people become while in a “vacation paradise”.
    Once, two otherwise bright appearing men asked me at the Cenote Azul (a touristy restaurant and swimming hole) if they could leave their luggage in their rented, open topped Jeep while they swam. “Of course,” I said. “Equally safely with leaving things in an open car in Detroit.”
    The third world tourist havens of this hemispere are happy to receive dollars and go out of their way to provide a good looking, safe looking environment. But no one should ever let down their guard since systems of protection and criminal justice hardly exist while poverty, violence and sexual deviance do.
    This is not for a second to assume that either of these young women did the slightest thing wrong. We don’t seem to know nor is it important.
    The important thing is to maintain vigilance even in “paradise”.
    In what was, a couple of years ago, a quiet Mayan village; we now have a full time guard living on our property. Tourist development brings the best and worst of the host country out of the woodwork (or jungle in this case).

  • John

    No sorry, I dont know where Curac’l on Canal is. I agree though that being aware of the risks is a major problem with tourists. You need to always have your guard up (even more than usual in another country). The thing I have trouble understanding (in terms of the Holloway incident) is how Natalee’s friends were not with her and why she was out [alone] at night. That is not even smart back home in the U.S. Why on earth would her friends let that happen elsewhere. So many “common sense” mistakes were made by those girls that this could have been prevented. In terms of Amy’s disappearance it is a true mistery. She was last seen by her brother on a ship and just vanished with almost no evidence, making efforts to find her almost impossible.

  • Jon

    I really hate hearing about related stories such as this. I go to Aruba about four times a year, and have been doing so since the late 90’s. Never once saw a bad thing happen there, and the only murders or rapes that I have heard about were always in the seedy non-tourist town of San Nicholas (mostly between rival drug dealers or prostitutes). Carlos and Charlies happens to be one of the most famous places to hang out there because it’s a very young place to hang out at. The age group is most teens to early thirties with dance and rap music being played. It’s one of the few places where the younger crowd goes while on vacation with their folks as a place to get away from them and hang out with their peers. The only bad thing about the Carlos and Charlies area is the drug dealers selling pot and small amounts of cocaine or party drugs on the corner. The Police need to clean that part up and since prostitution is legal in Aruba, they should keep all of that junk in San Nicholas where no tourists will go (it’s also near the very smelly oil refinary).

    I am in no way defending any of the suspects either, but I do happen to know two of them five that they are holding, and although I can see them being a bit aggressive with women (as far as hitting on them and whatnot) when they are intoxicated, it’s no excuse to automatically assume there was foul play. You must realize that even though Aruba is a small island, it is by far the safest one of all of the islands put together. I would never go to Curacao or venture out to Venezuela (20 miles from Aruba) because I know, as an American and NYC native, those places are nowhere near as safe as Aruba.

    Personally, I hate to say this, but if she is dead, I don’t think she was murdered, but drowned or something that may have happened accidentally. My worst fears are that she became mixed up in some type of weird black market prostitution ring with Venezuela, and if the Police were smart, they would start doing some investigations in that area because unfortunately THEY DO exist. I’m not being paranoid or strange about it either, but you have to admit, these suspects are not professionals, and if they really did something bad like rape or murder, they would have messed up in some type of way to give the police and FBI at least one type of solid lead or evidence. So far there is just speculation, and no real evidence, which pains me to think this way, but they really must explore EVERY option, whether in Aruba or outside of it.

    It’s a very sad story nonetheless, and I do pray that she is alive and well, and if these guys are guilty of such a terrible crime, I hope they recieve the maximum punishment for it, but until then, I wish the police would start investigating other areas, instead of only Aruba.

  • GC

    Looks like another story similar to the Stewart incident in Boston (1990), Susan Smith of SC (1994) or Jennifer Wilbanks (2005)..a black or Hispanic guy did it syndrome. It may well be another white person…

    “The Dutch suspect, Joran Andreas Petrus Van Der Sloot, a student at Aruba International School, came out of his upper-class home in the northern Montana neighborhood of Oranjestad on Thursday with his head covered in a blue-and-green towel.”

  • Large Juan

    Well, I don’t know where Curac’l on Canal is either, actually. It seems Google doesn’t either, as its only mention is in the article related to this story story.

    Anyway, where I was going was if it is on Aruba, then the two stories could have a very tight connection.

    The funny thing about common sense is it isn’t.

  • John

    This drives me crazy. What the hell do parents know?! I am currently in college and see straight-A students party and drink all the time. Parents can be so naive it’s rediculuous. Sorry this is about the other girl, but I just had to let it out.

    Quote from CBS News

    “It was not clear if Holloway had been drinking the night of her disappearance, though her relatives say she does not party much and is a straight-A student who earned a full scholarship at the University of Alabama”

  • jarboy

    don’t blame (or credit) the hawaii channel. i saw an interview with amy’s parents on msnbc monday.

  • windrider

    How in the world could the two stories have any connection? If one of the 3 new suspects in the Holloway case is 18 years of age, and Amy disappeared in 1998, does that mean he’s been abducting girls since he was 11?

    Comment 18 posted by Large Juan on June 9, 2005 01:22 PM:
    Well, I don’t know where Curac’l on Canal is either, actually. It seems Google doesn’t either, as its only mention is in the article related to this story story.

    Anyway, where I was going was if it is on Aruba, then the two stories could have a very tight connection.

    The funny thing about common sense is it isn’t.


  • jarboy

    well, the connection could be a sex/drug trade with nearby columbia.

  • apologies if this was mentioned already..didn’t see it…
    a Boston woman coming forward with a scary story of assault after leaving Carlos ‘n Charlies a couple of years back…

  • windrider

    I agree jarboy that there could be kidnappings to Curacao or Caracas, although in this case an accidental tipsy slip off the pier is starting to seem more likely to me. I’m just saying that the fact that Amy’s parents went on TV and insinuated a connection because “3 men on the cruise ship wanted to take their daughter to C&C’s” just doesn’t add up. These three wouldn’t have been men in 1998. And a lot of young people would have suggested C&Cs as a place to go, especially since it is right next door to the shipping port.

    People wonder why some cases get the press and others don’t. I think a lot of it has to do with how much the loved ones of the missing become “squeaky wheels,” much more so than race or all the other factors people site. Perhaps people from some socio-economic groups are more adept at figuring out how to capture the attention of the media.

    If I’m not mistaken, Amy disappeared on a Royal Caribbean Lines cruise. If her parents had contacted 60-Minutes in 1998, don’t you think there would have been a major expose on the Girl Gone Missing on Cruise to Paradise?

    It’s all very sad. Let’s hope they both turn up.

  • jarboy

    now don’t blame the parents for not doing enough, windy. not fair.

  • windrider

    Not blaming the parents for losing anyone, but I think the lesson for all, ala Elizabeth Smart, John Walsh, is that if your loved one goes missing scream as loud and long as you can and don’t stop. Not all will have a happy ending, but at least a valiant search will be made.

  • jarboy

    if you happen to be white, well-off and well-spoken, yes. but be any other race, or come off as white-trachy, not so easy, dude

  • sso

    Here is the MSNBC article regarding Amy’s disappearance and the two sightings of her since then….
    Any to the person who indicated that the family did not do enough to bring this story attention, you are completely wrong — this story was covered by Dateline and national news media during 1998.

  • Arubian


    San Nicolas is a very safe place, and no worse than the rest of the island. The low crime rates are practically the same across the whole island. I’ve lived my whole life in San Nicolas and I’ve never had one single problem there.

  • windrider

    Thank you, sso, for posting that link. Much better reporting than the twisted story FOX news ran on this. And thanks for pointing out the 1998 coverage. Don’t know how I missed that, being someone who loves to visit Aruba and also watches a lot of news.

    Well maybe all of this new coverage will help to find her.

    Now that the reports are saying the 3 boys last seen with Natalee were only 17, 18 and 21 years of age it seems less likely to me that a crime against her life was commited.

  • LVA

    i heird that this is not the first time that ms. halloway did something like this. no parents will say that there daughter is a bad girl.

    and the carlos and charlies secuirety tape say that she was drinking and when she was in the car in front of the place she wave to her friend.

    i think she is alive and hidding.

    and also in aruba it’s not LEGAL for prostitution but there are a place for it. just like in USA.

    last year their was only 2 murder cases that is the max that can happen on this island.

    but if something did she is still alive that the trued.

    also no boat can enter or exit aruba with out a checking because the new radar they put and if they exit without checking the coast guard wil automaticaly stop them.

  • There indeed was a major expose – several times – on missing Amy Bradley. I saw it on Americas Most Wanted years ago. And from what I’ve seen, her parents have never stopped their extensive search and have a website dedicated to the hunt (above). The biggest disappointment in Amy’s case -to me – was, Royal Carribbean went ahead and let people leave the ship when they docked, despite the parent’s pleas to search first.
    I hope Natalee’s parents can at least find answers and not live tormented like the parents of the girl on the ’98 cruise.

  • easyb

    Aruba is one of the safest place in the caribbean this is just an isolated incident, but i do think that the three guys know more of what happen to nathalie

  • Marcia L. Neil

    If my desk encyclopedia is not book club bogus, Aruba has an oil refinery on the island — which means a very special atmosphere prevails in the immediate region. Perhaps all cruise ships and the region itself should be posted with signs reminding visitors that the ‘vibes’ are not ordinary.

    It was/is surely a lot of work to carry, build, and operate an oil refinery on an island — as a general cautionary advisement, oil industry workers have very high opinions of themselves (as preventers of volcanoes, and other catastrophes)and tolerate little or no criticism. The equipment is buffered by the population at all costs in any oil refinery locale and a whole slew of ear-searing telephone calls can un-balance anyone’s inner ear should the prevailing vibes be not sufficiently appreciated. >beadtot@aol.com

  • Paige

    I believe Amy wanted to go off on her own and not be found. Things just don’t add up. I know there have been sightings from that navy officer and she told him she needed help, but there has also been sightings of her on the Beach. Why if she was kidnapped would someone take the risk of other people seeing and reporting her by letting her go on the beach?
    What Happened to her?

  • Va. Robinson

    Where were the chaperones when they should have been doing “room check” on the girls? Did the chaperones not give the students a curfew? I realize they were high school graduates but 18 is NOT legal in a lot of places. It’s good to hear the school did not sanction this trip and the chaperones should have been screened more diligently before the students left their home town. Rule #1, they should never been allowed to travel alone. Since they usually sleep four in a room, each person is responsible for the rest of the roommates. Rule#2, every night the rooms should be visited by a chaperone at CURFEW time. Chaperones should check the room after curfew and if someone is missing, find them and home they go on the next flight. At their age, they DO sneak out after curfew to drink and meet people they met earlier (strangers). As a former chaperone, I’ve seen it all.Being one requires a LOT of responsibility and this should have been made clear in the beginning. My prayers are with Natalee and her family.

  • bhw

    I realize they were high school graduates but 18 is NOT legal in a lot of places.

    Such as?

  • Dan

    I don’t think the 3 teens killed Natalee. I think that the dutch teen really liked her but did not kill her. I think they may have dropped her off at the hotel where the 2 ex-security guards, who have been arrested, took her to a secluded area. Despite doing all she could to resist them, she was too drunk. They did not want her to go to police and unfortunately ended her life. The police were quick to arrest them. The arrested the teens because they did not tell them everything about that night. They were probably scared.

    My prayers are with her family and friends.

  • Va.Robinson

    In order to purchase alcohol you must be 21 in the states of TN, AR, and MS unless you have a fake ID or get someone who has proof of age (21) to do so for you. I’n sure there are more states where 18 in NOT legal if someone would like to comment.

  • Va.Robinson

    In order to purchase alcohol you must be 21 in the states of TN, AR, and MS unless you have a fake ID or get someone who has proof of age (21) to do so for you. I’n sure there are more states where 18 in NOT legal if someone would like to comment.

  • Petra McClair

    Of course its much better to stay on American soil where you know that the police might not only protect you, but shoot you too. America might be the gun capital of the world with most of the serial killers of the world but heh, its still safer than anywhere else, yes?

    And you wonder why the rest of the world thinks your such an arrogant bunch.

  • AScheirer

    As a former member of sworn law enforcement community and a visitor to Aruba for eighteen plus years, I must comment that the Aruban police force would have a difficult time finding its
    way out of a wet paper bag. Although it is nominally under the supervision of Dutch law enforcement authorities, its level of responsiveness/competence leaves much to be desired. I suspect that as with most tropical/equatorial police forces, they too have sucumbed to the warm weather and blue water. I do not hold much hope for an appropriate conclusion to this investigation as Aruba has closed ranks on this matter…and not withstanidng the incompetency of the local law enforcement officials (and I daresay, it is gross in nature), it is the hope and prayer of the elite segment of Aruba society that this matter be promptly swept “under the rug”.

  • From Aruba

    I have been reading this tread carefully and seen lots of post with conclusions, for whats worth first this is a sad and tragic case for us living here… One thing I can asure everybody that Aruba and the people living here would not just sleep on it and let it be forgotten case Nor as mentioned “swept under the rug” We will keep searching for anwers till we find them…for the gentlemen that calls himself “Former member of sworn law enforcement community ” that Aruba`s police “its level of responsiveness/competence leaves much to be desired” well we are a tiny island with lots of positive and negatives coming from all directions and you should know better “visiting the island for 18 years plus” In all directions we are trying the best to stop the negatives…Coast Guard, FOL Foward Operations Location (Fully under the US governement with US Planes to watch for illegal operations such as drugs)
    Plus Aruba`s Police is working with FBI Agents DAY 1 here on the case !!! But you should know that already or not mr sworn member of law enforcement ???
    So your point is ???
    I hope till today we can find Natalee alife, that is everbodies wish over here
    and this case be solved with a happy ending, but if not the case, that this case will be solved and those reponseable will be punished !!!

  • Dany, I removed your book from the Amazon links. We have other authors posting here at Blogcritics and they do not link to their own books. In rare instances they do, when the subject is the same as their book.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    – Temple Stark

  • But at least I could get your name right. Danny.

  • Damn, I wanted to check out Danny’s book. They’re not paying us for writing here on BC, so one might think that if we post links to our own books on Amazon and BC gets a sale as a result everyone wins.


  • CMB

    First of all I want to comment on certain opinions about the situation on Aruba. As an arubian I must say it’s a safe and calm place and known for it’s very low crime rates. It’s really sad what’s happening around here and we are very sorry it took place on this island but I don’t think it’s fair to jump to conclusions or to criticise our local law enforcement officials if you’re not really aware of all the work and effort they are putting into this case.It’s amazing how everybody including the locals are reunited to find Natalee and we all hope this mistery will end soon.
    I also want to thank those people who are smart enough for not letting these two cases (Holloway’s and Bradley’s) interfere with the image of our island.
    To our “loyal” visitor to Aruba for eighteen plus years….don’t bother to come back.

  • Chicago_girl

    Ok people, blaming Aruba is NOT the answer. The people of the United States aren’t any better than the people of Aruba. Yes, that’s right, I said it. I’m an American citizen, born and raised in the good ol’ US of A, and I think it’s ABSURB to blame the entire island of Aruba for this. First of all, she was a wasted 18-year-old, so it IS possible that she accidentally drowned. When you’re drunk, you’re not gonna be able to swim!! Number two, even if she was in fact murdered (I pray to God she wasn’t), that was one stupid immoral individual- just because one person is evil doesn’t mean the whole country is evil- you can’t stereotype. The moral of the story is you have to be careful no matter where you are, where it’s New York City or Disney World or Hawaii or Aruba or whatever. I feel for the girl and her family, and I have been monitoring this story since day one, hoping for the best for this girl, but I also know that she made some poor choices. As a college student, I know what it’s like to go out to a bar with your friends and get wasted, but at the same time, no matter how drunk I was, I have never even gone to the bathroom of a bar in my hometown without a friend with me- point being, never go anywhere alone, especially if you’ve been drinking. I will end with this- we as Americans tend to think that we’re so much more advanced than other places, and while that may be true in certain aspects, we certainly CANNOT boast about being such a super safe country… compare our crime rate to Aruba’s- and the winner is????

    Don’t blame all those people and kill their economy because of one idiot- just learn from this unfortunate ISOLATED incident.

  • I have spent days in Aruba on my way through to the Penenisula Paraguana in Venezuela, the land some of you posters fear so. I expected to hate Aruba as a jaded tourist dump but, even though I was a backbacker, more or less, staying in a rag tag hotel in the capital, I found the local people incredbly unjaded and extremely friendly and giving, with some of the locals who gave me hitchhiked rides offering to let me hang a hammock on their turf. I, too, feared the girl was kidnapped and whisked to Venezuela for ransom, but we would have heard a demand by now. The idea she was snatched for sex trade, I just don’t buy it. Maybe I’m naive. But I do think of all the stupid things I’ve done and the complete strangers I’ve trusted in my travels through the Southern Caribbean, including Aruba, Curacao, Bon Aire, Venezuela and Colombia, and I really feel for the poor girl. She probably hasn’t been any more stupid than so many of us but she just got very unlucky… “but for the grace of god…” as they say. I’m not a praying man, not at all, but for her I feel compelled to bow my head and ask for mercy on all our stupidity, and may all the dumb luck that failed her but led most of us all home to safety recombine and reach out to whatever bondage has ensnared her. I pray against hope, beyound hope, that the girl is found alive and well.


  • JoAnn

    My husband and I have been going to Aruba for 25 years and feel extremely safe. However, you can tell from the timeline that we are not among the young who flock to this Island for drink and dance and a good time. We feel badly for the missing girl and her family but have to ask: where were the chaperones, where were her friends and the other adults who were supposed to be in this party. Why were these kids allowed to drink as much as they like at a very young age. I would also like to comment on the fact that every news story we see features the black fellow, who may not even be involved. Do you see continuous pictures of the other wealthy kids. No you don’t, they are being shielded. They should have been held immediately. certainly there was much more evidence leading to them than to the other two guys. There is absolutely a structure in Aruba. The wealthy have all of the political power. We will still go to Aruba and we still think the aruban people are lovely.

  • m/curious

    i for one can buy the black market sex slave trade. when these others commented on the two cases being connected. They didn’t mean the same guys, they mean the same buyers, and maybe the bar everyone is refering to is where you can meet the buyers and they can see what you have to offer. everyone wants a little extra cash, even ivy leage rich sons.

    if you still have trouble believing sex slavery. please take a look at these recomended sites I googled and found yesterday.


    reading these articles, especially the first may just change your mind.

  • bendeck

    I think what happened here was very unfortunate…i also believe it is unfair to label all countries outside the US as unsafe. If you are going to get killed or if something bad is going to happen to you it can happen ANYWHERE. Yes, that includes the US. It is very disturbing to me how Americans believe to be better than everyone else and how they believe everything revolves around them…

  • jarboy

    chicago girl: Ok people, blaming Aruba is NOT the answer.

    ok, then, blame canada!

  • chicago_girl

    Look here, Jarboy! My point is simply that you can’t blame an entire country for what one evil person did. If that was the case, then should no one visit the good ol’ US of A because of Scott Peterson, or OJ Simpson, or Susan Smith, or Charles Manson, or Ted Bundy, or Timothy McVeigh, or Dylan Klebolt & Eric Harris, etc!?!? The point is, one person’s actions can’t be generalized to an entire population. You blame the person responsible, not where they happen to be from!

    Grow up.

  • Amy

    First of all the government should stop being so wishy washy with their press conferences.
    Why are they all so quick to think that she is dead?
    Maybe they want her to be dead so that the story will go away.
    They should be demanding that the government stop covering up for these three boys who seem to be hiding something.
    I have a feeling that she is still alive. She is probably not in Aruba at all. I think that they took her to the beach put her on a speed boat and then to a ship to be sent to Venezuela or the middle east. They are more than likely part of a bigger ring of people who abduct girls and women for profit. It is to much of a concidence that the other girl Amy was approached to go to the same bar.
    I hope that she gets away. They should search the brothels up and down the coast. I wonder how many American girls like Amy are being kept hostage by soul less brutes. The is no way that on such a small island that they are not aware of the drug and human trafficking going on around them.
    Our prayers go out to the family. I can’t imagine the agony they are going through. Stay strong.

  • Kirk Rowley

    Question: I have heard that girls come up missing in this area of the world all the time. It seems that most of them are blonde. Since they are not from the USA it never reaches the papers. Any truth to this?


    I was drunk and high on vacation in Hawaii with my dad and his wife. I was brutally raped and thought that I was going to be killed, by the lifeguard at the beach that we were camping at. I feel so for Natalee, I remember every second of that horrible night. I thought for sure that I was going to be killed. I was 16 years old. I stress that chaperones need to chaperone, and that girld ALWAYS use the buddy system. You should never be alone! Especially with three guys. But, I do not blame Hawaiians! My assailant was a white boy, 25 years old, from a wealthy family and lifeguard at the beach we were at.

  • traveller

    Kelly harris,

    I have a question for you and for others.Why were you so drunk at 16? How come your parants let you do it?
    I don’t really understand why so many young people like to get suck drunk.I was at that age and drinking and I still drink , but I ‘ve never felt any pleasure in getting drunk.Sometimes I might get high, but I still know what I am doing. I drink usually Cogniac, Wiskey, Vodka these kind of drinks.
    Grad you are still alive and I hope Natalee is too.

  • traveller

    Question: I have heard that girls come up missing in this area of the world all the time. It seems that most of them are blonde. Since they are not from the USA it never reaches the papers. Any truth to this?>>>>

    Kirk P,

    I read that somewhere and that’s why I am a little concerned about Aruba.Media and gov might cover all these disepearances so Aruba looks clean and sunny. I read, I think on FBI site that the gov said that there were about 4000 crimes in Aruba since ’98 and maybe it was 88. That sound pretty bad for such a small island and contary to what Arubian gov said.

  • darlene

    I don’t even believe she was drunk. My hunch is she was drugged and this is pre-meditated human trafficking with the father involved. It is easy to be drugged in a bar a to appear VERY DRUNK. The cell phone call to Joran from another island, the boat person etc etc. all sounds like a kidnapping.

  • Alex

    I was wondering if the Police Chief in Aruba is considering arresting Natalee’s parents and the supporters that are maligning, slandering, and making the slanderous statements against the Aruban government, the Police, the people, and against the suspects who have not yet been charged? Is their’s a crime also? The media hysteria seems to work in USA (not really re Michael Jackson case) but lets see how much the Aruban government and its people tolerate the slanderous statements made against its citizens. I wonder what their constitution say about that? And, if the Halloways are expelled from Aruba will USA “shock and awe” them? Just wondering when Aruba will stop these vigilantes. Sorry, but I think its best to allow Aruba handle this without the threats and inuendos. The search and rescue and recovery are great but the emotional and intentionally motivated bad mouthing people sounds racist to me and to a lot of people here in the USA. If these people were in the USA they would allow the police, the FBI, and the government to do their job. So, allow Aruba to do their job and quit second guessing them. This statement is made under my constitutional right of freedom of speech. You may disagree with me and that is your right.

  • Full Proof Solution For Aruba and the Holloway Family:

    In the recent disappearance of Natalee Holloway, there has been much discussion around what could have possibly happened to her. Many people believe that she is dead…end of story. Yet I am starting to believe that she may still be alive and could, in fact, have been kidnapped and possibly sold into a prostitution ring in Columbia or Venezuela, or is being held in a ransom kidnapping. Whatever happened, we know its not good. What officials need to ask is, “do we think she is still alive?” If she is believed to still be living, and is being held against her will, immediate action is required.

    Action: U.S. Government intervention.

    When a tourist goes missing, and there is belief that they are alive, the United States Government should use all necessary means to bring her home safe. Treat her as a P.O.W. They should send in military resources and intelligence to find her. I would argue that Aruba would welcome this course of action because it might be the only solution in saving their national economy, which is primarily driven by U.S. tourism. It is essential to Aruba for Natalee Holloway to be found…if she is not, then there will not be too many U.S. tourist choosing Aruba over all the other islands in the Caribbean.

    What is hard to understand is why the Aruban government has not taken more action with the three male suspects. Time is money, and a future for this island…and the longer it takes to find Holloway, the more likely it will be that Aruba will become a poor country that once was a top travel spot in the Caribbean. And if she is never found, then poverty and struggle is guaranteed.

    Where the United States Government has the power is very simple in this case, we control tourism and we have the money. One way to push the Aruban government to take action would be the U.S. to invoke a no travel policy to Aruba. No travel = no money = no future = Aruba makes sure Natalee Holloway is found.

    In closing, I want to stress how important it is that the United States takes all action necessary to bring Natalee Holloway home. When U.S. citizens are planning trips, the last thing they need to worry about is their safety of themselves and their children. It would mean a lot to the Holloway family, and the people of Mountain Brook, AL, the city of Birmingham, AL, the state of Alabama, and the United States of America if this action I propose was taken and she was found.

    By the way, I live two miles from Mountain Brook, Natalee Holloway’s home, and until you drive through this town and see every house, shop, church, and office building with a yellow ribbon on it in support of Natalee you do not know how important this action is.

  • Gregory

    I think it is obvious that the son and father are involved. If they both walk from this, then the parents should offer a reward to kidnap the both of them and given the “right” treatment, I guarantee you they would talk and cough up what happened to Natalie

  • beadtot

    Could the horrible truth be that the action sequence of the initial loss was recreated, then extrapolated into some extra-familial socialization — and the same type loss happened again? The mere thought shivers the timbers…that some dreams require role-playing without advance notice, with new actresses stepping up to the same shoes one after another.

  • james nelson

    it seems to me that the island has been searched by thousands of people, not only by locals and tourists alike, but by professionals as well. they have used cadaver dogs, and all the latest technology. the waters off the coast have been searched by boat, plane, and divers. every inch of the tiny island has been covered. no sharks are known to be in that area, and for a body to have drifted out to sea it would have had to be dumped several hundred yards out from shore. i’m of the opinion that if a body was there it would have been found by now. i believe that natalee is still alive, possibly being still held in aruba, but a more likely scenerio is that she was taken off the island the very first night and sold or traded to a brothel in south america or another island in the area. the best hope now is that someone will see her and recognize her from all the publicity. one thing is certain though. the son that is in jail,and his father knows what happened to her.

  • Ken

    Enough is Enough ! No one, I repeat, NO ONE, should EVER vacation down in Aruba ! THER IS A COVER UP !!! The father of the young guy last seen with her is tight with the authorities down there. It was reported on New York radio that he was quoted saying to the boys invovled, “No body, no crime” ARE YOU KIDDING ME !! DON’T GO TO ARUBA !! AND, if you get the urge, just think of the girl’s poor mother and what she is going through. LOST her daughter. The Aruba authorities were real difficult to deal with because they are helping to cover up what had happened. Another spoiled rich loser commits a crime and is protected.

  • If Americans are very concerned by Aruban authorities’ cooperation, I suggest that you contact The Embassy of the Netherlands among others. Arruba has no official diplomatic representative in the States. As a public service I will list information here for you to utilize. I urge those who have taken a serious interest in this case to spread the word about this post. Together, we CAN make a difference and bring the Holloway nightmare to an end.

    Written post cards, phone calls and faxes should be made to the following:

    The Royal Netherlands Embassy
    Boudewijn van Eenennaam,
    Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
    4200 Linnean Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20008 USA
    202-244-5300 (phone)
    202-362-3430 (fax)

    Aruba Tourism Authority
    L.G. Smith Blvd. 172
    Eagle, Aruba Dutch Caribbean
    Phone: International code +(297) 582-3777
    Fax: International code +(297) 583-4702
    email: ata.pr@aruba.com

    Aruba Tourism Authority
    Greater New York Office
    1200 Harbor Blvd.
    Weehawken, NJ 07087
    Phone: 1-800-TO-ARUBA
    Phone: (201) 330-0800
    Fax: (201) 330-8757
    email: ata.newjersey@aruba.com

    Copies of the same should be sent to your respective Congressperson and Senators.

  • Have we forgotten this issue already?

  • Martha Moorhead

    Has anyone considered that both girls may have been sold into white slavery? There are several countries that are not so far away that a boat could have transported them out of Aruba at the time of of their disapperance and no one would have paid any attention to a boat going or comming into port.

  • jessica

    the hair is natalie’s …….. cause i killed her!

  • Not funny, Jessica.

  • psycho

    this chicks are held by cartel of medellin they leave the aruba island on a submarine

  • Wana King

    Please can you stop generalize when using the word ‘ARUBA’!!!

    First of all the Government of Aruba and the Arubian comunity are
    peacefull NON-BLOODTHIRSTY human beings never ever involved in any wars or mayor world scandals.

    The high demand for ilicit drugs in America has also put Aruba on the spot.
    Aruba is simply in the path between Colombia and the US mainland.
    1200 Kilos Cocaine were found in Arubian coastal waters this month for transhipment to the US.

    Aruba has become an American tourist destination simply because of US mayor hotels chains started investing huge in Aruba.Why?? Nothing wrong with that so far.

    They still love and respect all American People from all race and class.

    They share your ancestors blood and also your goals to be free and not being oppressed as these are your goals you are fighting for now in the world.

    However, they are sick and tired of being accused of something they do not have any power and control.




    If you like to use the word “Shock and Awe” ,”Nuke” please refer to HOLLAND or the EU.
    (Oh, don’t forget France)

    Oops, and then be carefull not to start the Third World War.

    (French Canadian married to arubian blood)

  • justice

    boycott Aruba now! it seems that the law down there are more interested in protecting their own and will do everything to make this go away including acting incompetant enough for all the traces of proof to go away. that’s why they are dragging it for so long. they even release a rumor that she probably ran away. now that’s teamwork for money……… there are other places to vacation.

    concerned for u.s.

  • I came across an interesting article showing others that have disappeared while vacationing in Aruba.

    Richard Henriquez – Last seen August 24, 1996 on the Isle of Aruba.

    Amy Lynn Bradley – Last seen March 24, 1998 – disappeared while enroute from Oranjestad, Aruba to Willemstad, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

    Willard ‘Bud’ Larson – Last seen June 9, 1999 at the Windsurf Village board shop, ARUBA

    Goran Labouovic (Father)
    Nevina Labouovic (Mother)
    Igore Labouovic (son)
    Evonne Labouovic (son)
    Last seen August 19, 2001 as they went on a cruise of the Northern Bahamas.

    Gary Makings – Last seen January 29, 2002 He was staying at arubahouse and was last seen when he left to go snorkeling.

    And now…(this is the only one I had ever heard about or that I am aware of that got the coverage like it is getting)
    Natalee Ann Holloway – Last seen May 29, 2005. Last seen in Aruba. God Bless you and bring you home safely.

    When you look at the numbers compared to the missing persons in the United States, it isn’t many, but any missing person is one person too many. We all need to be aware of these things happening and stay more alert and make sure your children remember “SAFETY IN NUMBERS.”

  • sal

    just reading through these comments, this one goes out to a guy named Jon…OK get this straight you dont hit women… nothing wrong with that? are you f’n kidding me? youre a real As*hole.

    Brooklyn NY



  • Dan McGee

    Just read your comments on the Amy Bradley case. One part that always seems to be left out is that a year later she identified herself to an American sailor in a brothel at that same port.
    That means Bradley had been forced to be a prostitute in the same port she had been kidnapped in. Right under the noses of the police. Kind of backs up what Holloway’s mother has been saying about the authorities in her daughter’s cas.
    Oh yes, I had it confirmed that the police chief in Aruba is the dutch boy’s godfather. Anyone smell a fix.
    Don’t know if Holloway is even alive. Maybe someone might check to see if vander Sloot’s father had and gambling debts that were suddenly paid down or cleared. That would tell the story.
    I do know that Bradley was taken off the island and might still be alive. This after six years of being a sex slave in Venezula. Of course, with the poisened relations we have with them, this makes her recovery very doubtful.
    Some world we live in.
    Now if the loudest noise wasn’t silence from our government, maybe we’d have a chance of getting both these cases solved.
    Thanks again for the good article.

  • Fred Boone

    I am a 30 yaer old male born and raised in Mobile , Alabama not far from Nattles home. I have followed this case from day one and it seems to me that these van der sloots particularly the father know that the methods of investigation there in aruba and some of the laws are at best sub-standard.And he seems to be playing that for all that its worth.Being part of the legal community he knows well what laws protect his son.Being that there has yet to be a body recovered i would be interested in knowing if any of these sub-standard laws prevented searches of particular places.And farther more it is my belief that if and when the truth finally reveals itsself we will see that 1,2,or3 teenage kids are not professionals in disposing of bodies.and would likley need the help of someone who is familiar with how to do that,say- maybe gained through the long term study of practicing law wich would be a very good place to learn.MAY GOD BLESS YOUR SWEET LITTLE SOUL NATTLE,WE LOVE YOU HERE IN SWEET HOME ALABAMA.your fellow Alabamian Fred Boone.

  • ae

    Dear Dr. Phil

    We have great admiration for the level of quality and fact based
    information of your programs. Our lives have certainly been enlightened by your professional advice, and more so, we have been given the
    privilege of being
    able to understand and learn from the emotional andpsychological issues
    of your guest and from your resulting professional interventions.

    However, with disturbing disappointment, yet with confidence in
    being acknowledged by your professionalism, we strongly disapprove of your
    uncharacteristic handling of The Nathalee Holloway Case recently
    aired during your show. The issue being your subjective position
    towards the case
    which fundamentally conflicts with the principles of your show
    and, as we
    have grown to appreciate, your values.
    Your subjective position, exacerbated by an apparent complete
    void of research on this subject has clearly allowed the family to
    manipulate your program for their personal gain similar to other popular media we consider as not being at your standards. With regards to this, and by agreeing to a boycott against Aruba, you have publicly and willingly taken a subjective position towards a nation which has held its doors open through the best,and recently, through the worst moments of your nation for the past 60 odd years.

    Any genuine grief the Twitty family might have, which was clearly not
    evident during their extensive stay in Aruba, is no excuse for what is
    seemingly becoming an unfounded and personal vendetta against the people
    of Aruba. Everybody has the right on having his own opinion, but no
    one has the right on having his own facts.

    It is not acceptable how the Twitty family and most of the US
    press have disrespected our legal system because they failed in bending the outcome to their choosing. Might we add that in Aruba as well as in the US a person is innocent until proven guilty and by you taking the position
    behind the Twitty family is as you, and we, say unconstitutional and
    shameful to the word of law of both our nations. It would have been more
    objective, and characteristic of you, to commend the incredible efforts our
    system is still allotting to this case in finding Nathalee, and on the other
    hand, like most of us in Aruba request an insurance fraud + corruption inquiry on the Twitty family.

    Recently in New York a 5-month pregnant girl (Figueroa) went
    missing, however was last seen with the father of the child. The father
    of the child was interrogated but was not detained during the investigation
    which would be contrary to our legal system. It was not until they found her body that the father of the baby was detained and formally charged. No
    body, nocase.
    Please explain the legal difference in handling this case and
    the Nathalee Holloway case. This is the start of being objective.

    If you can appreciate the aforementioned, and can find yourself
    in considering overturning the damage this specific show has caused
    to itself and to Aruba, consider airing another show dedicated to the
    Nathalee Holloway case, however, with guests from Aruba whom are capable
    of explaining your audience of the facts, and not sensationalism.
    Needless to say, Mrs. Twitty is most welcome to be on the panel as well.
    Being confident in hearing from you, we remain.

  • Stinky

    I am not going to think or come up with a wild idea.
    Should the police in Aruba have done a little more??? Well, let’s look at this fact. All the chaparones and the other students arrived in the US and it wasn’t until then that Nataly’s mother was called and informed that her daughter wasn’t on the flight.
    Shouldn’t the mother be looking at these folks for not accounting for her daughter. Didn’t anyone care to check in Aruba at the airport that she was not on the bus, at the check in counter and on board of the flight???? Why wait until they arrived in the US to “sound the alarm bell”?

  • Chickadee

    It appears that a few of you have the idea that there are only 3 “men” who can be responsible for 2 separate incidents that seem to be human trafficking. Just because the 3 young rapists involved with Natalee’s case were too young to do the same thing to Amy in ’98 does not mean that they are then guiltless. The two cases are ENTIRELY separate; and if there were 3 “men” involved in Amy’s disappearance, and 3 involved in Natalee’s, that means there was a total of 6 (or more, no one knows) “men” involved.

    Also, what young girl would consider — even for a split-second — that it would be “fun” to run away in a strange country? It’s the most preposterous thing I’ve ever heard. Neither of the girls disappeared willingly — I’d bet every dime I own on it; and I’d bet everything all of you own, too.

    Also, young girls are not sluts because they get drunk and/or are drugged by a guy putting something in their drink. However, many men are rapists who will go to evil lengths for sex with a defenseless girl. Everyone said that Natalee was pretty-well plastered the night she disappeared; and they also said the cars the various students got into at C & C’s were not well-lit, so she may very well have thought she was entering a Cab, not a ride to her own rape/murder, or drive to the sex-slave pick-up point down on the beach.

    Another point someone mentioned was that Natalee’s parents were told she was missing when the students arrived back in the U.S.; but that’s not true. She was called when the “adults” noticed she was missing when the students were loading for the bus-trip to the airport. Why the heck her roommates never told anyone she never came back to the room that night is beyond me! I think they should be forced to speak with the authorities, instead of just Greta Van Susteran, with their mono-syllable answers. And the “adults” who did not do room-checks should be flogged and then charged with negligence.

    Another thing that infuriates me is that the Amy Bradley case has been completely squashed by the media, after it was mentioned on only one night, soon after Natalee disappeared. I believed way back then that Amy’s disappearance and being sighted in a brothel in Venezuela was most likely the same precise thing that happened to Natalee, too. It would also explain why the 3 cocky boys seem so sure of themselves. They know she’s not going to be located in a pond or the dump or in a ditch or off-shore in the ocean. They saw her as a piece of meat that they each could use for sex and then destroy — either by way of murder or by selling her to the vile animals on the beach who took her to Venezuela to be used and abused as if she were a whore.

    My prayer is that the media and professional investigators will find both girls alive in Venezuela, and that in the process they can free thousands of other women and children who are being tortured, too.

    But no matter what happens, I know that God holds a special place for the vile ANIMALS who promote human trafficking and torture. They may not pay right away, but they WILL pay.

  • K L


  • Orisha

    Arubians are not to blame, however, when the polis, government, prosecutor, media, and socialites on the island allow the older men on the island to use their sons to lure and drug young girls for their old man sex parties and don’t do a thing to stop or prevent it, then it is a problem which has been going on for years for which everyone who knows about it has turned a blind eye. It must be stopped, and if a boycott is necessary to accomplish that, then that is what needs to be done. These older sick pigs are the ones to blame and who Arubians should be made at. They are the ones giving Aruba a bad name, not Ms. Holloway’s mother or family.

  • dont u think that in stead of fighting a point less war againsts a bunch of rag heads who have been fighting any and every thing for no reason for the past 100 years mabye we should pull are guys out in iraq and send them over to aruba kick some ass and get are american people back kill all the sick basterds that started all this and do something good acutally in stead of politics.

  • tasha

    i think that both of the girls missing with in the last 7 years are missing because they are probably being trafficed in sex crimes did anyone ever think about that its true it does happen all over the place not just to older teens but to younger teens to and some are 9 and 10 years old so think about it!!!!!

  • hey guys its not hard to figure ….its white slavery …..forced prositution ….add it up each girl serves 15 to 20 guys a day at 200 each thats 3000 to 4000 a day …..25,000 a week and 100,000 a month……and a million a year times 20 girls at a time ….ask yourself why all the girls at a-a-v.comlook like missing americans… oh and click… our brochure… then… guest escorts….

  • college

  • ilovearuba

    if your going to act like a skank, dance on bars, get drunk and do drugs.. please, you are asking for it. girls aren’t that innocent.. pfft how ridiculous.

  • ilovearuba: clearly your passion for the place is blinding you. Anybody, male or female, has the right to have a good time without fearing for their health or safety. Pfft, how ridiculous!

  • Allan Klu

    Listen I would not tell you this if not true. Some of the above have vested interest in Aruba so of course they think the best. Plus some above are Arubans.

    Aruba deliberately covered up the crime to prevent tourism taking a hit but also they don’t want to prosecute the guilty. The guilty were given ten days to cover their tracks before they went to jail.

    Study and read the case for yourself it has been a mockery of justice.
    Also I found the pic of Amy Bradley posted on Hyscience and in no way affiliated with them. Don’t even agree with what they say.

  • Josephina

    I agree this is a complete mockery!!! My family or I will never consider traveling to Aruba because of these past new learnings of the place. No matter how safe people make it sound, I am certainly skeptic. There are too many “WHAT?” situations. Disbelief of how the suspects are getting away with murder, possibly rape and their lying is outrageous. I’ve only recently learned of the huge sex trade industry there and it makes me sick to my stomach. The stories are disturbing and torturous. My heart breaks to hear about it. Having children I would never put them in danger for a stupid trip I could take in many other different places and feel safe.

    Note: It should be ok to go to a bar and have fun! Flirting and dancing is a part of life and it’s not asking to be raped or trapped in a sex trade industry. I honestly can’t imagine anything worse! It haunts me every time I think about it. I can’t sleep at night wondering if Natalee is being tortured like so many others.

    There is such ignorance left in this world! I am constantly reminded to be overprotective as a parent! You can’t trust anybody, can you?

  • brenda Holloway

    Reading about this girl disappearing in Aruba in 98, its almost step by step taken by natalie.
    I am no policeperson but i see this;
    The murderer used the same porticol. Something happens in the bar both the girls were last seen at. I believe Vander Slooth may have had something to do with that. Look inot vander slooths eyes, he knows he will get away with this, Why? because he got away with it before, in 98.
    He is cocky, arrogrant, and that will be his downfall. The father saved his son back in 98 and again in 2005. I think that is called “aiding and embedding” a felon. If the father knew about his son a murderer, or serial murder/rapist and did not turn his son in.
    I cant complain about the U>s. judicial system, because next to aruba, ours looks very righteious.

  • kali

    In response to question #80. HHave often thought about t. I don’t even think our service men and woman go overrseas withouttthe buddy plan. Howeverr that still will not change all of the other events and all that is being uncovered now.

    I do hope however that spring breaks following the Nattolie Halloway case has brought parents to their right state of mind. If only all the spring Break money was spent right here at home.

  • kali

    to #10 Joun…
    Why would you say the media is blowing her disapearence out of proportion? This is a lead to go by. Because she boarded the ship? I think it would be a good idea to find out how these trafficers work. If Amy was trafficed, I can promise you that she does not even know her name is Amy. They are drugged and beaten into submission from the time the trafficers have their hands on them. We not only need to know about Amy’s disapearence but any other girls disapearence. We need these trafficers found and prosecuted. I’ll tell you one thing, if this was the daughter of a senator or congressman/woman rest assure things would be spinning.

  • Victor Grajeda

    another girl disappered in Aruba, Amy Bradley, she went on a cruise in 1998, then to the same Carlos and Charlie’s bar, returned to her cabin and later she was nowhere to be found…that case remains open too…