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Anne Hathaway Wins “Catwoman” Role Ahead of Portman and Knightley

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Anne Hathaway has grown up and how! The actress has acquired an awesome hot body as she makes a move from a teenage fairytale icon to a sexy sizzling damsel. As she has ripened, so have the offers she is getting. The latest role that Hathaway has been able to land is of “Cat Woman” opposite Christian Bale (as Batman) in the much awaited Batman movie.

Anne Hathaway has all the right to savor and cherish this moment because she got this role brushing aside more than a hundred considerations including Keira Knightly and Natalie Portman.
Seeing how Hathaway has grown in the right areas “professionally” one can expect her to put the screens on fire in this catty avatar.
The Cat Woman’s portrayal by Halle Berry poses a stern challenge for Anne Hathaway however since she has to match the sexiness and perfection of the Oscar winning actress. We hope that Anne fills the huge boots of Berry and sizzles the screen. I would personally love to “rise” in appreciation when Anne Hathaway dawns the leather and turns up the heat!

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  • PIT

    Are you just criticizing about the looks of an actress and assuming they would live up to the sex appeal? WHHATT..

  • JD

    Hathaway is only competing with Berrys’ body.
    Berry didn’t bring anything else to the part.
    She just looked great in leather, so will Hathaway.

  • Great choice! I never saw Berry’s version, as I’m not a fan of the actress, and it got so many bad reviews. But I love Hathaway, and as awesome as the others have been, especially Lee and Eartha, I think Anne can hold her own.

  • KCraigJ

    Get Serious! Halle Berry is a great actress, but was no Catwoman. There just was nothing sinister about Berry’s personality to help with Catwoman. Hathaway is only competing with Michelle P, Julie N, Eartha K, & Lee M.