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Ann Rabson In a Family Way

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Ann Rabson In a Family Way

What a voice! this is no ordinary grandmother, I would love to have her as mine. The piano is fantastic in this CD.

Ann’s voice is deep and rich, and you can feel emotion in her as you hear the music. Ann Rabson is truly a blues entertainer, in a class all her own.
In a Family Way is without a question a birth of a new classic.
For all you Blues fans, myself included, this CD is one you to look forward to the release of. Blues finest hour is expressed in this CD.

Once you begin to listen to this music you want to continue, one listen is not enough. It is one of those CD’s that you want to keep playing and playing, the kind where you family tell you that they have heard it enough. But you haven’t, so you just keep playing it over and over. Great as background music while you do your daily chores, it is upbeat and great to get your work done to.

You should be ANTICIPATING this release and be ready to add it to your collection.

What a singer, artist, Ann is, add this to your collection!

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