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Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer have been hoping for some news on the potential future of the franchise. While talk of an animated series had tapered off after the live action show wrapped up, it appears there may be one more resurrection in store for the Slayer.

Earlier this month, the BBC posted an interview with series producer Jeph Loeb in which he alluded to a sooner rather than later start for the show:

We think that Fox became aware of this wonderful treasure and wanted to move forward again. As to where and when it will arrive… that part we’re holding as a secret for now.

Today, TV Guide confirms the rumors:

As reported in the new issue of TV Guide magazine (on sale tomorrow), the animated Buffy the Vampire Slayer series is back on the drawing board — with Sarah Michelle Gellar erased from the cast. According to sources, the Chosen One opted not to reprise her title role, leading creator Joss Whedon to recruit Giselle Loren — the video-game voice of Buffy — to mouth off alongside original Scoobies Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendon and Anthony Stewart Head in the pilot (which unspools for potential distributors next month).

It’s not surprising that Gellar has bowed out considering her post-Buffy focus on the big screen, but, having played through the video game, I can say with full confidence that Loren is a more than worthy replacement.

As long as Whedon stays actively involved (Loeb says he will) and recruits writers from the live action show, this series could be quite a treat for fans missing out on their fix.

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    me and my friend evita are in love with your show. but thats not all we are in love with james wesly marsters he so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!why don’t you make more shows? because me and evita would watch and love them.

    Christine and Evita