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Is it possible that hyper-liberal places can actually encourage the kind of cruelty the majority professes to abhor?

I’m talking about California, and San Francisco in particular.

A couple of weeks ago the SF Chronicle had a story about two frat boys catching — and barbecuing — a koi, or Japanese goldfish.

Today, there’s a story about some yahoos who chased a horse to death, after hitting it, in a pasture.

And of course, there was the infamous ‘puppy rage’ story a while back when a guy tossed a little dog into traffic. I think he got more time than a murderer [of humans].

Is it possible too much preaching compels people to veer violently in the opposite direction? As in, “I’ll show them.” [?]

BTW, for followers of the Owen Saga, the veterinarian was shocked to hear he had died after the neutering surgery. Would you believe his two possibilities were — Owen had a previous health problem, or, he got hit by a car then came home to die.

Not that the surgery could have had anything to do with it.

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  • This is completely off-topic, Frank, but do you have a post around here dedicated to Unlikely Hero? I read it today and want to comment on it, but don’t want to clutter up posts like this one.

    And you raise an interesting point, though one I suspect will not be resolved within our lifetimes. Anecdotal evidence on both sides, dubious empirical evidence on neither, and lots of recrimination and finger-pointing, that’s my prediction. 🙂

  • Phillip:
    The post for Unlikely Hero is at http://blogcritics.org/archives/2003/06/14/232612.php. If you don’t mind, though, would you consider a separate post under books? It’d increase visibility and maybe encourage a couple other people to read it.

    And if you do a separate post, the url for others to get the book is at http://www.frankgiovinazzi.com