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Animal Crossing Creating Stampede

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It might not top Tomb Raider: Legend, but it’s not far behind. The game making a big stir in Europe right now is an “E” for everyone title called Animal Crossing: Wild World.

Launched in March for the European market and last year elsewhere, Wild World is currently third in sales, according to Euro Gamer.

Igniq reader Sarah even wrote in about the title, giving us a heads up to its popularity. “Animal Crossing is out and about and they’re running out fast so quickly get your hands on them,” she wrote. Sounds like copies might be hard to come by.

Indeed, before the European launch in March, the Nintendo DS title had already passed the two million mark in Japan. The game comes from the makers of Nintendogs, which has sold more than six million copies worldwide, so the popularity makes sense.

Another factor in the game’s success is its use of the Wi-FI connection service to allow Wild World players around the world to get together and play.

The game itself allows players to take up residence in the world of Animal Crossing, where they must investigate their new home, do chores, make friends and go about daily life in a world populated by some pretty neat critters and thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, some fellow players, too.

Sounds like a great title! Thanks for the heads up, Sarah!

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  • matt hall

    on the next animal crossing you should be able to make tree houses and put stuff in them , you should also be able to go to an airport or port and go on a cruise or on holiday , and last of all, you should be able to make a business were you go to a building and ask you what kind of business you would like to make and then you get a building in the town , and you can buy stuff for it , from the place where you bought your business. please please use my ideas . matt!