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Artist: Cindy Alexander
Title: Angels & Demons
Genre: Rock-Pop
Label: JamCat Records
Cindy Alexander Website

As Cindy Alexander sings “Immortal” from her incredible album Angels & Demons, you find yourself repeatedly saying-what a voice! This is music with a solid foundation to build unblemished pieces of pop rock with blues and country influences. You get many flavors and moods weaved all around this young woman’s vocals. Her lyrics and intonation come perfectly packaged and placed in each song. Her voice seems to fall right in line with the heartbeat of life…real situations and feelings we all encounter during the course of our lives.

“Immortal” and “Angels & Demons” really got my attention and the quirky rocker “Better When I’m Broken” has some catchy rockin’ riffs that will have you reaching for this CD for another spin on a frequent basis. “Immortal” is a sure bet for a single. The musical dance and the lyrics are very hip and today. Everyone wants to be immortal in someone’s eyes and Alexander takes you on a walk through the avenues and streets of her home base that lives inside her heart and head. She sings-Pretty sure Jesus lives right next door to me/I can tell by the way he’s always alone/He plays the beat box to the birds on the laundry line. The title track is another great pick for radio play; her voice is brilliant and powerful, setting the tone straight out of the gate. That energy and ambiance holds steady throughout the song. It is all very atmospheric and picturesque-powerful stuff indeed.

I really admire this woman for her tireless work ethic and adopting the Indie D.Y.I. spirit to make her career happen. She is not waiting for a break; she is making it happen for herself with great music and taking all the necessary steps to be successful. Other women artists should have a look at what she is doing and why she is getting so much attention.

Angels & Demons is a fine album featuring a great woman vocalist on a mission to win you over heart and soul. Cindy Alexander had me hooked after the first track and the rest of CD kept reinforcing the fact that she is a major contender for national prominence in the recording industry. This CD is real gem; every song has great accessible music with something to say. Watch Ms. Alexander, she is on her way.

© Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

May 16, 2005

1. Immortal (3:25)
2. 4 Hours (3:50)
3. Domino (4:05)
4. Warrior (3:13)
5. Angels & Demons (4:19)

6. Unavailable Billy (3:40)
7. Better When I’m Broken (4:55)
8. Softer (3:38)
9. Whoa (4:02)
10. Grace (8:27) (includes hidden track: Nothing Else Matters)


Contributing Musicians:

Cindy Alexander – vocals, piano, keyboard
Dave Darling- electric and acoustic guitars, bass, backing vocals, percussion
Paul Trudeau – acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Christopher Allis – drums
Harvey Lane- bass
Tina Trevino- percussion, backing vocals
Fren Asken- electric guitar
Chip Moreland- drums
Christian Nesmith – electric guitar
The Section Quartet – strings

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