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Angel: Not Fade Away

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Vampire Dust
Tonight was the final episode of Angel. It made for great television, but an aggravating evening. Aggravating because it is the end of a show that shouldn’t be ending. Angel was one of those few shows that is as intelligent as it is entertaining, it wasn’t dumbed down for the masses. It had a unique look and made the most of it’s time combining several genres: action, adventure, horror, thriller, comedy, drama, fantasy. This show had many more years worth of stories that it could tell. It was also aggravating because of the note it ended on, much like Farscape (I’ll tell you more about this one another time). It leaves you craving more, but with that hollow feeling, knowing that more isn’t to come.

Angel: Not Fade Away. This episode picks up where last week’s “Power Play” ended. The gang making plans to take down the Black Thorn Circle. The first half of the episode has many things going on, moving the players into position, but also allowing them to close some ties since they are not expecting to survive the night. The second half has them going about their business, each paired off with a Circle member. There is laughter, action, and drama as we wait to see who will survive the fight, and in what shape they will be in when even greater powers (The Senior Partners) rain down their fury on our heroes.

The episode does a good job of bringing everything together. The only story disappointment I had was with the resolution of the Shansu Prophecy, it was taken out too easily, I feel their should have been more repercussions resulting from it, maybe down the line. Each battle leads to it’s own resolution, all successfully. They follow that old adage “divided they fall.” By splitting up the Circle members the chance for success increases. There are twists along the way as Harmony betrays the group, Wesley wins a losing battle, Gunn gets his wish to dust some vamps, even Angel’s son, Connor, gets in the mix helping out his father. We also get some surprising news from the lounge singing demon, Lorne. The gang, while winning,is losing numbers fast.

In the end, the Black Thorn Circle was defeated. But you didn’t think that was all did you? These boys were run by the Senior Partners, who have been after Angel since season 1, and they don’t like their boys being messed with. They unleash their demonic hordes against our hero. The show ends with, and I quote, “Personally? I want to slay the dragon. Let’s get to work.” That said they dive headlong into the oncoming horde and the fans get the credits.

I can’t believe that was it. Unfortunately, I didn’t watch from season 1, I picked it up during season 3 and quickly became hooked. I have since caught up on the other seasons on DVD. Another rumor making the rounds is that there are a number of Angel TV movies being planned. Good news indeed, as the cliffhanger finale just leaves us wanting, maybe these will deliver what we crave. Anyhow, please go check out the available seasons on DVD and see what good television looks like.

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  • Nyx

    Didnt’ Angel end months ago?

    Supposedly there is either a movie or miniseries in the works that will pick up where the show ended.

  • Yes, I’m new here and am just reposting some of my old reviews from my blog….

    James Marters said in an interview, I forget where, that there could be as many as 4 TV movies in the works focusing on on different members of the Buffiverse. Time will tell…

  • Eric Olsen

    Chris and all, we are happy to have older posts, but they should probably include a note indicating that and perhaps the date they were written. Thanks!

  • Sorry, I’ll remember in the future.
    This was from 5/20/04

  • Eric Olsen

    no prob, thanks, just trying to avoid confusion