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Android App Review: TweetCaster

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I signed up for a Twitter account a few years ago, but I never really got into it until I started blogging. I created a separate twitter account for my blog and quickly started tweeting, following, and being followed. Having two accounts was the best way for me to keep my personal contacts and my blogging contacts separate and to also start promoting my blog’s brand.

TweetCaster by HandmarkThe problem was that my HTC EVO could natively only be registered to sync with one Twitter account. I didn’t want to give up on my personal Twitter account (my friends do tweet useful things sometimes), but I needed to be able to access my blogging account also. This is when I found the powerful Android Twitter app TweetCaster.

Developed by Handmark, the app is available in the Android Market in two versions: the free TweetCaster for Twitter and the $4.99 TweetCaster Pro for Twitter. The only difference between the two is that the paid version doesn’t have ads. I opted for the free version and haven’t had any problems: the ads are very unobtrusively located in a small banner at the bottom of the screen.

Both the paid and ads-included version of TweetCaster are full of useful features, in addition to its multiple account support. Handmark developed what they call the “Zip It” feature, allowing users to ignore tweets from annoying tweeters without un-following them. The app also allows retweeting with or without comments, customizable notification settings, robust search functions (search for topics, users, and by location), as well as a suggested user function, which suggests people to follow.

TweetCaster ScreenshotTweetCaster not only includes a vast array of features, it also incorporates them all into a very user-friendly interface. From the default feed of tweets, it is easy to jump to the top to see the newest tweets, or switch over to other feeds: retweets and replies, direct messages, your favorites, and your lists. It’s also easy to navigate to the main account screen where you can add other accounts or access information about trends, who to follow, and other search options.

All-in-all, TweetCaster is a wonderful app that I am glad to have found. Even though I found it because of its multiple account compatibility, I would use it even if I only had one account. If you are on Android and use Twitter, you should definitely check out this app.

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  • Excellent article. I have been trying out Seesmic which is very similar but incorporates your Facebook profile, if you have one. It is good when you find an app as useful as this. Thanks for the review.

  • Thanks for the comment, Ian. I should have mentioned this in my review as well, but TweetCaster can also publish updates to your Facebook wall. But anyway, you’re right; it’s great to come across useful apps like this. I’ll have to give Seesmic a try.

  • Belle Mae

    Another great thing about tweetcaster is it looks AMAZING ON THE TABLET!!!

  • Good point, Belle Mae. 🙂