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Android App Review – Gmote

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If you are like me and use your laptop as a media PC or indeed a part time media centre then this app should peak your interest.

I have all my video files and music on my laptop and when I want to view or listen to any of the files I plug in my HDMI cable and an audio jack and away I go. On occasions I have also been known to view youtube on the big screen or even browse the internet and when I do that I need my keyboard and mouse plugged in.

This does sometimes lead to problems because I like to leave my laptop near the TV and the cables tucked neatly away. The number of times I have longed for a remote that lets me fast forward and rewind a movie without me getting off my comfy couch or indeed fighting with a wiresless mouse and finding a flat enough surface so I can lower the volume a little or raise it a lot. I know I could solve this problem with yet another remote control but then I have more dongles and another remote control to lose.

I found Gmote simply by chance. I wasn’t looking for the software but fell upon it browsing the Internet.  I downloaded it from the Android Market and it installed without a problem on my Gingerbread device. I also downloaded and installed a small piece of software on my laptop as instructed by the app.

Once installed I pressed the button on screen and it gave me a list of PC’s to connect to and fortunately mine was the only PC displayed so I clicked on it. You then select which folders, on your PC, that the app can find your music and video files and that’s it. Click the browse button and launch whichever music file or video file you wish on your laptop. It really was that simple and painless I could barely believe it.

Once the setup is complete you are presented with a screen with controls on it. Power, play, stop etc. and also volume controls. At the top there is a browse button which lets you look at what you have on your PC just press the file to launch them. It really is a seemless experience.

Clicking on the menu button brings up a bunch of settings – this is where the Touchpad option sits. Click this button and your phone takes over your PC’s mouse and you can use the screen of your phone in place of the PC’s mouse.

No longer do we have to fumble with a wireless mouse or keyboard – get off the couch and potentially burn off a third of a calorie. No – we can truly relax while watching or listening to our media.

I promise you. The only words that could break into your “you” time are “Kids, where’s my phone?”

The app has a great little feature which is currently in Beta. There is a web option which lets you browse the internet on your phone – YouTube, Google or Web Page. If something takes your interest then click the “open on computer” button which sits at the top of the screen and it opens your web browser on your PC and displays the search results right there on the big screen. This is a fantastic addition to what is already a great piece of software.

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  • kevin

    I recently bought an android device. I got this app by default. loved using this.

  • That’s good to hear. It saves me so much time and messing around.

  • Mark

    Yep I agree, Gmote is a fabulous little app for those of us who can’t get off the couch and can never find that damned remote. Great article thanks Ian.

  • Thanks Mark.

    Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that make our lives that little bit easier or less awkward.

    Thats why I love apps like these.

    Thanks for reading