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Andrew W.K.- I Get Wet

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Ok, let’s admit it. There is trash. And there is trash. As in “we know there really isn’t much talent here and what they do have is totally ripped from other bands but I’ll be damned if it isn’t catchy” trash.

We have all heard Andrew W.K.’s party anthems on beer commercials. We’ve seen Andrew W.K. “grace” the cover of magazines with his long, black, greasy hair. Quite honestly, he looks like he should be in the WWF (or however it’s abreviated now with the wildlife foundation throwing a fit) getting his head smashed with a folding chair. Or more likely doing the smashing. He’s no wuss. Andrew W.K. is a meanacing figure.

And while all that is nice, it’s the music which is under examination here. One forth of the songs fall under the “kick ass party anthem that I sing to while getting piss drunk” category. A half fall under the heading, “darn nice songs to listen to while lying on the floor, only semi-consious, and ready to be taken to the hospitol for blood alchohol poisoning.” Then 1/4th are the “Turn that effin’ noise off or I’ll kill somebody, so help me God!” drivel that wouldn’t inspire anyone to do anything but run from the room kicking and screaming.

Now, that above paragraph is fairly hypothetical on my end. At 19 years of age I still can’t drink so I have not lay anywhere semi-consious from alchohol consumption. However, I suspect it’s eerily accurate, regardless.

Do Not Buy “I Get Wet” If:
° You wince when you hear songs praising New York City.
° You expect to hear 10 songs that don’t sound anything like each other.
° You think that drinking beer is not something to joke around about.
° You actually listen to reviews on webpages written by 19 year olds who cannot spell. (now, see, I’ve created a paradox. Either way you end up listening to me!)

Buy “I Get Wet” if:
° You experience “piss drunk” every weekend.
° You want some high adrenaline rock while speeding on the highway.
° You think creativity=unaccessable.
° You like cheap cds and find it for under $10.
° You think that cheesy songs are not as annoying as any music with rapping.

Word on the street is that Andrew W.K. hit his face with a brick for the bloody cover photo. That’s dedication. Even if “I Get Wet” is a mess of reguritation and redundancy he does have a passion for his music that is lacked in much of the mainstream.


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About The Theory

  • The Theory

    Yeah, I’ve heard he has a really energetic and comanding live show. A co-worker of mine (and big music critic) went to see Andrew WK when he was in the area and said it was the best live show he’d seen.


  • Eric Olsen

    While I don’t approve of the “milk a formula” until it’s dry approach to music, I loved “Party Hard” the first ten times or so I heard it and he electrified the crowd when he was on SNL. I give him the benefit of the doubt right now. He kind of reminds me of Slade.

  • and the funny thing is that andrew appears to be a nice guy.

    i saw some rediculous thing on the tube somewhere where he spent a weekend with a bunch of girls in a dorm at (hmmm, can’t remember the school). funny though.

    even funnier to seem him pound out his tunes on the piano. greasy hair and all.