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Anderson Silva’s Victory Over Chael Sonnen Was Not Fixed

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I watched UFC 117 over the weekend and as most MMA fans know by now, Chael Sonnen lost in extraordinary fashion after dominating the first four rounds of the title fight. Anderson Silva continually got caught with shots to the head and even buckled a few times on the way to the canvas.

There, Chael Sonnen dominated Silva by keeping his weight on him, wrestling him, and getting shots in and around Silva’s defenses.

Unfortunately for Sonnen, he was unable to finish Silva. Unfortunately for Dana White and the UFC, because Silva ended up pulling off a miraculous submission in the fifth round after being pummeled constantly, the UFC now faces charges from some circles that the fight was fixed.

Obviously the UFC won’t dignify charges like that with a response. Fixed fights are one of the main reasons that MMA has been able to gain such market share in the fight world from boxing as it is. And to this point, the charges are silly anyway.

Chael Sonnen sold the heck out of this fight with his brash trash talk. That has been used as evidence that it might have been fixed. Pump up a fight with WWE style tactics and then deliver a scripted drama in the octagon. For anyone who watched the fight, that simply isn’t what happened. Sonnen went after it, hurt Silva multiple times and simply got caught at the end.

Ultimately, saying the fight was fixed might seem like a sexy concept. In reality, truth is much simpler. It doesn’t require people to keep secrets. Plus, if the UFC was in the business of fixing fights with Anderson Silva, they should have done it sooner. If they had, the fans wouldn’t have been forced to watch the farcical match-ups he had previously with Demiam Maia, Forrest Griffin, Thales Leites and Patrick Côté.

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  • yayanchaaazaq

    The fight was fixed!!!

  • Different Craig

    This is the same comment I posted on Yahoo Answers:

    I believe there is a (surprisingly) good chance that it actually was fixed, but not by the UFC or Sonnen.

    All Silva had to do was (1) Partner with someone with deep pockets who would make bets on the fight outcome and (2) Fight in a way that went against the betting odds (for specific fight outcomes)

    In this case, if he merely decided to not go after a first round KO he could win money as sort of a side-pot. With careful planning he could make far more $ than he ever could in a legit way with the UFC. We already know that Silva believes he is entitled to whatever behavior he wants inside the ring with millions of people watching. Outside of the ring and behind closed doors, why would Silva not extend that sense of entitlement to his bank account?

    I believe the rib injury was a cover story so that he could always fall back after his attempt to fix the fight: “Oh, i did poorly because of an injury, and i decided to fight for the fans sake”. If one of the hypothetical behind-the-scenes bets was a first round KO by Sonnen, that would pay a massive amount according to the odds. So, when Silva sticks his head out for Sonnen to hit in round one, what does he have to lose?

    I’m not suggesting that Silva is good enough to completely control the outcome of a fight he is in, but all he has to do is not try in certain situations to fix the fight.

    Probability of the fight being fixed by Silva = 0.75 give or take

  • B

    I agree with “Different Craig.”
    Although I think the whole thing was fixed with Sonnen involved.
    Sonnen got “rocked” by Silva just before the triangle. Watch it, he acts like he’s hurting and drops his head for the triangle. Really? After that long of dominating you get hurt from a small jab by a guy on his back? Give me a break. Then, when the “tap” comes, the triangle was actually broken, nor was the armlock applied.
    The Griffin fight was fixed too. Just because some of the Silva fights are fixed, doesn’t mean all of them have to be(Maia, Cote, etc).
    The “come back after getting beat so bad” tells a great story. It tries to show Anderson as having great heart in fights (something people have been saying is absent). This “dramatic, awesome fight” is nothing but PR work for Anderson’s claim, and ultimately the UFC’s claim to say they have the undisputed best in the world. Further, they want him to look like a superhero.
    Like fixed boxing matches created by back room smuggling, this will all come down sometime.

  • remember Snatch?

    Silva just took the punches, and waited it out. He let Chael look good.
    This is Silvas way of getting back at the UFC and fans for giving him $#!+ for his last fights.
    You saw how easy and quick Anderson finished him. No sweat.
    Look back at the Silva Griffin fight. He dodged Forrests punches like it was the Matrix. He could’ve easily done that against Chael.

    Watch Anderson finish his next fight in the 1st round.