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And You Are Still Eating Meat?

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This past week, California’s Valley Meat Co. announced a recall of a million pounds of beef that was contaminated with E. coli bacteria. The best part is that the meat was produced from October 2009 to January 2010. Which means nearly every last bit of this E. coli-contaminated meat has long ago been eaten.

Here are some facts about E. coli. E. coli is one of the more common causes of food poisoning in the United States. When left untreated, it can lead to dehydration and potentially life-threatening illness. While most healthy adults recover from food poisoning caused by E. coli within a few weeks, young children and the elderly can be at risk for more severe illness.

There have been twelve meat recalls this year. This latest recall more than doubles the amount of meat that’s been pulled from stores in 2010, to a total of 1,786,859 pounds.

Why are you still eating meat? Do you need more proof that America’s meat safety system is fundamentally broken?

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  • Doug,

    Vegan is not a totally natural approach to eating due to B12 requirements. Vegans have to supplement.

    That said, the important thing is to consume what’s adequate and appropriate. For some this means mostly plant foods and for others, animal products work well.

    I have a copy of Eat to Live. The author does not acknowledge that differences in biochemical and physiological makeup dictate which approach is appropriate.

    Suggest you read Biochemical Individuality by Roger J. Williams.

    And while I’m here, I urge you investigate the omega-6 hazard. Just Google lenoleic acid or omega-6 along with the name of whatever disease you don’t want to die from. For example: “lenoleic acid heart disease” or “omega-6 heart disease”

  • Doug Moore


    Actually, I am not trying to push anything on anyone. I am just trying to inform the public of the dangers of our industrialized food system.

    If you take a gander at the book, Eat to Live, you will see how eating less meat, and dairy is a better lifestyle.

    What is awesome is that you and I have the freedom to choose how we wish to eat.

    Have a Great Day!

  • Kyle Tarpoff

    Obviously, the meat safety system in this country is not “fundamentally” broken or most people would be sick instead of a very small percentage. The system was actually better before the U.S.D.A. started kowtowing to big business and changed the system to please them. You can thank big-government politicians like Dick Durbin for that. If you enjoy a vegan diet fine, but I am puzzled why vegans are constantly trying to push their unhealthy dietary choices onto the rest of us.