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And Now, A Word From the Resident Geek

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Thank you, everyone—contributors, readers, and others—for making this a success! Keep in mind that this is a newborn site, and it will grow and take shape over time.

There’s a lot of email coming in with more reviews, editing requests, feature suggestions, etc. If you can believe it, the blogcritic roll call (over on the left, there) is far from complete. While discussed over some time, the core effort of designing and building this site occurred over only the past few days (mostly in people’s spare time), and there’s still some catch-up work to do with all the reviews and signups that have piled in.

In the mean time, we really appreciate everyone’s patience. If you sent in a review and don’t yet see it or if you signed up and are wondering why you’re in the list, just sit tight.

We actually do have a system that doesn’t require everything to flow through the hands of a lone coder or two, but we want to get the backlog of material up first.

If you see something really egregious, do let us know and it’ll go to the top of the to-do list. If it’s not an emergency, though, hold on for a few hours because we’re probably working on it right now.

Again, thanks, everyone, for making this a great launch. This is an idea I’ve been excited about from the beginning, and it’s been really cool to see it come into existence.

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  • YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

  • Fantastic job, folks! I’m amazed that this could go from good idea to working, content-heavy website in… what? three weeks? I don’t think it’s that much. Well done to everyone at the back end, and thanks again to Eric for the great idea.

  • Mac

    Thanks, Eric. It was your cool concept, though.

    And thanks, Andrew. Slugging it out in the web dev trenches from the launch of Mosaic on through the bust left me hardwired for this sort of thing, though. Heck, I’ve been strapped onto the backs of six-figure projects with tighter deadlines than this. Launching Blogcritics, though, was actually fun!

    So, again, thank you Eric, for dreaming up an awesome project!