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And everything under the sun is in tune

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30 years of Dark Side Of The Moon.

The influential British music paper Melody Maker condemned it as “utterly impossible to follow”, and “after 15 minutes, diabolically uninteresting”. But, in the fine tradition of having the last laugh, Pink Floyd is delighted to have the review on a website.

Why? Because its 1973 magnum opus, Dark Side of the Moon, became a critical and commercial monster.
While it is wrongly hailed as the original “concept” album, Dark Side of the Moon has easily outlasted rival claimants to the title and, 30 years after its release, continues to hit the senses like a thunderclap.

It certainly hit the senses of a couple of English music mags 10 years ago. I remember on the 20th anniversary (1993) of its release, the late lamented Vox (and also Q, unless I’m mistaken there) hailed the 25th anniversary of its release. That’s what you call being ahead of your time, eh?

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