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And apparently, everybody stayed home

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Wow. Do you know how many landmarks were broken this past weekend? You probably don’t know, because as it seems, you were doing something else.

1) Freddy vs. Jason – is the first horror movie to stay at number 1 for more than a week in — I can’t even remember. Probably Blair Witch in 99.

2) GET THIS – Gigli is no longer the biggest flop of the year. Lisa Kudrow and Damon Wayans movie, Marci X opened in 1200 theatres and made.. imagine this.. an untruthful 865,000 bucks! – Ouch. – Stingy, Stingy, Stingy in my Thingy, Thingy, Thingy.

3) All the top three films kept their spot. That doesn’t happen much.

4) The highest opening was only the number 5 spot — The Medallion.

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  • Dew

    There can only be one make-you-understand-the-Black-state-of-mind-in-order-to-appreciate-me-as-a-person movie per year, and I heard Bringing Down the House did well.

  • Hey I didn’t stay home. I contributed to Freddy vs. Jason staying at number 1. I also caught the incredibly disappointing Le Divorce. Oh and I still think Gigli is the biggest flop of the year. You have to consider the star power of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck vs. Lisa Kudrow and Damon Wayans.