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What’s left for a bunch of guys that love to rock live yet live in Alaska? Move to Oregon of course.

“We shipped everything down to Portland, Oregon. Like, 2000 miles.” says Nick, drummer for the band Anatomy of a Ghost. “A band like 36 Crazy Fists moves down from Alaska and they got signed right away.” Nearly the same events happened for Anatomy of a Ghost, hooking up with Rise Records and working a deal with Fearless at the same time.

Forming in Oregon and setting out to rock, word spread quickly for this explosive outfit. Before any label support the band put some tracks up on mp3.com. Now they share the charts with bands like Thursday and Thrice on the mp3.com charts. The bands music spread by word of mouth and has amassed over 73,000 listens and downloads.

“That’s still a shock to us.”

No label backing, no ad campaigns, no tricks – but press coverage spawns from solid music.

“We’ve got a decent amount [of press] in indie zines like Rock Sounds, Scratch Magazine in LA… a bunch of press in Europe.”

While touring Europe is a goal, getting past Denver is a challenge. On a recent tour they parted ways with their tour manager whose name happened to be on paperwork for the rental van.

“We took a Greyhound bus home. All our equipment… it took like 30 hours.”

But hopefully this tour will be different. A van courtesy of Fearless, an album coming out (May 13th to be exact), a hungry east coast waiting (remember, they’ve never been past Denver but thousands of kids have downloaded their MP3’s), and nothing but potential on the horizon.

“We’ve got six Warped Tour gigs, but we might get on 10, including some in Southern California.”

Anatomy of a Ghost might also be playing states like Texas and Arizona, quite a change from the Alaskan climate.

“We’re still a little sensitive to the cold,” says Nick, amused at the questions that my wife is calling out in the background.

So would they ever retreat to their northern beginnings?

“Nah, we like the lower 48.”

Be sure to check out Fearless Records for tour dates and be sure to pick up their album when it comes out. – Seth Werkheiser

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