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Analogies, Allegory and Algorithms

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(Full disclosure: as is my wont, all was written in one take…all i did was go over it once for spelling)

greetings gentle Readers…

your humble Narrator sits in an English hotel room…pondering

perhaps the paucity of pounds in personal pocketry portends a perambulating prose piece portending profane pronouncements preceding pretentious possibilities proliferating profusely from a poor prole pundit’s peckings at a personal portable PC


over and over again in my mad ramblings on BlogCritics, I run across many of the same Themes, the same Memes, the same partisan positionings, positionings and pronouncements

and it got me to wonder….why?

why is it that much of the meaningful Conversation that takes place in the shared hallucination of the Binary Aether which we inhabit seems to devolve into a false dichotomy of either/or scenarios?

that’s the crux of the Problem, I’m sure of it…

no Net connection, no reference material…

all that’s available are the whipsaw fractals of the Memory Mansion

focus you Freak…the Answer is always there, you just have to stumble over it…

binary is the Clue…maybe the same thing stopping true Artificial Intelligence is what’s stunting progress on the more human medium of socio-philosophical interactions the framing of the Debate defines the discourse…that’s got to be the unSeen Variable

so simple….

So many schools of Thought of human History fall into the same binary…

Taoism, the Manicheans and good olde Cartesian Dualism, precursor to the digital Binary…Black/white…good/evil…1/0…earliest form was most likely Us/Them

still Potent today…

what others? male/female…and there It is…

the unThinking foundation of it could just be that simple

basic biology taken as Truth, when nothing could be further from It the baseline Postulate of the sexes…could that be the fallacious Root of it all?

well are we Aware that it isn’t that simple…not just boy/girl…
not just yes/no
but the Maybe!

we have born hermaphrodites, homosexuality, gender confusion, bisexuality

The Exceptions…the Maybe…

that opens the floodGates, and gets me to Thinking…is it that simple?

can it be that we, as puny human bags of bone and water, so easily push aside those uncomfortable exceptions , re-enforcing the Us/Them bit to shore up the overly simplisitc Viewpoint that fuels so much strife and Discord in the course of human events

black and white are all I see,
in my Infancy…
red and yellow then come to me,
reaching out to me…
helps me See.

there is so…much…more
that beckons me…
into these…
Infinite Possibilities


and there it sits, blatantly Waiting…the beginnings of an Answer

you need three legs to for a barstool to stand with…so too the Axiom of the next Logic


flowchart it all down the maybe trail until you hit the definitive

not “compromise”, per se…but answers that rest Outside the bullshit limitations placed on most Thought and all Arguments/Wars/Schisms

Trinary Logic…could that be a part of the Answer?

could it be that we need to shift the paradigm of cultural Thought processes into the Realm of Maybe in order to see past the dichotomy of Us/Them, perhaps see into developing real Artificial Intelligence?

systemically it appears to make a lot of sense,

after all…most true Paths of Wisdom when taken to the inevitable conclusion all require the perfection and melding of Mind/Body/Spirit into a single instance of


those that don’t, tend to never get too far along the Path

in so many Instances, the false Profits head the Seeker down a merry Trail
that makes a barstool with only two legs, leaving out the essential Recognition of at least one of the M/B/S trinity…

too many times have various Pilgrims walked on two “legs”…

the granola chomping New Age types, holding onto Spirit and Body…but leaving the Reason of Mind behind…

the “pious” Faithists who loathe Body, eschew Reason but cling to Spirit…

the reductionists of Science who hold so tightly to the mechanistic View of Body as Machine, with Mind ruling over it…with no room for Spirit

on and on…

how best to describe what i Think should be?

ah yes…the old Story of southern Shao Lin temple…

it is said, that way back in the Past, the original monks of the temple were studious in seeking the Higher Knowledge, and attaining Enlightenment…
they fasted, did not partake of meat, and meditated for hours each day…
but their Goal eluded them…
they bent all the efforts of their Minds towards Buddha’s Wisdom
they bent all the Efforts of their Spirits in contemplative meditation
but still their Work went for naught…

one fateful day, it is said a strange monk came from the West
the Shao Lin met with him, this stranger who must have crossed the Himalayas
he gave his name as Da Moh (spelling varies)

after looking around the temple, he chastised the monks for being physically soft telling them they would never find the Way just sitting…

but he would not give them the Answer until they passed his Test to show
that they were Worthy…

the Tale says he went to a cave in the foothills and angrily stared at one of the walls, found there each time by abbots and monks…for two years, none were found Worthy.

finally, one monk went the extra distance…

the Story says that a single monk went out to the cave…and saw that the sheer Force of Da Moh’s staring at a part of the cave wall had worn two dimples into the rock of the cave ( the cave, and those divots are still there to see)

the monk…so taken aback…cut off his own arm, and offered it to the formidable Traveller who said “you are Worthy”

the Tale states that the Traveller then taught the members of the Temple the gung fu known as “Shao Lin Long Fist”

and to this day, the monks bow with one hand raised in front of them, in Honor of the One who was Worthy…

the Story is not a perfect example of unifying all 3 Forces into One…but it does come closer than anything that has drifted in this addle pated skull here in a tiny Bristol hotel room, up way too late pecking on plastic…

but it does make an Example for how vitally important is the Body’s intrinsic feedback loop, and how it Effects the other two legs of our Metaphorical “barstool”…

if ever you have the Fortune to meet one of those Monks, you will easily perceive just how much further along the Way they are than most of Humanity…much we can all learn from their Wisdom

the Word count is getting huge…time to try and lash things all together and
bring a semblance of Coherence from the ramblings….

let the Thoughts congeal in the cold gravy of gray matter…

my Thought here is that for the gibbering animal known as Man to progress,
perhaps it is Time for us to break past simple Dualism in our cogitation and interaction perhaps it’s time to build our “barstools” with all three legs so we can have a more stable seat of Existence…

the feedback loops…the cybernetics of Humanity, if you will, appear to Require paying attention to Mind/Body/Spirit and allowing the processes to flow freely back and forth among all three, with none being Greater than the other

bring it on to part of the original thoughts in this meandering prose…

perhaps we need to look past the false binary of current political discourse,
get past the fallacious and artificial Us versus Them bit, any of the fake subdivisions tossed into the Arena to distract us from that fact that in the vast Emptiness of an inDifferent Cosmos, there is only Us on this tiny mudball…

perhaps it is long past time to look not only at the Yes/No logic…

as Below so Above and Beyond
I’d Imagine;
drawn outside the lines of Reason,
push the envelope…
watch it bend.


Heisenberg may have been unCerain in Principle…
but he knew that the Observer changed what was Observed…

this seems to Indicate that the mere focus of the intangibles of Mind and Spirit can have effects on the realm of matter

again, I find the three “legs” of our barstool…no matter how many times Moebius strips, or how long i search for Schrodinger’s damn cat

over and over again, the reality of observations makes a lie out of the simplistic Dualism that seems to have been the basis of so much in human thought and endeavor down to coloring the narrow confines of contemporary Political discourse…

perhaps it’s time for Maybe…

nuff said?


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About gonzo marx

  • gonzo marx

    ok Mark..

    algorithm : A step-by-step problem-solving procedure, especially an established, recursive computational procedure for solving a problem in a finite number of steps.

    i used it in a few ways…

    one of the definitions are the algorithms of computer programming

    read it all again…it may make more sense now

    you know i live to Serve…


  • I hate to betray my stupidity on such an open source, but Phil, please explain algorythm.

    And Gonzo, you ain’t no old guy like I described. Remember my comment on this or your other post about the palatial estate, etc., etc. You’ve just been led astray. remember…

    In Jamesons Veritas

  • gonzo marx

    once again…phil hits a very good Question…



  • phil

    so where is the algorythm

  • gonzo marx

    what?..but i AM a sad old man with all that stuff!!!

    bah..you and troll enjoy the discourse…me?

    i’ll just keep on keepin’ on


  • First of all, Gonzo, lad, I’m deeply, deeply disappointed–scotch? the drink of sad old men with knobby knees, hairy ears, and long, runny noses who sit around the old folks home and talk about the good old days…HAH.

    Second of all, if we can’t create a religion here, where can we? troll & I (on another thread) are deeply involved in a theological discussion of mating habits of trolls and their physical endowments. If that’s not the basis for religion, I don’t know what is.

    Third…oh, I don’t want to get into philosophical discussions…it’s late, and I miss Gilligan’s Island. Have a nice night, old friend.

    In Jamesons Veritas

  • gonzo marx

    well SonnyD..i am postulating that it IS possible…

    but what would be needed are sensory feedback loops..as well as adding the “maybe” of true Trinary Logic

    the sensory input is required, IMO, for self Awareness…no amount of pure programming or even processing Power is going to be able ot accomplish that

    but add merely audio and video inputs to a large enough Beowulf Cluster type hardware arraingement based on Trinary…

    that’s the Theory…


  • SonnyD

    Gonzo: #34 last paragraph. A small play on words. We have met the Entity and he is us. Only a little more complicated.

    #40 Could you really come up with something as screwed up as what passes for human intelligence? What could be accomplished with an artificial copy of it? Maybe it needs a different name. Artificial Cold Reasoning Power? What we refer to as intelligence in humans is always tinged with emotion. You can’t program that in.

    Well, if you come up with something that even comes close to intelligence, the religious sector will brand it as the work of the Devil. I can just see the comment thread on that.

  • gonzo marx

    and you guys call ME silly…

    there’ll be no founding of “religions” here…

    unless Jah and JuJu join forces with a nice bottle of scotch…



  • troll

    there you’ve got the foundation of a religion


  • troll, interesting point. What about three “no’s” or three “yesses”?

    In Jamesons Veritas

  • troll


    only three maybes can result in a stable base


  • Late again to the party, Gonzo. Gonna have to spend more time on this site, but time is so fucking binary, you know. Do this or do that.

    You do have folks bewildered and in awe, young sir, but not me! I know where you live, with your palatial estate, dozens of servants, arabian horses, marble fountains, dancing girls in diaphanous gowns, 255,000 bottle wine cellar, and acres of carefully tended gardens. So there.

    But on to more frivilous notions–I share your disgust with the me/no me nature of most discourse. In fact, I think I’ve even written about it here, but my memory doesn’t go back that far.

    I’ve always been partial to the dialectic approach: thesis, antithesis, new thesis, antithesis, etc., etc., which requires mutual agreement that one’s ideas are only a starting point from which others add and subtract, taking the original idea and growing it to maturity.

    I’d love to see some of that around here as well.

    One problem, Gonzo…you’re wrong about the answer to the world, universe, life, et al. It used to be 43, but they changed it. Maybe you didn’t get the e-mail. It’s now 43.2.

    In Jamesons Veritas

  • gonzo marx

    hulled at the waterline by troll…

    heh..as always you do in one sentance more than i can possibly achieve by a plethora of prose

    ..:::bows, hand over fist:::..

    thanks, troll


  • troll

    ya mean .5 give or take a bit – ?

  • gonzo marx

    awww Bennett…glad ya found this bit of prose, doubly glad i gave ya a smile…

    as fer the Question in yer comment…

    Answer = maybe



  • Bennett

    But when the one armed man does ti chi in the forest, does the missing arm make a sound if no one else is there to hear it?

    Loved this one, old bean, and the comments that followed almost as much.

  • gonzo marx

    to Ruvy…

    i’m pulling this one back to the top for two reasons

    :one: the State of the Union shyte last night, some of the points here need to be fresh in my head, and the gentle Readers…(side note for Margartet, i’m gonna try and write up something this evening, your encouragement inspires)

    :two: to Answer something Ruvy said in another Thread about this topc…

    yes…i did intend to implicate certain mathematical possibilities in some of this, much can be pased as a Variable equation if looked at a certain way…much of what i am implying has to do with my Thoughts on the neccesity for positive and negative feedback loops that are required for true Artificial Intelligence to even be remotely possible…the basis would be an IC chip utilizing a Trinary Logic circuit…

    anybody out there interested in Venture capitalizing that…or the next generation Internet Browser…just shout me



  • gonzo marx

    well now Nancy, you make a good point…

    and here’s the thing, even though i have seen the “pits” in that cave form the story, i find it difficult to believe they were made from the sheer force of a stare

    so..like many other Tales, i chalk it up as Myth and Allegory…and take the Lesson from the AStory rather than attempt to convince myself of it being the Literal Truth

    when looked at in that Light, i think you will find my observations make a bit more sense

    as does much of life’s myths and religions actually…

    but i digress…

    as to the sound of one hand clapping…that’s the easiest of all koans…

    ..::walks up and using one hand starts to bitch slap DeLay around:::..

    can ya hear me now?


  • Nancy

    Seriously, Gonzo, I should think that anyone stupid enough to cut off their arm would disqualify themselves. I always did think those Shao Lin people had some very weird & misdirected goals. Maybe the monk wanted to know what the sound of one hand clapping was, but I’m sure there has to be an easier way to find out.

  • gonzo marx


    i know, Christopher…that should be next thing, perhaps tis weekend even

    since this little Post good some decent feedback, but little in the way of discussion, i may need to think on Approach and Topics if i intend ot try my hand at copntributing more Articles rather than being the Conversationalist that i am semi-infamous for

    we will see, but i am glad ya liked the screed


  • Great writing as always gonzo.

    Now about that blog of yours; apart from not being updated recently (May 05!) the two links on the right are all messed up too…

  • Maurice

    The sentence of ‘p’ words was amazing. I am going to print this post for my teenage boys to read.

    Now that you have wowed us with this post you are going to have every blogger gunnin’ for you. Welcome to hell kid.

    I am sure I don’t grok the whole thing but here goes:

    1) Tastes great!
    2) Less filling!
    3) er… gets you drunk!

  • gonzo marx

    KYS…think self sacrifice and proof of commitment perhaps…

    SonnyD…you ask why so many have spent so much effort to try and find out the unFindable?

    good Question, perhaps it has something to do with human curiosity…which appears to be a great driving force of our species…yes, it kills off Individuals who get their fnigers caught in the gears…but the ones Watching learn something from it, remain Curious , and keep exploring, hunting and gathering Information trying to find the Answers…

    as for there beingg something other than “Us” on this bit of rock in Space…yes, there are plenty of “others” here whom i think are Intelligent
    porpoises, whales, other primates, canines, felines…we just have not figured out how to communicate effectively with them (try Amy, the gorilla with over 300 word vocabulary in sign language, able to create her own compound words for things she has no word for…great suff)

    if you mean something imPerceptible, extraDimensional, or any other Possibility not specifically covered (interplanetary etc)…then i cannot help you too much

    until and unless such Entity’s decide to make themselves known to our Perceptions or we devise some way to observe and communicate with them…then ANY such Beings very existence is hypothetical since any “evidence” falls far short of Proof due to said data being anecdotal at best, and suspect for a variety of reasons

    how’s that?


  • KYS

    Gonzo, Great post.
    I bite! I’m googling the Shao Lin temple (easy enough to find), but I can’t find out why the arm amputation is the right answer.
    Ya GOTTA give me a link before I pull my hair ouT!


  • SonnyD

    Gonzo you left abortion out of the headline. That has been a really good argument starter.

    I’ve never checked out the Pretty Ricky ,etc., posts but I think the origin of matter would pretty much cover Intelligent Design, is there a God and the abortion debates. But then, there’s not much point in that, is there? Those folks will never admit there is any other way to think outside of what they have been taught. Pity. And I had this whole Energy-Intelligence-Creativity theory…

    You did say “push the envelope” and I don’t agree when you say, “there is only Us on this tiny mudball.” There is something. Why else have so many spent so much of their lives trying to name what their five senses cannot identify?

  • gonzo marx

    SonnyD..of course i know the answer to LIfe, the Universe and Everything…

    it’s 42

    now, the EXACT question, that’s a tricky thing…

    as for “matter”…a fairly decent Question, since Einsten postulated that matter could be neither created nor destroyed…only converted to energy, the equations imply that both are merely different states of the same Thing…

    i’m all for the implications of “density” being another dimensional state..thus when the “energy” is packed tightly, you have “gas”…next step, plasma, next would be “solid matter”

    just a Thought

    i guess my pecking just aren’t controversial enough to get folks talking…

    i know…next headline should be..

    Pretty Ricky and B5 Intelligently Design Brokeback Mountain for Filming Incestuous Gay Midget Animal Snuff Porn Movie!!!

    that should fetch some serious google juice, eh?


  • SonnyD

    bhw: Buzz Lightyear, of course, silly me. Can’t say I watched the movie that closely. The -To Infinity- phrase is the one thing that I really remember. Loved that.

  • bhw

    SonnyD, if you’re going to talk about things that “matter,” please get your quotes straight.

    Buzz said “To infinity and beyond,” not Woody.

    Seriously, why would a cowboy say “To infinity and beyond”? He didn’t even have a horse until Toy Story II. What would he know about going anywhere, never mind beyond infinity?

    Please ponder this before moving on to more difficult subjects. Thank you.

  • SonnyD

    OK, gonzo, if you’re so smart, have you solved the problem of the single theory of everything, yet?

    When you were discussing Intelligent Design on another thread recently and someone kept demanding to know where the first matter came from, why didn’t you tell him “…as above, so below.” Matter is made up of atoms. Peer inside an atom and view the universe. What is inside an atom? Electrical particles? Is electricity a solid? What IS electricity? Or magnetism or gravity for that matter. Hmm… another trilogy. Maybe solid matter doesn’t really exist, at least not as we imagine it. What the heck, go all the way and say time and space do not really exist in the way we imagine them, either.

    Woody, from Toy Story…”To Infinity and Beyond”

  • What’s there to disagree about?

    Sure, some partisans (who think in terms of red and blue, instead of plain old black and white) and other binary thinkers might chafe at the notion that thinking and speaking in terms of absolutes is considered crude and unsophisticated by some, but it is unlikely that any of them will be able to understand the concepts about which you wrote, let alone challenge their veracity.

  • Nancy

    Well, see, that’s the problem with writing such high-falutin’, esoteric stuff which is also extremely subjective: it’s very hard to back anyone into a corner and create a demand for a response, plus then anyone who’s going to criticize has to come up with something equally polysyllablic & philosophical – and that’s a LOT of WORK. It’s easier just to rant.

  • gonzo marx


    here i am trying to stir shyte up and make folks think…

    and everybody is Agreeing!

    WTF is that all about…



  • SonnyD

    Those who would have mean things to say don’t have a clue as to exactly what you said or the ability to try to figure it out.

  • phil

    some see questions, i see answers…but, El Bicho thanks for the thought

  • gonzo marx

    heh…Bog, i sure hope so Nancy..

    oh yes..and you better just stop with the whole “intelligence” thing, missy!!

    i’ll have none of that kind of self degradation around here…

    the day it’s easy to figure out my weird typings is the day i’ll have to “retire” form the endeavor

    but at least it seems to have brought some smiles to a few folks

    and that’s plenty good enough for me


  • Nancy

    Gonzo, those who have mean things to say probably are still trying to figure out exactly what you said.

  • gonzo marx

    wow, leave yas alone fer a few hours…and stuff actually gets ready by People!!

    oh my stars and garters!

    El Bicho- i was trying to show a bit of grace under pressure while moving pictures around and had hoped to cover the vital signs when asking folks to show, don’t tell before hopping into my red barchetta and whizzing off into the twilight zone…shaving with Occams Razor means you know the sensation of a caress of steel…


    Shark, my fine finny friend…thanks, glad ya liked m silliness…no need to pick on Suss, he’s one of the good guys, even if he is misguided…::finger waves to Suss::..

    Bog and JuJu…all of yas are so nice about it, my swolled head won’t fit out the fucking door any more!!!

    now, where are the others, that have the mean things to say?


    (Margaret: i know, the title passed the original Editor…but i guess the big E wasn’t happy…ah well)


  • Nancy

    Totally enjoyable, awesome, and illuminating: now I know I tend to feel intellectually inferior to Gonzo because I AM intellectually inferior to Gonzo (but I can spell better). Gonz, old man, you rock.

  • gonzo, this was brilliant! Your writing is bold and creative, which makes for an interesting contrast with the shrewdness conveyed therein.

    Enlightenment is a hard sell in the mass market as it is extremely difficult to convey the product’s benefits to those who have not yet experienced them. However, if you can manage to pique individual curiosity, you may find a few seekers here and there.

    If we want to expand and enrich our discourse, we must first expand and enrich our thinking, which is all well and fine for those of us who have an interest in doing so — so that we can all sit around telling one another how clever we all are as we take turns playing the role of the preacher.

    Unfortunately, not everyone is interested because binary thinking is more often than not the deliberate manifestation of a facade created to defend the indefensible than it is a matter of apathy or atrophy, which must be instilled into the masses with things like opposing rapid-fire soundbites intended to boggle already-busy-elsewhere minds to the point where they just give up, pick a side, and parrot.

    Savvy propagandists are well aware that it is in our human nature to fulfill our basic needs for security, acceptance and community before we even begin to consider transcending all of that to seek enlightenment — and many are simply never afforded the luxuries required to get that far.

    Two-legged barstools combined with that old “us versus them” mentality are extremely useful to those who keep their own best interests in mind and who do not need or want any pesky nuanced thinkers and their funny talk about “gray” areas getting in the way of their agendas.

    BTW, I understand that it was likely done for the sake of consistent-looking newsfeeds, but I still think that the editors should have left the title of this piece uncapitalized.

  • troll

    what a beautifully tortured piece

    you are awesome just the way you are – !


  • phil

    Oh yeah, I really like the “us and them” references. Before TOOL….Pink Floyd was..

  • Wheww!!

    I may have to read this a few more times and send it off to a few friends. There’s more than a thought expressed here.

    Great job

  • Shark

    Sussman: “Oh dear lord. Gonzo has a byline now? That’s like giving a hobo a chainsaw…”

    Again, just for the record:

    Sussman, Gonzo has produced more intelligent, creative, and original thoughts in ONE POST than can be found in your oeuvre.

    But you knew that, right?

    Shark (a real hobo with a real chainsaw)

  • Shark

    As usual, Gonzo, I agree.


    But the paradox (as you implicitly point out) is this:

    ~a reader only gets it if they already know it.

    And just for the record: I love your writing style.


    “…I’m for the puppet on the Left…”
    “…I’m for the puppet on the Right…” —Sensei Bill Hicks

  • phil,

    forget the answers; there’s actually some other better questions than the ones in plain view before us.


    enjoyable, provocative read,

    yet if you were seeking a perfect example of unifying 3 Forces into One, there was no need to travel to a southern Shao Lin temple when in this Hemisphere 3 gentleman from Ontario, CA were closer to the heart of your objective.

    rather than ask for a show of hands for feedback about my inside puns, I’ll exit…stage left.

  • gonzo marx

    to phil…thanks for the kind words…
    and in western culture the Elements were :air,earth,fire,water:
    in eastern(mostly china)

    perhaps a lot of it has to do with the whole needing another Dimension to hold the ones under Observation…

    example: a Point is one dimensional, but requires at least two Dimensions to be perceived…
    extrapolation:if height,width and length are the three dimensions of physicality…is Time(or Duration) the “fourth dimension” which holds the other three in context so we can perceive them?
    question: if we have 5 senses that establish our phsicalities feedback loops into the “real world” what is the unPerceived quantity that encompasses us?

    wild ramblings here…

    Mr Nalle…points taken, and i’ll try and keep your advice in mind if i attempt to capture the weirdness in my skull onto this medium again…doing it in the single flowing “take” makes it a bit difficult…

    we will see


  • props to Mr Nalle for doing a great job dealing with my strange stylings on the editing front

    Thanks gonzo. An intriguing read and not that painful to edit once I had committed to accepting your unique format on its own terms.

    Next time – and we all hope there will be one – keep an eye on the returns in the middle of paragraphs. It was hard to tell when you meant to use them to indicate a break in thought and when they were just the end of a physical line which could be word wrapped.


  • phil

    Scientists have recently discovered a forth state of matter. They have added “plasma” to solid, liquid, and gasous states. Centuries ago it was argued to be: earth wind and fire. Yes? No? Maybe there is always some other better answer to every question than the ones in plain view before us..
    Very interesting piece, gonzo. I think you have nailed the grasshopper.

  • gonzo marx

    heh…but those words are as dual edged as any sword

    i’m glad you understand why i didn’t provide the easy links

    and no, i’ve no desire for the argument itself, only an Interest in where it might lead for those involved and those just reading

    my addiction is the Discourse, and where it leads me, hence my propensity for the Conversation, as well as the stream of consciousness “gonzo” stylings…it helps to keep me open and honest

    less Artful Dodging, and more Diogenesian lampLight

    thanks for the Thoughts

    ..:::bows, hand over fist:::..


  • Who are you beneath the cascade, the torrent of words? Would hyperlinks lead to the real truth? You can only be it.

    If you want to be fucked with and argued with, are you not addicted to the dichotomy?

    Enough words on my part.

  • gonzo marx

    Suss…sort of, as much as i ever “plan” anything..but it didn’t escape me…and thanks


    John…excellent points, JuJu knows i can never go backwards in much of this, nor would i ever desire to do so

    my whoel Thought here was to begin the Conversation, try and open up a different Way of thinking to some who might not see it, but who were quite capable of “getting” it when given the nudge

    i’m certain you will have noticed i put no easy hyperlinks into many of the obscure and somewhat esoteric words and prases and names i’ve tossed around

    example: simplicity itself to provide a link around the term “Memory Mansion” that woudl show the ancient usage of architectural visualization as a mnemonic device to categorize and “store” information into a person’s memory…

    what i am hoping is that some folks would be curious enough about some of it to go ahead and google stuff, and hunt around on their own

    a bit ambitious of me?


    but i am hopeful, that among the BC crowd, there are planty of folks that will try just that

    if for no other Reason than to fuck with me and argue


  • Gonzo,
    Within the dichotomies each side mostly preaches to the choir and arguments are like sermons. Anyone convinced by the sermon has found nothing. You can only go your own way and try to find the wealth beneath the social distortion. It’s there. The problem is that it’s lonely, but you can’t turn back. It’s living death to turn back. Try to find friends along the way. Better to find the wealth and beckon people to it than hang back and criticise.

  • Whoops, make that a belated welcome.

    In that case, was it planned as such that this was your third post?

  • gonzo marx

    John..obviously, you grok in fullness and much of this simplistic ranting is familiar to you

    does the gist of it make sense to you as a feeble pecking at the current social distortion, could it possibly hint at what is needed next?

    that’s what kept me awake that night in Bristol…

    Suss…look around, i’ve actually Posted to BC twice before…the movie review sucked…the other one was ok, if a bit stiff

    and you forgot

    props to Mr Nalle for doing a great job dealing with my strange stylings on the editing front


  • Oh dear lord. Gonzo has a byline now? That’s like giving a hobo a chainsaw.

    But the post does have a good point, although it should end with the following question:

    Did you like this post?

    (A) Yes
    (B) No

  • The post, a bit long, a bit convoluted but here is some response.

    A zen koan is designed to break down the dichotomy, freeze the mind, then open it to new awareness. Teacher says, “If you say yes, I’ll hit you with a stick. If you say no, I’ll hit you with a stick.” Maybe is just damn waffling. Not yes, not no, and don’t waffle. What is it?

    I heard a teacher once say, “Not two, but one. After this is clear, then not one, but two.”