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Anah Aevia – Realise You’re Dead

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This CD starts out with a haunting yet beautiful guitar/bass opening that suddenly fills your ears with was sounds like a dam breaking and unleashing millions of gallons of water upon a helpless little town. The ensuing track is filled with vocals that might (at first) sound over processed but after seeing this band live I assure you they’re not. Vocalist Daniel has set of lungs for such a small guy and the sound is captured wonderfully on this CD.

The ultimate craft of a metalcore album is the song writing. Any band can record a album of drop-D tuned songs, screaming, and random movie samples. Anah Aevia has accomplished the first task in keeping my attention and that’s with well thought out song writing. None of the songs sits long in a “chugga chugga” mode, or puts you to sleep with drawn out intros, endings, or psuedo-mosh parts.

Some of my favorite parts on this album are the quirky guitar/bass parts that fill up a few measures in a handful of songs. At the 2:13 mark of “Hubble’s Law” is a great guitar part, and the 2:45-3:29 mark of “Mexico City” begs to be replayed at least a few times. Another great section is 1:21-2:26 of “A Tale of Two Revolutions”. Wow.

I had these guys spend the night at my place while on tour. The funniest part about these guys is that they were enthralled at some shark show on The Learning Channel. Serious, this is just a swell bunch of guys that wrote a CD that’s worth the money. Try to see them live if you can.

Selah Records
Anah Aevia

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About Seth Werkheiser

  • yay for (kind of) mid-western metalcore that’s not all chug.

  • davie

    i thought it was disappointing. .. but then again change always is. .. i wouls have liked to hear more of an innovative album from what seemed to be a ground shaking michigan band. ..

  • Josh Morgan

    I’ll let you know that he sucks in .. dosnt scream out… So i’ve been told.

  • william bonnet

    I was really diaappointed with this release, after all the buzz I expected something reminiscent of greatness, but all I got was an overly buzzed, generic metalcote band. The guitar licks and vocals are anything for inspired, the lyrics dance around pathetic and absurd, their politics a mix of bad Christian dogma and misconstrued/schewd ideological analysis. Truly a waste of money.

  • jared e

    “he sucks in, doesn’t scream out…”

    anyone else think that’s a bit funny. just say it out loud.

  • Jacob Wolfgang

    This cd is full of hook and chunk. Anah Aevia live is an intense experience, full of emotion and real power.

  • Jacob Wolfgang

    This cd is full of hook and chunk. Anah Aevia live is an intense experience, full of emotion and real power.

  • Mario Campos

    Dude! You guys are fuckin bad ass. I love your music.

  • Anah Aevia kicks ass..I was able to pick up one of their CD..It was sweet

  • king poom

    anah aevia is amazing they combine everything, singing screaming hard stuff softer stuff. And i find it cool that he sucks in instead of screaming out, its way more original.

  • Mike

    Anah Aevia is the shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • violence

    anah aevia is awesome, end of story, whoever thinks otherwise is out of their mind and they dont count anyways, lol

  • Kelli

    Anah Aevia is great. I hope there stuff stays original too and doesnt change like popcorn generic bands.

  • kevin bidwell


  • I think Anah Aevia is a talented band. The lyrics flow, the screaming or (inhaling) is perfect, the guitar is creative as hell, and the drums are solid and powerful. This band has nothing wrong w/ them. They are a big influence to my band and I wish the best of luck to them.

  • Rob B.

    This is one truely amazing band that can never get played out. I cannot wait until they start their shows again. Glad they’re from Michigan!!!
    Buy their CDs as soon as you can!

  • xxmacbethxx

    danny does both but mostly inward screams, i went to school with 2 out of five of these guys and i loved ther emusic then and i love it know to bad every one is moving away