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An Out-Of-Body Experience Let Me Meet My Deceased Mother

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I was 16 years old when my mother died. As expected, I was devastated, broken, and angry. I showered my wrath at God for what He had done. Losing my mother was the most horrifying episode of my life and I had to experience it during my teenage years. I couldn’t accept the fact that I would never see her smiling at me again or feel her tender arms around me. A void was created in my life that could never be filled. I was too weak to let go of her, and I desperately needed to find a way to be in touch with her. I stumbled upon the some information about out-of-body experiences and instantly I knew that they could help me reconnect with my departed mother.

Out-of-body experiences are events in which a person’s spiritual self steps into the astral world, leaving the physical body behind. The experience is immensely vivid and clear; therefore, it resides in the person’s memory for a very long time. The astral body is connected to the physical body through a white cord, similar to how an umbilical cord connects a baby to its mother. The detachment of the astral body from the physical body is a new birth for the self. 

As I learned more about out-of-body experiences, I came to know that they could also help a person to meet deceased loved ones. This gave me some hope and I decided to give it a try. In order to have an out-of-body experience, I had to make my physical body very tired. I tried running until I reached a point of exhaustion. Next, I lay down on my bed and tried to keep my mind as blank as possible. After a while, I could feel heaviness on my chest coupled with a strong buzzing sound. My body had become as stiff as a log and I was unable to move it at all. Eventually, I rose from the bed while my physical body remained on the bed.

During all this time, I had been consciously directing my thoughts towards my mother. The minute I stepped outside of my body, I could feel her presence around me. It was unbelievable; I could see her, feel her, and talk to her just like we used to when she was alive. I told her how much I missed her and how badly I wanted her back. She reciprocated my emotions. We even laughed a bit about how we could communicate, going against all laws of physics.

Out-of-body experiences have proved to be an amazing source of healing for me. They gave me a chance to communicate with my mother; an impossibility in the physical world. My out-of-body experiences have given me the belief that no matter what happens, I will always be able to reach out to my mother. She is not gone, but at a different stage in her journey. 

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  • There are no gods, there isn’t an astral plane or an astral body, and when you’re dead you’re dead, so nobody is going to visit.

    I actually wish these things weren’t true as I could get to spend time with a lot of people I miss, but no amount of wishful thinking can change the situation.

  • Professora Margarete

    you just accomplished my dream! I started studying astral projection to meet my just deceased mother! It´s so deeply sad not to be able to see her, to talk to her, or to just hear her! I´m happy.. .if you was able I´ll be too!

  • This is beautiful and could bring hope and awareness to those who are grieving the death of a loved one. Thank you for writing this. I too, had a fully-conscious out of body experience where I met my dog who had “died” 2months before. Knowing she lived on and still loved me, and was safe&well, made me so happy. (we still communicate!)

  • This isn’t about facts…

  • ansrea

    I just don’t understand how tires you have to make yourself, third just isn’t enough facts.