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An Open Letter to Sarah Palin

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Dear Governor Palin:

Can I call you Sarah? I’ve been a supporter of yours ever since I saw you introduced as John McCain’s VP nominee. You rocked the house that day, and really, every opportunity you’ve gotten after that. I’d say you were the best thing about the ’08 campaign, but that almost seems like a backhanded compliment, since John McCain sucked so bad as a presidential candidate. Maybe I’ll say it this way: choosing you as his VP was about the only thing I think John McCain did right as a candidate.

Over the past few years I’ve found myself characteristically agreeing with you on issue after issue, and as my family and I got to know more and more about you, your family, and your views. We came to feel like you were a really gifted spokesperson for conservatism, family values, and what we used to call the American ethic.

Since we so badly wanted a candidate for 2012 who represented the values we hold in esteem, my family and I were deeply disappointed by your decision not to enter the race this year. I’m not sure what happened, really, but I kind of feel like someone in the GOP told you to back off, or maybe that they wouldn’t back you if you ran; I don’t know, but whatever happened, it really bummed us out.

I’m glad you’re trying to put a spotlight on Obama’s voter fraud this year. I fear we may have lost our most fundamental right, the right to choose our leadership, by the wholesale fraud that the Obama campaign appears to have executed at an unprecedented level this year. There were more than 100 Ohio precincts with Obama winning 99+ percent of the vote, including more than 44 districts in Cleveland. 59 precincts in Philadelphia where Mitt Romney got zero votes. Reports of GOP poll watchers being tossed out of polls in districts in Pennsylvania. The allegations of fraud, targeted in swing states the GOP needed, just go on and on. So there’s no doubt it’s a huge issue, and a threat to our country.

What I don’t understand is why you’re giving the GOP a pass for their complicity in this. How on earth did the Romney team not anticipate this kind of behavior? It happened in 2008, and, to a lesser degree, it’s been going on for a long time. The Democrats fought voter ID laws in swing states tooth and nail, to at least delay their implementation until after this election. Organizations like ACORN and its newly renamed spinoffs have been deliberately engaging in fraud for years now, and everyone knows it. Where was the GOP, and how did the Romney team not have a plan for this?

The problem as I see it now is that the fraud has been committed, the election is over, and I don’t see how this can be fixed. The election fraud of Barack Obama and his campaign in 2012 was the most telegraphed political move in history, and the GOP was caught by surprise. As Americans, we have given up on the Democratic party. We depend on the GOP to be the adults, because there is no other option. Maybe there should be. And maybe it should be started by some people like you, standing up for people like us, who have been failed by a Republican party that either lacks the political sophistication, or the political will, to stand up to the soft tyranny of liberalism. Think about it. You can always reach me here.



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  • Blee

    I would expect this from the Right, didn’t get their way, (must be fraud, it couldn’t possibly be the American people; you know over half of them). Whinny buggers. On the bright side, the election results will keep Sarah, Rush, etc. employed for at least another four years, Yaa Fox.
    As for Texas, let them go….They will of course have to give up all the jobs, equipment, buildings, etc. that the big bad government has in the state. Maybe Mexico will take them back?

  • Clavos

    Anything from Archduke on up…

  • zingzing

    to what level of style are you accustomed? queen-level?

  • Clavos

    PS: I don’t mind having to apply…

  • Clavos

    OK, I stand corrected. I’m looking for the gummint to support me, Doc. Any ideas?

  • Dr Dreadful

    Entitlements are things you get from the guvvamunt automatically. Except for SS, there’s not a single one of the above that you don’t have to apply for (and in Clavos’s case, he wouldn’t qualify for any of them anyway).

    And yes, I know it was a joke, but a lot of people actually do believe the caricature.

  • Clavos

    zing, my jokes usually fall flat, so no big deal on that score.

    There aren’t entitlements?? Didn’t the Democrats win?

    What happened to EBT? Medicaid? Social Security? AFDC? Section 8 housing? Etc., etc,? All gone? Did the Republicans win after all?

  • Zingzing

    Clavos, your joke falls flat unless you really believed that’s why he was voted back in. Are you surprised the gov’t isn’t handing out checks? I don’t even know how to describe how… What’s the word… Fake… Ignorant… I dunno. The entitlements you thought this was about were never there and most people didn’t think they were, so you keep on living with your dreams and fantasies. I guess you’re just a fool.

  • Zingzing

    She did make a reality television empire out of it. Surely, that’s the sign of greatness in America.

  • Clavos

    Hey, it’s been a week since the election; I’m still waiting for my entitlements!

    Where are my entitlements????

  • John Lake

    In fact the impulsive selection of Sarah Palin may have cost McCain the election. She has no aptitude for politics, but is not bad as a rising personality.

  • Ken

    Has anyone else noticed that when Republicans don’t get their way it’s always someone else’s fault? Or there’s “voter fraud”, or some conspiracy, it cannot be that they just lost, plain and simple. Unbelievable.

  • WhoCares

    “and the GOP was caught by surprise”
    that is where the problem is…you guys just dont realize that the majority of PEOPLE are against you and your “out-of-touch” rhetoric….dream on…baby…dream on….the winners takes it all 😉

  • WhoCares

    Republicans lost, Dems won….face it like a MAN….stop whining…Obama owns your ass 🙂

  • Zingzing

    #9… So… You want a “tea party,” or a “tee party” (the “tea” in “tea party” stands for “T,” I guess), and they would stand as a viable alternative to the GOP, and voters would flock to them and the GOP would disintegrate.

    Isn’t that what just happened, and didn’t the man trying to destroy America just get voted in again by a majority of American voters? I know you think this is some wild new thought, but it’s been tried, and no one fell for it this time. What makes you think it will work if you try the same damn trick again? The GOP will just get more desperate and crazy, that’s all that will happen… And it’s the desperate and crazy element you need to get rid of.

    Not that anyone can’t see why the right is so desperate (demographics are nailing their tomb shut) and crazy (the only thing they have going for them is a bearded fantasy in the sky and cold war-era paranoia). You’ve got to start appealing to a younger, browner, less wealthy plurality of people. Good luck with that.

  • As a long-time Democrat, I would also love to see Sarah Palin get back in the game.

    Seeing rampant voter fraud is simply an unwillingness to accept reality. Since you are the (self-described) grown-up, please start acting like one. Your alternate reality of voter fraud is whinny and irresponsible.

  • Da Mayor

    Some of us cast a libertarian protest vote, some of cast a conservative protest vote. Yes, people, some us actually wrote-in SARAH PALIN. The GOP is dead. The Bush family, Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Hannity, O’Reiily, and the Republican Elite has betrayed the base and has killed the party by putting up WEAK candidates for far too long. It’s frustrating, it’s sad, it’s downright pathetic that the worst president since 1923 can be re-elected, but Romney’s loss is PROOF that the Republican Party is done.

  • Deano

    Go for it! I guarantee you that the Democrats will be laughing hysterically the whole time as you split the conservative vote nicely, letting them walk away with majorities across huge swathes of the country.

    This will be hilarious.

  • R Ohnstad

    It is time to start a new political party. Republicans are unable to maintain a viable political block of national voters. The “Tea Party” voters are un-represented and should have a “party” that they can identify with, whether that party be called “The Tea Party” OR “Constitutional Party” OR “Independent Party” is to be determined. There are several elected federal congressmen that owe their positions to “Tee Party” backers and those congressmen could/should switch to the new national party. A registered party of “Independent” could prove to more cost effective because that is already a registry base, which eliminates registration in all states, and many are already independents. However, contributors such as Thomas Peterffy could be of invaluable financial assistance.

    Forming a new party has never had a more opportune time. The next election will not have an incumbent, “Tee Party” supporters are disgruntled with Republicans AND Democrats (that both have ignored) and there is no party that is based on our constitution and balanced budget policy. There are four years to develop a national party and two years to have a test vote on US Representative and House members, in addition to local elections, that can determine a “Tea Party” effectiveness.

    If you research a new national party, there are several political candidates (elected and not) that have indicated “Tea Party” positions. In addition, I believe that having a “Tea Party” block will cause more negotiations with Republicans and Democrats because neither will not have a majority in either chamber of our legislative branch. I believe that this is the only solution to having the “Tea Party” supporters to be represented.

  • Brian, Not the Messiah

    wait a sec, is this a humor piece or is this guy serious?

  • Jack 2211

    This is utter nonsense. Disappointing that this comes up in a google news search.

  • Deano

    Again, please provide some links / citations to support your statements, otherwise its just so much sh*t thrown on the wall…

  • Blackwater

    DR Dreadful, Susan There was MASSIVE vote fraud The Obama regime went to court to make sure military ballots weren’t counted.

    As for Texas, Obama has tried to destroy the state There are some cities like Austin and Houston infested with liberal swine, but Texas is a Conservative state, which is why it’s PROSPEROUS, despite the communist devil in the White House. It’s no wonder Obama got few votes.

  • Susan Jacobs

    When I don’t get my way – I yell FRAUD and have a tantrum. Please ley Texas go back to Mexico, I’m tired of listening to whining traitors.

  • Dr Dreadful

    There’s a county in Texas where Barack Obama received a grand total of five votes over five precincts – an average of one vote per precinct. I call fraud.

  • Deano

    Not that Sarah Palin cares in your letter but the rest of us would enjoy it if you could cite some sources for your information?

  • Queen Paraker

    Sarah, There are 20 States trying to get enough signatures to garner a response from the President to suceed from the US. Texas has 23,000. I think this is a good idea.
    I did not see Alaska there on this email.

    We need to quit depending on other countries for oil when we have all we need here in the US. Its ridiculous.