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An Open Letter to Ashley Judd

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Dear Ms. Judd,

Twice in the last two weeks, the mention of your name has almost made me drive off the road. The first time was when some smug pundit made a rude comment about nudity in your movies and dared hint that it made you a less viable candidate for Mitch McConnell’s seat.

The second time was this morning, when they announced that you had set a date to publicly confirm you were going to run. I actually shouted, “YES!” and pumped my fist in the car victoriously.

I’m not sure why I feel passionate about this, Ms. Judd. I’m not a die-hard fan of your movies, though you have both beauty and talent. But I am a fan of brave women and I believe you to be brave.

You are embarking on a course which will be exhausting and result in numerous personal attacks. People will criticize you for your hair, your makeup, your outfit, like they have anything to do with leadership (just like they picked on Hillary’s hair for years).They will present you in Beauty and the Beast photospreads like this:

(They will also misspell your name.)

People will complain about your lack of experience. I don’t know what they’re complaining about. Reagan only had eight years as governor of California before being elected to the highest office.

They will mock the fact that you live in Tennessee (please establish residency soon, by the way). Speaking as someone who lived in Florida for seven years and moved back, it makes me no less a Kentuckian. I’ve seen your face on posters for the Wildcats. I know you love Kentucky.

As far as the nudity goes, being completely unclothed in Terminator II didn’t prevent Mr. Schwarzenegger from serving two terms as governor of California. But I doubt that will matter to your critics, because you had the temerity to think you were permitted to show the body you possess.

You certainly aren’t picking Kentucky because it’s an easy race. For a state full of University of Kentucky fans, we’re awfully red when it comes to politics. I’ve been blue in a red state for many years. Five-term Mitch McConnell is as entrenched here as a senator can be.

But there are lots of us begging for a change. Would we sacrifice a senior legislator for a brand new face? I want to believe yes. The answer is probably no. But I will vote for you, Ms. Judd.

I will vote for you because you represent the voice of a lot of people who have been ignored in Kentucky politics for decades now, thanks to McConnell’s deadlock on the seat.

People call Mitch McConnell lots of ugly names, too. He runs a hard and dirty race, backed by massive cash reserves. Don’t let us be the state of Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul and “Call of the WIldman”.

I know you don’t know me, Ms. Judd, but I urge you to go for it. If I had a daughter, I would point at you and say, “There is someone fighting for what they believe is right.”

Even if you lose, I will be proud to say I voted for you. Run for it, Ms. Judd, and don’t look back.


A Voter

(Photo: Dailykos.com)

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  • HEAR! HEAR! Such a great letter, and what an amazing woman to support! I’ve been an Ashley Judd fan for as long as I can remember. She’s so inspiring in so many ways.

  • Thank you for commenting, Jessa, and sharing on Facebook and Twitter. Ms. Judd is a fantastic inspiration and I’m seriously thinking about volunteering for her campaign. Never done that before, but it’s time for a change!

  • Since when is Ashley Judd a politician? You’re talking about Reagan’s years as CA governor versus – what, Judd’s zero years as anything?

  • Well, everybody has to start somewhere.

  • Is being a politician supposed to be a positive?

  • Edie

    We could use some real people in the legislature instead of career bought and sold politicians that are in there now. I wish her luck!!!

  • Dr Dreadful

    I don’t know, but I don’t think the undraped celluloid exploits of Ms Judd are a disqualifier in themselves, as Anna seems to fear.

    Glenda Jackson, during her distinguished acting career, made a point of waving her boobs (and other body parts) about in practically every movie she appeared in. She is now serving her fifth term as a Labour member of the UK House of Commons and was a minister in the Blair government.

  • Baronius

    It’s hard to see NARAL activist Judd winning in Kentucky, a state that has sent pro-lifers to the Senate at least as far back as 1974 (I couldn’t find any information on Marlow Cook).