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An Islamic Guide on How to Beat Your Wife

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An imam who wrote a book on how to beat your wife without leaving marks on her body has been ordered by a judge in Spain to study the country’s constitution.

The judge told Mohamed Kamal Mustafa, imam of a mosque in the southern resort of Fuengirola, to spend six months studying three articles of the constitution and the universal declaration of human rights.

Mr. Mustafa was sentenced to 15 months in jail and fined about $2,600 last year after being found guilty of inciting violence against women.

A judge released him after 22 days in jail on the condition that he undertake a re-education course. ” More…

Does anyone still have doubts about Islam and the subjugation of women? What sort of religious leaders write books on how to beat women without leaving bodily bruises? Please educate us backward western infidels – we would sure like to understand this in the spirit of better understanding our divergent ideologies!

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  • This is horrible, but come on. We have religious leaders – priests – who rape children.

  • HR Jackson

    How about a good guide on the proper
    way to beat the sh*t out of an Imam?
    A salaam alaykum, Brothers and sisters.

  • WTF

    Without leaving marks, or shaming his manhood.

  • What do you mean “aw, come on”? If someone comments in sex abuse in the Roman Catholic Church is your response, “aw, come on Muslims beat their wives”?

  • But they aren’t writing instruction manuals on how to do it….

  • How many Angels on the head of a pin. Evil is evil is evil.

  • Didn’t mean to imply it’s not wrong, or evil. It is. Just saying it’s not built in to the religion.

  • Jon

    Okay, so let me get this straight. If I’m a liberal and I write a book on how to kill your children without getting caught, then all liberals think this way? I’m fairly sure that there are Muslims whom condone these “beat your wife” statements, just like liberals would condone a book about killing children (well I hope they would).

  • RJ

    condone = condemn?

  • Jeff

    (In)famous quotes from leaders of the Promise Keepers:

    . . . sit down with your wife and say something like this, “Honey, I’ve made a terrible mistake. . . I gave up leading this family, and I forced you to take my place. Now I must reclaim that role.”. . . I’m not suggesting you ask for your role back, I’m urging you to take it back . . . there can be no compromise here. If you’re going to lead, you must lead . . . Treat the lady gently and lovingly. But lead!
    Tony Evans
    It’s been too long that three percent of homosexuals control our moral majority.

    Tony Evans
    I want to boldly affirm Uncle Tom. The black community must stop criticizing Uncle Tom. He is a role model, who, when he was stepped on like a worm, at a point of crisis, evidenced the nature of the classic, model worm, Jesus.

    Wellington Boone
    The nation is plagued with “wrong conduct.” Prisoners believed they could get away with it. Homosexuals believe they were born that way…

    Ed Cole

    I believe that slavery, and the understanding of it when you see it God’s way, was redemptive.

    Wellington Boone

    Arrogantly demanding their rights, activist gays and lesbians have become a militant voice in American politics, influencing elections and affecting the policies of high government leaders. Their public demonstrations and political lobbying have fooled many in our country into believing that they deserve special status.
    Bill Bright
    The demise of our community and culture is the fault of sissified men who have been overly influenced by women.

    Tony Evans
    Blacks have had more than two centuries of training in being a slave of man. It can be added as a long-term qualification to prepare them to be a fine slave of God or to rule as a king.

    Wellington Boone

    You do know, don’t you, that we’re raising our children at a time when it’s an effeminate society. It’s not the proper climate. We need young boys that are launched to be men and that has to be imitated for them by a godly man.

    Bill McCartney
    The primary cause of this national crisis is the feminization of men.

    Tony Evans

  • steve

    This is an Islamic problem. Why should I care if they beat their wives? Just as long as they are not doing that here in the states, I could really care less. If they DO find cases of abuse in America…then stick the infidels in prison

  • I think that’s the point, Steve. This Imam was writing his book in Spain, not in the middle east. He could just as easily have been doing it here.


  • The Searcher

    Have the Promise Keepers written any books on how to beat wives or gays?

  • What I find interesting is that we have not yet seen a post from someone who professes to be of the Islamic faith to help explain this practice in light of the Quran and their religion. I sincerely would like to understand the religious significance of it.

  • Have the Promise Keepers written any books on how to beat wives or gays?

    No, they’re too busy beating their children to stop them from becoming gay.

    ZZ, I’ve been doing a lot of research into the development of the Qur’an and have come to learn that this book, just like the Bible, has been manipulated and misinterpreted many times over the generations. After the death of Mohammed(s.a.w.), there were many political struggles for control of the faith. Islam was a tool of politically corrupt individuals who wanted to homogenize the Arab world. In many ways, these Islamic leaders did in the Middle East what Charlemagne did for the Holy Roman Empire. In the end, it’s always been about political power and mass crowd control.

  • phil

    In a society(Islamic) where , to one degree or another jihad is condoned, and innocent people can be murdered to guarantee a spot in heaven with so many prostitutes, it doesnt surprise me that women are totally suppressed and regularly beaten. For this reason alone i believe those threatened can and should defend and retaliate with no mercy. Half the world is populated by women who have no say and are beaten at will. It is our resposibility as a civilized society to intervene.

  • Having traveled in Arabic countries like Morocco, Egypt, Turkey and others, I can honestly say that the woman is subjugated. For example, whilst on a journey in Morocco (in a small group including one very pretty blonde girl) the males in our party were offered everything from camels to a beat-up Ford for her.

    Does this mean the culture is evil? I don’t think so, but the male perception of women is in need of a massive overhaul.

  • Thanks for the last three posts. Hence the book I selected to post along with this snipit. (Eric did suggest that I editorialize a bit more in my future posts which I will intend to do as I post from time to time. But this article I came across spured my thinking to see if we could get some real insight here from perhaps a religious cleric) It is true that for ages in the name of things “spiritual”, man had found an excuse to subugate man. Mostly because we seem to be wired to dislike or fear “differences” of any kind since we are such a social creature and have a need to be accepted by a collecive group. (Many examples of this… I am a Republican, I am a Democrate, I an a Yankees fan etc etc.) I suppose there is a genetic element to this when you think about it. We depend on groups to survive.

    How some groups can co-exist with other groups however for the greater good of both groups is also something man has learned. Lately this does not seem to be happening as much as it should (except maybe for the Jets and Giants getting together to build a football stadium in NJ. 🙂

    Interestingly, early indications in Palestine seem to indicate Abbas Fatah party is more popular than Hamas… If this is so, it just underscores that given the choice, the majority of a people will choose peace and discourse over violence. The real hope is that moderate Islamic clerics and leaders will exert the courage to take down the evil forces hiding behind the Qur’an to create the kinds of backlashes we are witnessing around us.

  • Z.Z.,

    The most rewarding discussions I had with Islamic/Arab people were when I was in Israel (they were students at Haifa University). This was back in 1981, and I felt a friendship and kinship for them. They were people like anyone else. That is why any cookie cutter designation of Islam or Arabs is false.

    People are People!

    Imagine no religion; it isn’t hard to do/
    Nothing to kill or die for/
    And no religion too!

    John Lennon was way ahead of his time and for all time!

  • Matt

    How about we kill every muslim and gentile, ship all the blacks back to africa, and slaughter all the murderers and mexicans, What would the world be like then? Don’t forget about the wiggers. (White posing as black)

    Maybe a little peace finally?

  • Oh no, the “w” word.

  • phil

    No man who is truly a Christian beats his wife. There certainly aren’t Christian books being published on how to beat your wife and get away with it. It is sickening that people sympathize with these barbaric practices and say I am being politically incorrect…

  • Did you ever consider, phil, that it’s only a small part of Islam that condones this kind of stuff? There are Christian sects out there that condone treating women like chattel. I don’t think that we can or should issue a blanket indictment against all of Islam. The Moral Majority is Christian but not all Christians subscribe to them. Bin Laden is a Sunni Muslim which is a part of the Islamic world and not its whole. Shiite Muslims are pretty much hated. The mistake that we made in our foreign policy was to take the invasion of Afghanistan and invest dollars into the Bin Laden-led revolt. That gave the Sunnis leverage.

    We failed to take into account that Khomenni and bin Laden were of the same Islamic sect. It’s not like we haven’t had testy relations with the Islamic world for a short period of time, Phil. We’ve been negotiating and playing with Islamics in the Arab world since Jefferson was President. Had we demanded a better educational system in this country, perhaps our kids could have learned about the 200 year relationship between America and the Middle East.

  • phil

    Silas I think think you are a total fool. Islam treats women, as a group, like slaves. I dont know one Christian doctrine that degrades women like is done rampantly in the Arab world. You always condescend like you are so smart but never give any valid facts to back up your accusations. What Christian group allow beatings of women. Further more I am sure there are many decent, good Islamic people, what we are talking about here are the religious zealots, who are turning their backs on their people who murder and beat innocent victims

  • Phil says: Silas I think think you are a total fool.

    Thank you, Phil. There are times when I consider myself a bigger fool. Just look at my rantings on the Gay Marriage in Massachusetts thread. Oh well, some of us have a sense of humor.

    I dont know one Christian doctrine that degrades women… You always condescend like you are so smart… What Christian group allow beatings of women…

    Duh, let me tink. Oh, I never said a Christian group allows beating of women. What I said was that there are sects out there who treat women as chattel. The Roman Catholic Church, for one, does not allow female priests. Any Christian male who staunchly opposes abortion or at least the right to choose is biased against women, period. Scream all you want, folks, but when a man denies a woman the right to her own decisions, that’s emotional totalitarianism. The role of women in Mormonism is another classic example of females being treated as chattel. Proof provided, next…

    Further more I am sure there are many decent, good Islamic people, what we are talking about here are the religious zealots, who are turning their backs on their people who murder and beat innocent victims…

    Gee, phil. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Come to think of it I’ve said it dozens of times rght here on BC. I am an enemy of ANY fundamentalism, phil. I don’t discriminate. Any doctrine which addresses humanity in black & white, is not doctrine, it’s oppression.

  • phil

    Jesus said “Wide is the way that leads to destruction… I say Silas, I WAS sorry I called you a fool but once again you have proven you are by defending wife beaters, using religion to cover it up. And as one whose own son was accosted by a roman catholic priest as an altar boy, yes the catholic church as all man made organizations has a problem with pedofiles (and homosexuals…Hmmmm) How do you rationalize suicide bombings

  • RJ

    Leftists, when confronted with the horror that is contemporary Islam, often ignore the actual topic of discussion, and go on a rant about how Christians are evil because they oppose gay marriage and female priests.

    I’m sure this is a logical fallacy, but I’m just not sure which one…

  • Sharjeel

    Ok, i just happened to come across this blog and noticed someone asking for an ‘islamic’ explanation of beating your wife. im a muslim, ill give it to you.

    Beating your wife is NOT ALLOWED is islam. The wife has every right of beating her husband as he has on her. But this is what islam says. Some People professing to be obeying the testaments of islam do so only when it suits them, but please please, do not generalise this!

    islam is a religion of peace, youve heard that before right? well… i promise you, if you conduct an unbiased research on islam, be it written by one not of the faith, ull find that Hazrat Muhammads (s.a.w) character was of extreme benevolence and patience. for Gods sake, he never slapped a child, let alone hitting his wives… all these things are injected into islam and the projected view of islam by corrupt power hungry scholars…but there not the only scholars. there are those who will make you smile with their kind teachings of God and His Prophet. Did you know that it is the FIRST PILLAR of islam to believe in ALL THE PROPHETS, yeah that includes Jesus (alayhislam) and Moses (alayhislam) and every other prophet that existed. we respect and honour their teachings as much as we do ours, this is what Islam says… please brothers and sisters, cousins, for Heavens sake do not be mislead by media and common norms – seek out the truth for yourself by reading religius islamic texts by PROMINENT authors like Maulana Mufti Taqi Usmani, Ghazali, Bukhari, Tirmidhi, Shafi, Muslim etc etc.

    i hope this helps, please… any question related to islam, misgivings about islam, cruel acts in islam, please email me, i may be able to say something that will ease your anger about islam. sharjeelsohail at hotmail.com

  • Thank you, sharjeel. I have been discussing this ad nauseum for days about how those who survived Mohammed (s.a.w.) fought to control Islam’s destiny from their own selfish point of view. It is also true that Islam reveres Mary, the Mother of Christ, far more deeply than non-Roman Catholic Christians. I’m glad you spoke out and I hope that you will continue. Without an honest and open dialog between all religions, mankind is destined to destroy itself.

  • Shark

    VictorLana: “…whilst on a journey in Morocco (in a small group including one very pretty blonde girl) the males in our party were offered everything from camels to a beat-up Ford for her.”

    Seriously, Vic, I live in Texas, and that happens here all the time.


    re: Christian instructions on beating your wife —

    We don’t need no stinkin’ instructions; we just watch “COPS” on TV.


    PS: Bachman, your attempts to be provocative are so limp and fucking UNoriginal.

    …But I bet you’re a big hit at the late-night meetings in the woods!

  • “Without an honest and open dialog between all religions, mankind is destined to destroy itself.”

    Silas, I prefer to think that religion is destined to destroy mankind without an open, honest dialogue and the acceptance by all believers that people who don’t believe in religion are still good people.

  • >>Beating your wife is NOT ALLOWED is islam. The wife has every right of beating her husband as he has on her. But this is what islam says. Some People professing to be obeying the testaments of islam do so only when it suits them, but please please, do not generalise this!
    << So, you're saying that wholesale, mutual spousal abuse is ok in Islam? Everybody can beat everybody? Well, being for the most part larger and stronger doesn't this usually come out in favor of the men? Dave

  • The Searcher

    Re #27 by RJ:

    Yes, many of the comments on this thread have indeed followed that programmed pattern. I believe the logical fallacy you speak of is “tu quoque”, to state that an action is permissible because the opponent also performs it.

  • Sharjeel —

    Thanks you for answering my sincere inquiry. Dispite the banter back and forth in this thread, your response, leads me to believe that there is no basis in fact that beatings of women ( or men) are required to be taken literally, any more than Christian Fundamentalists take a literal interpretation of the Bible.

    That moderate Imams need to begin to speak out more to the general public and take an open stand against the perversion of your religion. It is only though intelligent discourse do people begin to find their common values and bridge their differences.

    Thanks for your perspectives. I have no doubt there are many others that share your perspectives as there are those that believe all “infidels” should be put to death. Which point of view will have more power and will to over come the other?

  • RJ

    A “secular” Islam is no more dangerous or terroristic than the “secular” Christianity or the “secular” Judaism, or the “secular” Hinduism that the US, Israel, or India practice today.

    The problem with Islam isn’t with the religion itself; it is with the sick and perverted form of it that is preached throughout the Muslim world.

    Sure, it might be a “mere” 5 or 10 percent of the Muslim population that believes this fundamentalist, anti-civilization tripe. But that means millions and millions of Muslims DO believe in this violent and anti-social crap. And millions more stand aside and do nothing to stop it.

    So. That is the Muslim problem the civilized world faces. It ain’t the majority that is hateful and murderous and lunatic. They are a minority. But a LARGE minority of the “good” Muslims don;t life a fucking finger to put these savages in their place.

    And because of their lack-of-action, the rest of the world is in danger…

  • RJ

    “But a LARGE minority of the “good” Muslims don;t life a fucking finger to put these savages in their place.”

    Should be:

    But a LARGE minority of the “good” Muslims don’t lift a fucking finger to put these savages in their proper place.

  • naomi

    I visited India for awhile and the people were in awe and amazement that so many people in the US get divorced. They wonder why our priests rape our children. All the weird things that go on here in the US stun the people from other countries, and its perfectly fine for use to wonder why the hell they would beat their wives

  • the big jugg

    if i want to beat my wife than thats up to me. and not you. my wife talks back so she needs her ass kicked is that my fault NO its not its hers

  • CONFUSED?????

    Why would you want to learn how to beat your wife. You Freakin Creeps! 🙂

  • CONFUSED?????

    HEY the fucker above the last one i posted! theres no need to kick your wife ass! You need some syko help creepy basterd. Theres no need to report to viloence no matter how pist you are at her! get out of the fucking relationship if your not satisfied! OR GO DATE A MAN!!! 🙂 🙂

  • Michael

    In post #25 you referred to Mormonism as a religion that treats women as chattel. I am not going to get into an argument. I would only ask that the next time you use anything as an example, you had better learn the truth before you try to use it to defend your position. If you knew anything about the truth of how members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints treated and respected women, you would never have used that reference the way you did. All you have done is shown your own ignorance (or malice) in the situation and degraded any merit your own thoughts might have commanded. Do not slam something you willingly or accidentally know nothing about.

  • youlanda

    if she dont obey beat her ass

  • youlanda

    if she dont obey tie her down and fuck her in her ass as hard as u can

  • how amazing another example of an ass backward muslim being noticed by ass backward people . anyone with an once of smarts would realize you have muslims and then you have confused unlearned or corrupted people that happen to call themselves muslim. such is the case in every religion .. people shouldn’t believe the lies of hateful people . if you wanted to learn about a ford you would not go to an acura dealership nor would you go to someone who may simply own a ford ,because there are better educated people out there that can teach you .. same goes for religion .. islam is the best thing to come to man kind

  • Job314

    bachman…Bachman? your jewish, my friend you come from same background. Your leader Isaac was the son of the same Father as muslim descents(Ishmael). Why don’t you find your true roots first before you make a claim and stop trying to cover yourself up as wonder bread. Your just another type of Pita bread ; ) Shalom!

  • musahjuda2000

    i think most of christian who gave those comment dont know what they;re saying, cus if they know they won;t write it. thanks anyway.

  • Just Cruising

    Ok, just addressing the first comment. “Come on, we have priest who rapes children?” Why are you comparing this to the muslims “writing a book,” yes, “writing a book” about how to beat your wife. The point is, in Christianity, it’s
    “BAD” to rape children, even though some priests just like some Christians and Muslims are bad people. In Islam, ” it’s OK to beat your wife and it is “institutionalized”. Did you ever hear of a priest writing a book about how to rape children? These liberal idiots literally will ruin this country.

  • Just Cruising

    OK, in response to the muslims saying that it’s ignorant to judge all the muslims based on one muslim, here’s a sura from Quran telling husbands to beat their wife.

    Quran, An-Nisa 4:34 – “Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them. Then if they obey you, take no further action against them. Surely God is high, supreme.”

    What these muslims do is use the fallacy of appeal to authority meaning that they will tell you that you never really actually looked into the specific part of the writing in Quran where they talk about a “light tap”. Seriously, a light tap? What I am wondering about is why the almighty God is concerned about how you sort of beat your wife to begin with. Anyway, you muslim hypocrites listen, your religion is a barbaric religion born in the middle ages. Instead of covering up its stupidity at least try to reform it.

  • Drunken Scot

    Of course, I would argue that although what the imam did is a bad thing, arresting him for what seems to be just writing the book is a far worse thing. That said, I would acquit someone who beat Mr. Mustafa.

  • azi

    i am sure every man has thought of throttling their wife at some point in their marriage… the imam is just giving advice on how ‘not to leave any evidence behind!!!!’

  • Pernah

    I’m not from Muslim family but have read Quran and it also states that the husband or any other person has a right on the earnings or savings or inheritance of the female, the husband must also give a gift to the wife i.e. gold and has no right to ask for it back in the event of divorce. Muslims also beleive that Paradise lies beneath the feet of your mother, whom you must respect and not even ‘humf’ against a request from parents or their doings. The beating of a wife is in the event of doing wrong and at the time of the Prophet (pbuh) that was acceptable to discipline a misbehaving wife. Men are no exception – if they are guilty of adultery they are stoned to death, a theif would have ther hand cut off – which is why Muslims in the country where Islamic law is followed can leave their shop dor open and offer prayer, unlike in the countries where man made law allows thiefs to continue stealing and victimise hard workers. Men are also expected to go out to war and put their lives at risk but women are not put to such risk – the Quran also teaches the 10 commandments and Muslims must beleive in all the Prophets God has sent, especially Jesus (pbuh) whom without no-ones faith will be complete. Wegh up all the teachings of the Quran not just one which you’ve come across in a blog…

  • Pernah

    Sorry, meant to say ‘does not have a right on the earnings, savings, inheritance of the female/wife…