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An Introduction to Social Media Marketing For Business

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information - globeSocial media marketing for business involves using websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare, to grow your business online. Business owners can choose to connect with friends, peers, and potential customers while increasing their social media interaction. If you can access the Internet, chances are you have already been exposed to the concept. Social Media Marketing, or SMM, as it is sometimes called, is the latest attempt by Internet businesses and marketers to reach targeted audiences.

Social media marketing is a great way to connect with your customers whether it is online or offline. Many choose to hold contests to attract their target customers while others use it to find joint venture partners to combine marketing efforts. SMM programs can focus their attention on different promotional aspects of business. This is accomplished through one or more techniques, such as direct advertising, public relations, personal promotions, and other advertising techniques that all have basically one thing in common. Using social media marketing to promote services and products on social media websites, in hopes of connecting with their target customers.

Another aspect of SMM is social media advertising which allows a business owner to explore their marketing efforts via social media websites using tools such as Facebook Ads. It can be used locally and globally to reach target customers. For example, a business owner can use Facebook fan pages locally and could receive high return on their investment when they show their ads toward their target audience.

When businesses start creating fan pages and adding content on social media sites, targeted customers tend to interact favorably with websites that have become familiar to them. Your business can be easily recognized by your targeted customer when your branding message reaches them and draws them in. Using your Facebook fan page is a way to reach your target customer and it can help you brand your business online. Using blog posts and messages on Twitter to post information about your business’ products or services is a great way to reach your target customer too.

All of these techniques are examples of the technological version of word of mouth, and is proving to be very effective. Using social media websites can help instill a sense of loyalty with your target customers. Another area that SMM has reached is cell phones with mobile marketing. As popular websites continue to expand, targeted customers are visiting websites using their cell phones and other mobile devices. This opens up a whole new market of Internet users worldwide.

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Kim Beasley, Social Media Strategist, is passionate about social media and developing WordPress websites. She has a desire to coach entrepreneurs in how to reach their target customers and grow their visibility online. She has traveled around the world training entrepreneurs in developing social media strategies that they can then incorporate into their website. Her passion stems from many years of training while working in Corporate America along with an MBA in eBusiness that she funneled into a thriving business called Agape3 Business Service. It has under its umbrella a couple of businesses that provide services to entrepreneurs Kim Beasley Consulting (social media strategy development & implementation) & Pro Membership Services (WordPress website development). Kim is also a speaker, author and trainer who loves sharing her passion for social media and WordPress which includes working with Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.