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An Interview With UFO Phil

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Ufo Phil
Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of an alien loving musician? I got the pleasure of interviewing said being. UFO Phil, born in 1970 as Phil Hill, enjoys making music about aliens. His musicial talent comes from…well, an alien implanted chip. UFO Phil was first abducted by aliens in 1972. That’s when Phil’s music talents began to sprout. Apparently, the aliens implanted a chip into UFO Phil’s head that increased his muscial talents. He now spends his time living on a hill somewhere in the U.S. making music about aliens to send their messages out…Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this interview with the musician who loves aliens, UFO Phil.

KingKRool: So…tell our readers just what exactly you do and why you do it.

UFO Phil: I suppose the quick answer is that I write songs about aliens. But, there is so much more to it than that. I really need to be careful how much I tell you.

KingKRool: Why is that?

UFO Phil: Can you keep a secret?

KingKRool: Sure.

UFO Phil: First, because I don’t know how much information your mind can handle. Second, because the Bad Aliens are likely to be monitoring everything we discuss.

KingKRool: Your website has a lot of songs on it. I’ve read your bio and it says that you got your musical talent from aliens that abducted you in the year 1972 and implanted a small chip that made you a musical guy. Do you really think the chip gives you musical talents?

UFO Phil: At first I was unsure about that. I mean, I knew the chip was there and the instruction manual they gave me said it was a music chip. But, it didn’t really work right away, you know. So, I was skeptical. Kind of like when Doritos came out with that new “Cooler Ranch” flavor.

KingKRool: What would you do if that chip broke?

UFO Phil: The Doritos?

KingKRool: No, the chip in your head. The music chip.

UFO Phil: Oh, I would order a replacement. It’s still under warranty.

KingKRool: I’ve heard you on a local radio station here in Orlando, Florida called the Hideout. Is there any reason why you call certain radio shows other than to contribute to a topic?

UFO Phil: Well, I tend to call radio shows that seem to have the highest MCQ.

KingKRool: MCQ?

UFO Phil: Mind Control Quotient. The Hideout in Orlando, for example. They are able to exert a huge amount of control over their listeners’ brains.

KingKRool: Why? How do they do that?

UFO Phil: Can you keep a secret?

KingKRool: Yes.

UFO Phil: They have a special license from the FCC. It’s a MCQ license and it costs extra. Plus, I think they had to take a test. Anyway, because of their special power, it really helps me to get my message out to more listeners if I focus on calling in to shows like that.

KingKRool: On your website, you say an Alien named Zaxon visited you and spent three nights at your house. How do you know he was a good alien? What are some signs? After all, he could’ve been using you in some way when you were asleep.

UFO Phil: Anything Zaxon did while I was sleeping would be fine because I know I can trust him. You can tell Zaxon is a good alien because he is blue. Bad Aliens tend to be red. Neutral aliens are usually green… but green aliens can also be bad. Whatever the color, it’s best to perform a scientific test on any alien who visits you, just to be sure.

KingKRool: What’s your take on grey aliens? Good or bad?

UFO Phil: They are usually green aliens that are sick.

KingKRool: Are we all safe from alien invasions? What should we do if we if one ever comes?

UFO Phil: We are never safe. Buy a gun. My song called “Martian Hunting Season” can act as your instruction manual for this.

KingKRool: What should we do if one of us gets abducted?

UFO Phil: Can you keep a secret?

KingKRool: Yeah.

UFO Phil: If it’s a good alien, just relax and take what’s coming. If it’s a bad alien, run as far as you can… which won’t really be far actually, ’cause they usually zap you and strap you within seconds. After that it’s all a blur and you don’t really feel it. Until you wake up, anyway, then it hurts like hell.

KingKRool: Have you seen a picture of Brian Peppers? Think he’s an alien?

UFO Phil: I know he’s an alien. He’s an alien who tried to fit into a human costume but it ripped. We should take up a collection to buy him a new suit. Either that or you could just volunteer to let him use your body.

KingKRool: Any words of wisdom?

UFO Phil: Bad Aliens Really Stink.

A big thank you to UFO Phil for doing this interview!

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  • This is one of the finest interviews ever, anywhere.

    I shall be bitterly disappointed if someone doesn’t come up with a quality CotD on this thread.

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  • PizzaBoy

    Think UFO Phil has some other chips missing…

  • Dim Sum

    You mean besides the Doritos?

  • UFO will be hosting his own web-based radio show Saturday 2/4/06 at 10PM EST !!!!! Go to http://www.ufophil.com to hear it.

  • Phil is doing another show at thereisnoradio.com this Saturday night 2/25/06 at 10PM EST

  • KingKRool

    I love these shows! XD

  • My God but I do love UFO Phil. His new video called UFO Transmissions is da bomb fo shizzle.