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An Interview With Sera Gamble, Supernatural Producer and Writer, Part One

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A seven-week hiatus can be rather maddening. Given Supernatural’s explosive season four and the mind-boggling material that’s been presented for ten episodes, this long time to reflect has left me with more questions than answers. I’m sure I’m not alone.

Thankfully Sera Gamble, supervising producer and writer for Supernatural, an instrumental player in developing the show’s story lines, was generous enough to answer some questions about season four during the break as well as address a few of my other curiosities. She even opted to tackle a few fan questions I sent her way.

Below is part one of my two-part interview in which Sera gives her thoughts on the introduction of angels to the mythology, the introduction of Castiel, Dean’s faith issues, and Sam and Ruby's strange relationship. Heck, she even talks about the life-sized teddy bear.

This is where I must offer the standard spoiler warning, but I wouldn’t call them heavy spoilers, more like teasers. If you don’t even want hints though, stop right here.

First, congratulations on season four so far. It's been generating some big buzz and the increased ratings are proving that. How happy is everyone about that?

We're happy. Also surprised. Eric [Kripke] emailed us the day after the premiere and I marched into his office holding my bowl of Cheerios like, "You're lying. We did not pick up a million viewers." He just shrugged and said he was a shocked as I was.

You guys went there! Just when everyone had written off the idea of angels appearing, we get not only one but two badass angels in the most spectacular way. When it was pitched in the writers' room that angels would drive story line this season, was it obvious from the start that they would be wrathful, unfeeling, and flawed in their blind obedience, or did that evolve over several episodes?

Angels weren't pitched in the writers' room. Eric started talking to me about them just before hiatus. They'd sorta been in our hip pocket, but I don't think the show was ready for them before now. I've discovered, working on Supernatural, that a lot of good ideas don't work at all until the time is right. And then they just slot magically into place. This was like that.

Our notion of the angels has evolved a bit, yes. Less that they're different in their construction, more that we've become more thorough and creative in developing them as individuals and weaving them into the story. There's an episode coming up that opens in Castiel's point of view. That's a strong indication of how central the character has become this season. It was an organic evolution; we discovered that we were just unexpectedly inspired by these creatures. It was clear to us that when they were in the sandbox, cool stuff happened on the playground. And it's interesting to me, by the way, that you call the angels "unfeeling" and "wrathful," because I don't see them that way. Castiel wrestles hard with his obedience. Turns out it's really hard for angels to walk among humans and not get kinda… involved.

Castiel's character is a gem, and the casting is even more inspired. He's got quite the deep conflict going inside of him since he's gotten to know Dean and it's all told in the eyes. Is everyone there pinching themselves over having an asset like Misha Collins to work with? What direction do you anticipate Castiel taking, especially in his relationship with Dean?

I doubt anyone needs me to point out that Misha is doing a great job. He's very sharp. As for the direction Castiel's going, I don't want to give away too much. In his relationship with Dean… Castiel genuinely likes Dean. And that is going to create difficulties for him.

Where are the sources of inspiration for the story lines coming from? While I love how the show is carving its own mythology and keeping us guessing, my Google search on 'Rising of the Witnesses' came up empty, as did the 66 seals. Are the stories being created on actual legends, or are you having fun with us?

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  • Karmyn

    Hi Alice, thanks so much for posting this brilliant interview! I look forward to Part 2 of Sera’s interview, to your analysis of Sam later in the week and most of all – the new episode.

    I’m proud to be a Supernatural fan. While I’m shaking my head and scrolling very quickly through many of the previous comments, I’m also reminding myself about the gems amongst our fandom. We have many passionate, fascinating, intelligent and dedicated fans as well as excellent reviewers like yourself, Bardicvoice, Refur and many others. I want to see thought-provoking, articulate, reasonable and coherent analyses – you never fail to deliver. Thanks again and I look forward to your next post.

  • kiscinca

    Thanks for the article Alice and looking forward to part two. I am a Sam fan too and agree with those expressing their concerns.

  • Alice Jester

    For anyone who wishes to send me links or private messages, I added a “contact us” section on my personal website. The link can be found on my profile or click on the url next to my name at the top of this message.

    Part 2 is coming very soon. Just trying to work out some last minute editing kinks!

  • Erika

    Sam fans have been upset with this show since John died – that’s the beginning of season 2. Everything has revolved around Dean since then. And Sam’s mytharc hasn’t done him any good at all on this show. Dean is a Fonzie character, Fonzies write themselves and take over their shows, happens all the time. I just don’t relate to Saint Fonzie like many do, and prefer Sam, who I feel is more human. That’s just my emotional approach to the show.

    Everytime the writers hand something big and difficult to Jared, he nails it and then some. His acting is wonderful and nuanced, and he is every bit an equal to Jensen.

    Also, even if Jared were completely horrible, I would expect the writers to do their job and put in scenes that support Sam’s characterisation and plot. They have failed at his time and time again.

    It’s not that I’ve stopped obsessing over the show, just that I’m sad about how it continues to disappoint in an area of very basic writing.

  • ana teresa

    bueno, a mi me gustan los dos chicos, pero de verdad que esta temporada, el pobre sammy casi no aparece en la serie, y eso es muy triste. Los dos hermanos deberian tener la misma cantidad de minutos al aire.

  • ana teresa

    bueno, a mi me gustan los dos chicos, pero de verdad que esta temporada, el pobre sammy casi no aparece en la serie, y eso es muy triste. Los dos hermanos deberian tener la misma cantidad de minutos al aire.

  • Lana

    “Everything has revolved around Dean since then.”

    Really, so the YED in that season revolved around Dean. Sam’s “I will go bad Dean, and you will have to kill me.” All revolved around Dean. The special kids revolved around Dean. The YED’s plan also revolved around Dean. Ruby and Lilith also revolve around Dean?

    That’s Dean taking over the show? Dang, that’s the worse take over I’ve ever seen.

  • Missy

    Oh, Erika. :) You just don’t get it, do you? The boys are co-leads. There are TWO protagonists in this show. No matter how much you want it to revolve solely around Sam, no matter how much you hope Jensen is just gonna stop being talented and Dean is gonna stop being interesting, it’s never gonna happen. There are two leads, and you’d be better off getting used to the idea.

  • Josie

    Yes, there are two leads. The complaint of Sam fans is that really stopped happening this season when Dean took over the majority of the show. It’s been a progression of losing Sam as a lead character that some fans started seeing in S2. We don’t want the Sam show. We want the brothers back, which includes giving Sam something of substance to do.

  • Sara Isabella

    you Dean/girls what is wrong with all you?. Kripke is messing the show because of you, at this point for you he could kill Sam and do the show with Dean and Castiel and everything would be a nice and cute fanfic. Teh show is about the both of them but Dean’s season four is too much. Jensen is funny, cute, and kinda hot but sadly is not enough.
    And I don’t think is stupid to talk in here, we have a rigth to express our mind, we can’t let happen what happened with Smallville.

  • Dawn

    Hello, I just found this and I must say that we shouldn’t attack eachother. We are free to say our opinions and it doesn’t matter if we are rigth or wrong because Kripke will do what he please and we don’t care much at leats that we are Dean fangirl.
    About Limp!Sam, I think there are so fans that are rigth, but Dean needs his own space too but for a Sam!Girl SPN became all a Dean Show.
    YED, Ruby, Lillith, John, Bobby…they may be connected to Sam but is ALWAYS affecting Dean more than Sam.
    Is Dean who has been in a coma, in hell, sold his soul, was kidnapped, lost his mother, miss his father, is mistreated, attacked by any evil thing, wanted by God, saved from hell, suffering from PTSD, who cries every episode, who is the center of attention. Dean even had ALL a episode about himself.
    I think we need more Sam. And not, I’m not a Sammy!Girl and not I’m not idiot or blind or jelous.

    Oh and about Sam dying, it seems like that could happen because a lot of fangirls are acting like the poor guy shoul have never lived. and for other Sam is good while Dean is the center of attention.

  • Yanes

    I’m almost sure all you are the same Fangirl. Just one person.

  • snwicked

    Hey Alice
    Nice interview! Always great to read Sara’s thoughts about the show! I love her writing!

    Where is Part 2 of this interview?

    Thanks again for a great interview!