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An Interview with Myself

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Here is a pretty big excerpt from an interview I gave recently:

When and why did you chose your current faith?
Kabbalah is not a faith – it is a science that is above all religions and faiths in this world. You don’t choose Kabbalah – it actually chooses you. Those who study (authentic) Kabbalah are people who have what the great kabbalists call ‘a point in the heart’ – and that point is awakened from Above when a person reaches a certain point of development in this world. The awakening of these “points” in humanity is dependent upon the spiritual progress of all those currently engaged in the scientific method of attaining the Upper World.

We all have experiences along the way that impact the way we think about something. What experiences or people along the way have influenced your thoughts/beliefs about your faith?
I was extremely fortunate to go straight to the top right from the start. Let me explain. After my first lesson I was introduced to kabbalist Michael Laitman who was seeking to consult with marketing experts just at that point in time. I was not only immediately exposed to the most intensive spiritual energies on earth – but also directly exposed to the only living person primarily responsible for creating them. Nothing I had experienced up to that point in my life prepared me for meeting with this individual, who I consider the Chosen One of this generation. As a professional that has evaluated hundreds of high-tech companies over the last decade I realized at once that I had not fallen near the plate but actually right smack in the center of it. I knew my life would never be the same and was very relieved and thankful that my decade of depression, anxiety, loneliness and searching through self-help books was over.

How do you feel about sharing your beliefs with other people?

The whole point of Kabbalah is to ‘pass it forward’. That is the primary goal. And if it’s authentic Kabbalah you should not be making one cent from doing that. For women this is a very natural state of affairs. We’re less concerned with our ego – all we want is for things to be better in the world – and we’re not afraid to do whatever it takes to make that change. Kabbalah teaches us to learn how to bestow – which is a very natural state for women. So even though Kabbalah studies and the correction of the world are really undertaken by males essentially – it is usually the women who are drawn to Kabbalah and who draw their mates into studying.

Do you think you have a responsibility to contribute to the world? If so, how do you do that?
As an international marketing consultant who has specialized in promoting good things from Israel to the world, from the moment I was exposed I was obsessed (from a professional standpoint) with helping spread this wisdom, since I realized very quickly that ours is the first generation to truly be able to benefit from it. I actually put everything I was working on aside to further this tremendous task of getting the word out to the world – on a voluntary basis of course just like everyone else in our group.

What gives you hope?
There has been a major breakthrough recently on the North American front: Jeffrey Satinover, M.D., one of the scientists from the hit movie What The Bleep Do We Know spoke about quantum physics at our Fifth International Kabbalah Congress. That was following a very successful panel event in San Francisco (March 2005) where bleep scientists Fred Alan Wolf, PhD, William Tiller, PhD, and Jeffrey Satinover, M.D., met up with foremost Kabbalist Michael Laitman in a panel discussion called, Quantum Physics and Theology Meet Kabbalah – the long hidden science of the how and why of reality. We can expect many more exciting developments with big names in that region but for now everything is under wraps.

What gives you a sense of value in your life? What legacy would you like to leave?
Waking up every morning knowing that I have been chosen out of seven billion people on this planet for a very special task: to do everything in my power to help our group (and my husband who is in the group) advance as quickly as possible toward the goal of drawing the Upper Light down to humanity. The more people aware of what we’re doing will help prevent many disasters and suffering that humanity is bound for. I know it sounds like science fiction to someone on the outside but people who study develop what is called a sixth sense – it’s impossible to describe with words but all I can tell you is that the sense of fulfillment it provides me with replaced all my favorite pastimes (rollerblading, skiing, water-skiing, dancing, partying) within a matter of months. Kabbalah (Hebrew for ‘receive’) is the only genuine source of filling in this world and I want the whole world to know that. It is millions of times more fulfilling than anything we get pleasure from in this world. I won’t truly be able to enjoy it until the whole world can enjoy it with me.

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  • What do mean by your statement that you were “immediately exposed to the most intensive spiritual energies on earth”?

    And how does a Chosen One fit under the auspices of a science? And what is the significance of a Chosen One? Does she/he have special powers? Is there only one Chosen One, or are there others?

  • There are 23, and they are all in the Bahamas

  • Bennett

    Who interviewed you? Was the interview published?

  • gonzo marx

    ok…even amidst all the madison avenue hype couching some kind of spiritual tripe we find the scientology-like linkage with a grain of truth inside

    ya just gotta be able ta spot it..

    first clue…
    *I was introduced to kabbalist Michael Laitman who was seeking to consult with marketing experts just at that point in time. *

    a “holy man”…or a Chosen One that is a “spiritual being” need to consult with top notch marketers?

    the only other thing you need to know here is clearly stated by the Post’s author once again…
    *As an international marketing consultant who has specialized in promoting good things from Israel to the world, from the moment I was exposed I was obsessed (from a professional standpoint) with helping spread this wisdom*

    so it seems that being “all about the Bejamins” not only means a liking for $100 bills, but also one of the 13 tribes…

    who knew?


  • Celeste O.

    “from the moment I was exposed I was obsessed (from a professional standpoint) with helping spread this wisdom…”

    Judging from all 13 of your posts being about the Kab-Boogie, I’d say it’s safe to admit you’re obsessed from a personal standpoint too. No need to be modest.

  • I thought Kabbalah was developed a long time ago? Aren’t there ancient texts?

  • This is getting awfully close to spam.


  • Josiah has chosen to pursue Kabbalah elsewhere, so future posts in this “series” won’t be found here.

  • gonzo marx

    awwww Phillip…

    was it something we said?


    seriously tho..i woudl have liked to have read some actual articles on the subject…

    but for all of me, it just looked like marketing…i do hope that the writers reason for leaving was nto due to some kicking around for the way he/she came across…

    ah well…


  • Bennett

    Celeste did it. Her with the razor sharp perception…


    Dave too.


    Hey, me and gonzo too…

  • Well done everybody! I couldn’t understand anything this poster wrote, but the air of presumed superiority and dripping condescencion was hugely offensive.

  • Kabbalah is ancient Jewish mysticism, and bears little resemblance to the cult of today. Interestingly, kabbalah was originally only for men of a certain age. The idea being that you had to have a certain amount of wisdom gained from living a long life in order to really benefit from it. That said, nowadays there is room for women to study it, too, but it’s a bit hard to believe that people like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are quite what the Kabbalists had in mind!

  • who ever wants to see a real kabbalah site go to

  • Maybe the author of the post was dripping with condescension, but most of what he said about Kabbalah is correct.

    Kabbalah is not mysticism, but science, logic so deep that it can be dangerous to study it without preparation. Most of what Love Biatch wrote last August is substantially correct as well.

    It is most effectively studied in the Hebrew simply because one can go directly to the concepts instead of having to filter them through translations which can just as easily be mistranslations.

    One point that does need correction from the original post is the meaning of the word kabbalah. “Kabbalá” means receipt. “L’kabél” means to receive – “m’kubál” is a person who receives.