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An Interview with Mother and Son Fantasy and Paranormal Phenom Scribes

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The trailblazing mother and son writing duo Carol and Adam Kunz, together known as C.A. Kunz, are storytellers extraordinaire and world class ass kickers. And let me toss in they are more jolting than a keg of energy drinks. Like bada bing, bada bang, thump-a-friggin’- thump. These talented scribes pound ya heart, steal your breath, and tip ya like a tilt-a-whirl on steroids. Yep, ya read that correctly, cookie cakes. On. Steroids. The Kunz twosome pen tomes not for the meek, weak or lackluster. They are the cure for adrenaline junkies and also the bane of their existence by not churning out more mouthwatering tales. Hint!

Carol and Adam Kunz systematically changed my view with the ho-hum-it-is friggin-everywhere-and badly-written dystopian genre. Marie Lu and Kunz are my enablers. And yes, I’d send my minions down a dark alley to supply me my fix. Hold up! Really? Did ya think Morasco would venture? Ah, no! And if you even entertained such a notion…Google my ass and flip through my history at the awesome Blogcritics. I am so not that kinda chick. Vampire, werehound, zombie, dystopian, and all of that we-have-no-talent-so-let’s- jump-on-the-bandwagon lazy ass book churning is old, lazy, and so done it is beyond charred. Like totally. And here come the Kunz dynamos schooling everyone on how it’s done. Like whoa!

This pair infuses their novels with exhilarating, non-sugary to the point of nausea romance, and action-packed scenes that kick your ass. Honey buns, the Kunz team put explosives in your caboose. And I am the kinda woman that likes that kinda action. Wink! Have mercy!

Ready for adventure with the amazing Adam and Carol Kunz?

Buckle up! Enjoy!

Please share how you came up with the concept for your Childe series?

Carol and Adam: The concept was actually born from a single line Adam wrote down on a sheet of paper as an assignment for his creative writing class during his senior year in high school. Years later he found that piece of paper while rummaging through a box of school stuff his mom had kept, and proceeded to draw up an outline after chatting with Carol about working on a novel together.

When you’re deeply connected and immersed in a book, have you ever had a dream that you felt was not your dream? Do your characters dream within you?

Carol: No, I don’t have that experience, I wish I did.

Adam: All the time. Actually several scenes I wrote for The Childe, Dark Days, and The Modified came to me in dreams.

Have you had a dream that was one of your characters?

Carol: No, but if I wrote about some of my dreams people would think I’m crazy.

Adam: Yes. Especially for The Modified and my new project One Tiny Secret. I’ve found myself dreaming as both main characters since both books are told in first person present tense.

What do you love most about the paranormal genre?

Carol: I love ghosts. I’ve actually seen several in my lifetime, starting at the age of eight. Also, I’ve always been in love with vampires, werewolves, and the list would go on.

Adam: I’m an escapist reader and I find that the paranormal genre on a whole gives me that escape I crave in books, movies, and television. Also, a lot of paranormal books are based in reality and not another world (unlike fantasy novels), so it allows me to connect with the material more. I love books that are like that, grounded in reality with a touch of paranormal. It also probably helps that I love all the beings that are associated with the genre.

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